Saturday 17 June 2017

Trader's Guide to Global Equity Markets william capuzzi, Sarah Poulette and Pamela Cheng

Welcome back to the 2014 Q2 Traders’ Guide to Global Equity Markets. With the Traders’ Guide, we continuously strive to provide trading-relevant information to help make traders’ lives easier, and this edition is no exception. Today’s successful global trader needs to stay on top of what’s happening in the emerging global markets, so we work hard to keep the information in our Exchange Guides section up-to-date. To that end, we’ve done some research and added Turkey’s Borsa Istanbul to our listings. As you know, there can be some minefelds in the trading world, so in our Trading Minefelds section, we endeavor to provide the information you need to avoid them. One challenge that has surfaced recently for some traders is understanding how tick sizes can affect their orders. In response, we’ve added a “Tick Size” chapter on page 17 that attempts to explain how to interpret price and tick size rules. At ConvergEx we always aim to help traders fnd the information and solutions they need to optimize their trading. A recent example of this was the work our sales trading  team did for a client that had historically used the same trading strategy for all of their orders. After an extensive analysis of this client’s trade data we found that the client had chosen the same algorithm for all of their trades. The algorithm they had chosen was perfect for their buys and sells, but we felt a switch to a different algorithm for their short sells could potentially save them a signifcant amount of money during the course of the year. The client made this adjustment and we were quickly able to see the savings. We’re always happy to help. With that in mind, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments—about this guide or any other matter

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