Friday 23 February 2018

Android Apps For Absolute Beginners

Android Apps For Absolute Beginners  by Wallace Jackson
Android Apps For Absolute Beginners  by Wallace Jackson
Over the last two years, Google’s Android operating system (OS) has gone from a virtually unknown open source solution to the current mobile OS market leader among all mobile handsets, with over one-third of the market share, and it’s still climbing rapidly. Android has even started to dominate the tablet OS marketplace, and is also the foundation for the popular iTV OS known as GoogleTV. There seems to be no end in sight for Android’s rocketing success, which is great news for owners of this book.

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this is a book for absolute beginners, you start at the very beginning, showing where to download and how to install the various Android, Java, and Eclipse environments, as well as how to configure these environments and how to set them up for application development and testing.

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