Saturday 11 August 2018

Medical Genetics at a Glance


 Medical Genetics at a Glance by DORIAN J . PRITCHARD and BRUCE R . KOR F

 This book is written primarily for medical students seeking a summary of genetics an d its medical applications, bu t it should be of value also to advanced student s i n th e biosciences , paramedica l scientists , estab - lished medica l doctor s an d health professionals wh o need to extend or update their knowledge. It should be of especial value to those preparing for examinations. Medical genetics is unusual in that, whereas its fundamentals usually form par t o f first-yea r medica l teachin g withi n basi c biology , thos e aspects that relate to inheritance may be presented as an aspect of reproductive biology. Clinica l issues usually form a part of later instruction, extending into the postgraduate years . This book is therefore presente d in three parts, which can be taken together as a single course, or separately a s component s o f severa l courses . Chapter s are , however , intended to be read in essentially the order of presentation, a s concepts and specialized vocabular y are developed progressively . There are many excellent introductory textbooks in our subject, but none, so far as we know, is at the same time so comprehensive and s o succinct. We believe the relative depth of treatment of topics appropriately reflects the importance of these matters in current thinking. Dorian Pritchar

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