Saturday 19 January 2019


Benefits of stimulating the flow of chi are well known in Eastern cultures. Now, for the first time in print in the Western world, Master Lam Kam Chuen presents this advanced method for improving focus,breathing, and creativity.The practice of chi kung is founded on the five energies system of Chinese philosophy. Through Master Chuen's careful direction, you will master key positions and movements that will boost your energy, decrease stress, stave off illness, and enhance your overall fitness.Chi Kung is both an expertly crafted instructional guide and a potentially life-enriching experience. Follow the master's teaching and insights to perform each purposeful technique. Feel your muscles grow firmer while your mind becomes more aware, yet at ease. In opening this book, you open yourself to the tremendous power of chi.Master Lam Kam Chuen has trained under many of the great masters in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China. A master of tai chi, chi kung, and feng shui, he is considered a leading teacher of these arts outside the East.

All fields of human activity - physical, mental and spiritual -depend on the power of our energy. Properly concentrated,it can generate tremendous creativity and dynamism.All human beings are capable of manifesting far higher levels of energy than is normally assumed. This book introduces you to the art of awakening this extraordinary capacity already latent in your body and mind.The techniques for personal development in this book have traditionally been practiced in the martial arts. But the high levels of energy they generate help to transform everyday life. They increase your stamina and brain power. The results work wonders in demanding professions. They give you resilience in high-stress environments and unlock astonishing creative power in the performing arts.

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