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Homemade herbal medicine : your essential guide to herbs & DIY remedies for health & healing

Homemade herbal medicine : your essential guide to herbs & DIY remedies for health & healing By Reeves, Carmen

Herbal medicine, also called “herbalism” or sometimes “herbology,” is the ancient practice of using the plants around us in nature, or our gardens to promote healing.Long before modern medicine and the techniques of surgery, technology,pharmaceuticals and vaccines, people all around the world depended on herbs to protect their health and ward off even the gravest of illnesses.Depending on the culture, country, or region, there are hundreds of traditions of herbal practice that existed long before the advent of modern-day techniques. In fact, while “conventional medicine” may seem like the more dominant form of healing, statistically speaking the World Health Organization marks traditional medicine (including herbalism) the most prevalent form of healing in the world! The basic things you will learn in this book "Homemade herbal medicine : your essential guide to herbs & DIY remedies for health & healing".
  • What is Herbal Medicine?
  • Herbalism: A Tradition, and a History
  • My Own Herbal Journey
  • What It Means to Use Herbal Medicine

CHAPTER 1 – Using Medicinal Plants
Harvesting Herbs, Drying Herbs, Storing Herbs, Herbal Preparations,Teas, Infusions, Tisanes and Compresses, Oils and Salves, Tinctures and Vinegars, Purchasing Your Herbs, Buying Essential Oils, Buying Herbal Supplements,Creams and Ointments

CHAPTER 2 – The Top 5 Essential Herbs and their Uses
Ginger, Garlic, Comfrey, Lemon Balm, Ashwagandha

CHAPTER 3 – 25 Other Must-Have Herbal Allies
Alfalfa,Aloe Vera,Arnica, Black Haw, Black Cohosh, Boneset, Cayenne, Cinnamon, Echinacea, Elder
Eucalyptus, Evening Primrose, Goldenseal, Milk Thistle, Mint (Spearmint or Peppermint), Motherwort, Nettles, Plantain, Rosemary, Reishi, St. John’s Wort, Tea Tree, Thyme, Turmeric, Valerian

CHAPTER 4 – Most Common Maladies and their Herbal Preventives
Nervous Conditions:, HeadachesStress and Anxiety, Depression, Sleep, Infections:, Wounds and Cuts
Pink Eye, Ear Ache and Infection, Coughs, Colds and Flu, Fungal Infections, Immunity:, Allergies
Fevers, Energy and Longevity, Digestive Issues: Stomach Aches and Cramps, Nausea,Constipation, Diarrhea, Aches and Pains: Arthritis, Pain Relief, Toothache, Sore Throat, Skin Conditions: Acne
Rash, Eczema, Dry Skin, and Itch Relief, Warts, Chapped LipsBurns and Sunburn, Bug Bites, Body Odor, Reproductive or Urinary Maladies:Menstrual Pain


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