Wednesday 8 May 2019

2500 Keywords to Get You Hired


What Is a Keyword?Keywords are those descriptive words, usually nouns, that are associated  with  specific  disciplines  or  industries.  Keywords  are  important  because  they  are  considered  standardized  for  specific  industries. For example,  if  you  were  an  accountant,  keywords  would  include:  cost  accounting, budget analysis, auditing, tax, etc. Keywords can be critical in the world of software management and job searching. Employers and recruiters  may  take  your  resume  and  cover  letter  (especially  if  sent electronically)  and  do  a  computerized  search  for  keywords  or  descriptors that match the profile they are seeking. Think of it as a pre screening process. For example, a finance director for Microsoft hiring a staff accountant  might  have  a  scan  or  search  of  resumes  and  cover  letters completed for the words listed above, and if they aren’t on your mate-rials, you could miss the first cut.Keywords play an integral role in two areas of the resume screening  process.  One  is  the  human  element,  when  hiring  and  non hiring managers are screening resumes for words and phrases that match the criteria  they  are  seeking. The  second  is  the  computer  search, where computers  search  the  data  on  many  different  resumes  to  select  those that match the words and phrases. That is how posted resumes on Websites like work.

Now that 70 percent of job searches are conducted online, and resumes are processed by computers programmed to scan for keywords, knowing the right keywords--or buzzwords associated with a profession, industry, or job function--and how to use them effectively has never been a more critical job-search skill.The most comprehensive reference of its kind, this powerful resume-writing resource gives readers instant access to 2,500 indispensable keywords germane to 300 careers in nine employment categories--from business, the law, and health care, to the arts, education and media and shows how to use them effectively.In 2,500 Keywords to Get You Hired, readers will find: 
  • Keywords for hundreds of individual careers 
  • A complete listing of critical keywords for each career
  • Boxed examples demonstrating how keywords can be deployed strategically in a resume 
  • Sample resumes incorporating keywords.

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