Friday 18 October 2019

Collins COBUILD Keywords for IELT5

 Collins COBUILD Keywords for IELT5: Book 3 Advanced is the final book for the IELTS series of Terminology. It includes the words or phrases that will help you boost your English abilities to reach the high IELTS score that certain universities need for more demanding courses and postgraduate studies. Perfecting the language in this book would teach you the skills you need to use Academic English comfortably in the context of English-medium universities.

The first portion of the book Collins COBUILD Keywords for IELT5 comprises lists of terms arranged according to topic and subject area. These lists can be used to help you study vocabulary sets, or to plan for writing tasks. The terms are divided into academic study subjects such as education and Technology, general subjects such as social problems and the environment, as well as roles such as addressing cause and effect, or explaining patterns.

The second part of the Collins COBUILD Keywords for IELT5 book includes dictionary-style alphabetically sorted entries for keywords or phrases. The vocabulary pieces were selected to train you entirely for the type of language used in the IELTS Test. In the most popular IELTS topics, the words and phrases occur consistently and are specifically defined by subject area. More structured language has been added so you can feel secure in writing tasks and academic essays using a more professional approach in IELTS.

Each word is illustrated with natural English examples taken from the Collins corpus and represents the language style used in IELTS texts. In addition to meanings and illustrations, entries contain supplementary collocation material as well as implementation notes to help you bring into effect the terminology you have mastered. For example, terms with the same root coincide, similarity and coincidence are seen together to help you make these important associations between terms.

You will be able to change the way you communicate your thoughts by knowing how certain words apply to each other, which will further improve your writing and speech skills. At each entry, there are antonyms and synonyms to help you expand your vocabulary and build more flexibility in writing style. To make you understand the distinctions between collections of related words, broaden your vocabulary boxes, so you can be confident that your English is correct and natural.

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