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Complete Quran In High quality Colored Print Download PDF 15 lines

Complete Quran (quran pdf) In High quality Colored Print Download PDF 15 lines quran pak quran majeed. High quality Colored Print qurani ayat or quranic verses. Corlored quran e pak pdf download for pc in standard fonts.Quran pdf free download for mobile can be open by a pdf reader software (availible on playstore). Beside downloading Quran pdf you can also read quran pdf online.Al quran pdf free download arabic text only without translation. You can also download  quan pdf download with urdu translation including quran pdf with english translation and quran pdf with urdu translation. This is quran pdf saudi print and quran pdf saudi arabia print.


  1. Quran Para 1 (Alif Lam Meem)
  2. Quran Para 2 (Sayaqool)
  3. Quran Para 3 (Tilkal Rusull)
  4. Quran Para 4 (Lan Tana Loo)
  5. Quran Para 5 (Wal Mohsanat)
  6. Quran Para 6 (La Yuhibbullah)
  7. Quran Para 7 (Wa Iza Samiu)
  8. Quran Para 8 (Wa Lau Annana)
  9. Quran Para 9 (Qalal Malao)
  10. Quran Para 10 (Wa A’lamu)
  11. Quran Para 11 (Yatazeroon)
  12. Quran Para 12 (Wa Mamin Da’abat)
  13. Quran Para 13 (Wa Ma Ubrioo)
  14. Quran Para 14 (Rubama)
  15. Quran Para 15 (Subhanallazi)
  16. Quran Para 16 (Qal Alam)
  17. Quran Para 17 (Aqtarabo)
  18. Quran Para 18 (Qadd Aflaha)
  19. Quran Para 19 (Wa Qalallazina)
  20. Quran Para 20 (A’man Khalaq)
  21. Quran Para 21 (Utlu Ma Oohi)
  22. Quran Para 22 (Wa Manyaqnut)
  23. Quran Para 23 (Wa Mali)
  24. Quran Para 24 (Faman Azlam)
  25. Quran Para 25 (Elahe Yuruddo)
  26. Quran Para 26 (Ha’a Meem)
  27. Quran Para 27 (Qala Fama Khatbukum)
  28. Quran Para 28 (Qadd Sami Allah)
  29. Quran Para 29 (Tabarakallazi)
  30. Quran Para 30 (Amma Yatasa’aloon)

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