Friday 5 June 2020

Jinsi Maloomat (Sex education Book For Youth) by Prof. Arshad Javed

This urdu book Gensi malomat is about the sex educcation for the muslim teenagers. Gensi malomat urdu book is written by Arshad Javed. This book gensi malomat will educate the adults about sex,sexual problems, male and female sexual problems.

This book Gensi malomat will provide you the basic sexual knowledge in light of islamic teachings. Gensi malumat discussed every topic and point related to sex education. In Gensi malomat urdu book the author focuses on both the male and female sex related problems and it's solution.

In thsi book "Gensi Malomat by Arshad Javed" the author discussed many real stories of peoples who got solutions of their sex related disease with the help of his recommendations. Gensi Maumat in urdu book by javed arshad can be download and read online in pdf. Contents of Gensi malumat books is given below shortly.

this Jinsi Malomat urdu book by Javid arshad is a new extra editoin of the old book "gensi malomat urdu". The book "Gensi Malomat" is already present over the internet so it been read all over the world. Thousands of people has read this gensi malomat urdu book by javed arshad. The author of this book gensi malomat mentioned in the book that after publishing this book on internet i got 40 phone call daily. Many people give me blessings for writing this book gensi malomat  by javed arshad and some people abuse me But still the author of gensi malomat give thanks to them.

Further more Arshad javed said that one person called me and thanked me for writing this book "gensi malomat by javed arshad" and told me that this sex education book in urdu solve many problems of my life. Another teenager called me on my phone and told that one molvi said that the writer of this book "gensi malomat by javed arshad" is the agent of jews. Arshad javed said that from all over the world people are appreciating me for writing this book "gensi malomat by javed arshad" and they also ask for solutions to their health problems. The author of "gensi malomat by javed arshad" apologies  for not giving answers to messages he got on his phone because of his busy schedule. Arshad javed alos mention a proper time for contacting him in the introductory part of "gensi malomat by javed arshad" book. In this new edition of "gensi malomat by javed arshad" there is solution to every sex related problem and is extended further.

Short overview of "Gensi Malumat":
  • Basics of sex eduation in urdu
  • Physical strength discussion
  • Health problems of Males
  • Marriage life in urdu problems 
  • About the hand-practice disadvantages (pros and cons)
  • About the rape
  • Male reproductive system in urdu
  • Namardi treatment | Emasculation treatment urdu

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