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Muslim names in English for girls (K to N)

Muslim names in English for girls: Here we have shared some Muslim names for girls/women beginning with K upto N.

Muslim names in English for girls

Importance of good names:

Names are not only a source of personal identity but also have a profound effect on a person's personality. Those who adhere to Islamic and religious values ​​and traditions are encouraged to name their children after having Islamic traditions and values, but these names should be an expression of devotion and attachment to the real Creator, God, the Lord of Glory, and the Benefactor of humanity, Muhammad (PBUH).

Our names are also a manifestation of our national identity, names that express our beliefs, thoughts, culture, temperament, and mentality. One of the innumerable gifts of God, the Lord of Glory, is that children are a great and enduring blessing. It is very important to name a child after birth. Having a good and Islamic name for the child is also a way of expressing gratitude to God.

Hadith about Names:

The religion of Islam, being a complete code of conduct, has guided us successfully in all walks of life. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Surely good names are 'Abd Allaah and' Abd al-Rahmaan.” (Sahih Muslim - Kitab al-Adab, Hadith number: 5587 / Sunan Abi Dawood Hadith number: 4949).

"Put your name in the name of the prophets, the most beloved names in the sight of Allah are Abdullah and Abdul Rahman. And the truest names are Harith (the one who works hard, the one who accumulates wealth) and Hammam (the one with high intentions, determination) and the worst names are Harb (war) and Marah (bitter)" (Sunan Abi Dawood, Kitab al-Adab Hadith No. 4950 / Musnad Ahmad 4/543).

Therefore, it is the duty of Muslim parents to give their children a good, meaningful, and Islamic name. It is known from various ahaadeeth that whenever the Holy Prophet (PBUH) heard someone's bad or disliked name, he would immediately change it and suggest a good name.

Below is a list of Muslim names in English for girls with meanings.

Names Meanings
Kulthoum Daughter of the Prophet
Khuloud Immortality
Khawlah Proper name
Kaamla Perfect
Karima Generous
Khairiya Charitable; Good
Kawthar River in Paradise
Khalida Immortal
Lama Darkness of lips
Lujain Gold
Lubna A tree yielding sweet liquid
Lamya Dark-lipped
Layla Old Arabic name; A night
Lubaba The innermost essence
Lamees Soft to the touch
Latifa Gentle; Kind
Lina Tender
Maha Gazelle
Madeeha Praiseworthy
Manal Attainment; Achievement
Mufeeda Useful
Muna Wish; Desire
Munira Illuminating; Shedding light
Mawiya Old Arabic name
Makarim Having good and honorable character
Maisa Walking with proud swinging gait
Malak Angel
Maleeha Beautiful and charming
Maram Aspiration
Maryam Name of Mother of Jesus
Ma'soomah Protected
Majida Glorious
Manar Guiding light (lighthouse)
Mariyah Lady with fair complexion
Maymouna Auspicious; Blessed
Musheera Giving counsel
Muhja Heart's blood; Soul
Mayyada To walk with a swinging gait
Maysa To walk with a swinging gait
May Old Arabic name
Maysoon Of beautiful face and body
Nabila Noble
Nada Generosity; Dew
Nadira Rare, Precious
Nabeeha Intelligent
Nadia The beginning, first
Nafisa Precious
Naeema Living an enjoyable life
Na'ila Acquirer; Obtainer
Najat Safety
Najeeba Of noble birth
Najla Of wide eyes
Nasira Victorious, helper
Nawal Gift
Nazeera Like; Equal; Matching
Nida Call
Noor Light
Nuha Intelligence; Mind
Nusayba Proper name
Nahla A drink (of water)
Najah Success
Najiya Safe
Najwa Confidential talk
Nazaha Purity; Righteousness; Honesty
Naziha Honest
Ni'mat Blessings
Nudhar Gold
Nouf The highest point on a mountain
Nuzha Pleasure trip; Excursion spot
Nasreen White rose

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