Wednesday 24 November 2021

History Books in Urdu | Dilon Ke Masiha Novel

History Books in Urdu | Dilon Ke Masiha Book By Khan Asif Pdf Free Download. In the book "Dilon Ke Masiha", the author describes the biographies of 14 famous Auliya e Kiram and their contributions to propagation of Islam in Urdu language. The Book Dilon Ke Maseeha briefly describes the historical fact about these successors and the blessed lives and their struggle for the revival of Islam. Khan Asif has written more than five thousand pages on the lives of saints. He did not make the Muslims as magical as the Hindu yogis and sannyasis, but sought to work the blessed and real life.

The chain of apostleship is over, but the work of apostleship continues. And it will continue till the Day of Resurrection. The conflict between good and evil began when Iblis refused to prostrate before Adam and was cursed. Then the descendants of Abraham (peace be upon him) continued to grow. Some people went on the straight path and some went astray due to Satan's deception. Allah is the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate. How can God be happy to leave his servants at the mercy of "Satan"? He sent the prophets to the misguided. These messengers of Allah called the misguided people to the right path. Who left the effect open and remembered their first destination by listening to the voices of their spiritual leader and came in the shadow of the unparalleled mercy of their Lord and they found the way of salvation.

In these History Books in Urdu the author provided teh biographies of 14 famous Auliya e Kiram including the following persons. 

  • Hazrat Hasan Basri Rahmatullahi Taala Alaih
  • Hazrat Bayazid Bastami Rahmatullahi Tala Alaih
  • Hazrat Ibrahim bin Adam Rahmatullahi Tala Alaih
  • Hazrat Sabir Kaliyar Rahmatullahi Tala Alaih
  • Hazrat Geesu Daraz Rahmatullahi Tala Alaih
  • Hazrat Sheikh Salim Chisti Rahmatullahi Tala Alaih
  • Hazrat Baba Bali Shah Rahmatullahi Tala Alaih
  • Hazrat Shiekh Hussain Lahori Rahmatullahi Taala Alaih
  • Hazrat Miran Hussain Zanjani Rahmatullahi Tala Alaih
  • Hazrat Sulaiman Tonsvi Rahmatullahi Tala Alaih
  • Hazrat Bari Imam Qadri Rahmatullahi Tala Alaih
  • Hazrat Shahdola Gujrat Rahmatullahi Tala Alaih
  • Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif bhataye Rahmatullahi Tala Alaih
  • Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi Rahmatullahi Tala Alaih


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