Monday 13 December 2021

How to save only one page of a pdf


In this post you will learn a simple method for "How to save only one page of a pdf". If you have a book with huge number of pages and you need some specific pages. You can separate your required pages using multiple ways using different software. In this method I am going to use Foxit Reader software which is paid software but you can use their free version for saving one or multiple pages of a pdf file. You can download Foxit PDF Reader free version from their official website click here. Foxit is the best light pdf reader used by millions of people. There two step involves in this method (1) Downloading and installing Software (2) Saving pages.

(1) Downloading and installing Software:

When you click the "DOWNLOAD NOW" button you will be redirected to a new page "PDF Software Download and Cloud Service Trial Center". In this page you will see different version and typo of PDF software. From this list you have to choose "Foxit PDF Reader" and Click on free download.

Now you a new popup appears "Download Foxit PDF Reader Industry’s Most Powerful PDF Reader - Small, Fast, and Feature-Rich". On this page you have to choose you device type and Language. After selecting device type and Language just click the free download button.

Now you will see this message THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING FOXIT PDF READER Your download should start automatically. If the download is not started then click Download manually.

(2) How to save only one page of a pdf

When the software is downloaded then you have to install this software. Just double click and follow the instructions and click next next. The takes about 3 minutes for completion of instillation. This installing and downloading step is requreid only once and then you can use it for lifetime as long as you don't reinstall the operating system.

Next step is open the file from which you are going to extract pages. Open your desired file with FOXIT PDF READER.
Note the number page that you want to save as pdf, If these are multiple page then note all pages if they are located at different positions. Now go to the file menu and click on Print option. You can save pages in these three ways.

(a) Save only one page of a pdf.
(b) Save Multiple pages in a range.
(c) Save Many Pages located at different places of pdf.

(a) Save only one page of a pdf:

For saving one page of a pdf use this setup in Foxit reader. When you click on print a new print windows opens. Now let say I want to save 2 number page I will do this step as shown in the image. Make sure that in Name section the "Microsoft Print to PDF" or "Foxit Reader PDF printer" is selected. As we need separate a single page we will choose the Pages option in the print range. Now as I am going save 2 number page only. So I will type two in the pages corresponding box. Do the rest sitting as shown below and click on ok.

Now a new windows opens "Save Print Output As". Here give a name to the file and Save as type will be automatically "PDF document .pdf". Your required page will be saved as a separate page.

(b) Save Multiple pages in a range.

If you need to separate some specific secjton of a book etc like chapter. Then the process is the sme only you have to give range in this format. (Starting page - Ending page). Let Say I want to save page in the range of 200 to 220 then you have to give this range while saving as shown below.  The range of pages is separated by dash (-). E.g:   200-220.


(c) Save Many Pages located at different places of pdf:

how to save certain pages of a pdf ? The rest process is the same as done above here we will save some page from different parts of pdf. If there a pages not occurring consecutively in a pdf and you want to save those page into a separate pdf then this method will work for you. Now let we want to print 10, 20, 27, 33, 40 number pages into a pdf from a pdf file. Apply the method above but just provided these pages in print dialogue box as shown below. Remember to separate each page with comma.

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