Tuesday 5 July 2022

Guest Post + Books Reviews | "write for us" + education


Guest Post + Books Reviews | "write for us" + education. Do you want to publish your Guest Post in the Books Reviews and educational category then you are at the right website? We accept guest posts on our website from all over the world. You can either do paid guest posts or we can publish your content to our 100K monthly audience from around the world.

Guest Post + Books Reviews | "write for us" + education

How to Publish Free Guest Posts?

To publish your free Guest Post + Books Reviews | "write for us" + Education. You must follow some rules. In the free guest post offer, you can insert only 1 link but will be No follow backlink.
  • Your article must have 700+ words.
  • Your content must be original.
  • Spun Content will be rejected
  • Topics Not compatible with google AdSense policies will be rejected.

Sponsored Guest Post and Links?

To publish your sponsored Books Reviews and Educational content. You will need to pay a small amount of fee which 5$. We will provide a direct backlink from the homepage or Contextual do-follow backlinks (you need to send us your article) If you don't have an article then we can write an article as well for $5. To buy a sponsored post or link click the below bottom.

Why Sponsered Guest Post/ Links?

khanbooks currently reaches roughly 2000 unique users each day generating 3000+ daily pageviews and estimated unique visitors of 100K per month. The traffic comes from many countries which are most popular are the USA, Pakistan, India, and Saudi Arabia. This website or domain has good authority in google. 

✅ Website Traffic is 150-200K Per Month
✅ Domain Authority is 30
✅ Page Authority is 41
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✅ Website Ranked in the USA, Pakistan, India, and others
✅ Most Traffic from Google
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How to Contact for Guest Post/ Links?

If you want to discuss free Guest Post + Books Reviews | "write for us" + education. Contact us using this email: desirous379@gmail.com. Please don't contact us via email if you want  Sponsered Guest Post/ Links?

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