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hadith of the day: In the statement of the severity of lying about the Messenger of Allah

Abu Bakr ibn Abi Shaybah, Ghandar, Shu'bah, Muhammad ibn Muthanna, Ibn Bashar, Muhammad ibn Ja'far, Shu'bah, Mansur, Ra'i ibn Harash say that he heard Hazrat Ali (R.A) narrated that The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: Do not tie untrue things to me, who do this will go to hell. (Sahih Muslim volume 1 Hadith No:4)


Roza Taraweeh aur Zakat ke Ahkam o Masail islamic books in urdu

Roza Taraweeh aur Zakat ke Ahkam o Masail islamic books in urdu. In this book, you will learn about fasting, Traweeh, and Zakat's complete information.

seerat e tayyaba in urdu pdf

seerat e tayyaba in urdu pdf book free download. A collection of authentic statements on the blessed life of the Prophet Muhammad (سرورعالم حضرت محمدﷺ کی مبارک سیرت پر مستند بیانات کا مجموعہ): خطباتِ سیرت طیبہﷺکتاب). Seerat e tayyaba meaning in urdu in urdu is akhlaq and dusro ke sath salooq. In English the meaning of seerat is Behaving. This book is written by Muhammad Sulaiman Salman Mansoorpuri. Seerat e nabi s.a.w in urdu pdf free download from below link.

The following explanations about this book are important to keep in mind

  1. This is not a regular compilation, but a collection of statements, so the rhetorical style will be more visible in it.
  2. Due to limited time, it was not possible to cover all the events in this book, so only the necessary and famous things have been presented in a common-sense manner.
  3. It is possible that some important things have been missed or in some places.
  4. Since the statement was mostly addressed to the public, scholarly and precise discussions have been deliberately avoided. The things that were put in the study before the statement were not limited to quotations, but quotations from other books were also included. However, due to haste, reference could not be made on every part. In the context of events, guidance has been given in a light manner towards guidance and benefits and knowledge, to facilitate the minds of the readers.
Table of Contents
  • The purpose of the revelation of the Prophets
  • Why was the angel not made a prophet?
  • Our conditions
  • Conditions in Makkah
  • Ishmael's stay in Makkah
  • Beginning of the springs of Zamzam 
  • How did the Banu Jarham tribe come to be?
  • Ishmael's first marriage
  • Ishmael's second marriage
  • Other related topics to Ismael (A.S)
  • About the Family of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
  • The glorious childhood of Hazrat Muhammad, the of pure Young age
  • The beginning of revelation and the beginning of invitation
  • Description of the miracles of the Prophet
  • Narration of important events in the life of Prophet Muhammad
  • Allegiance to the Ansar and the migration to Madinah
  • Some highlights of the civil life of Hazrat Muhammad
  • The peace of Hudaybiyyah and the conquest of Makkah
  • Fulfilling the purpose of enlightenment

انبیاعلیہم السلام کی بعثت کا مقصد

فرشتہ کو نبی کیو ں نہیں بنایاگیا؟

ہماری حلت

مکہ معظّمہ کے حالات

مکہ معظّمہ میں اسماعیل علیہ السلام کا قیام

زم زم کے چشما کا جاری ہونا

قبیلہ بنو جرہم کیسے آیا؟

اسماعیل علیہ السلام کی پہلی شادی

حضرت اسماعیل علیہ السلام کی دوسری شادی

حضرت محمدﷺ کا شاندار بچپن، پاکیرہ جوانی کا مکمل بیان

ؑوحی کی ابتداء  اور دعوت کا آغاز

معجزات نبویﷺ کا بیان

حضرت محمد ﷺ کی مکی زندگی کے اہم واقعات کا بیان

بیعتِ انصاروہجرتِ مدینہ

حضرت محمدﷺ کے مدنی زندگی کی چند جھلکیاں

صلحِ حدیبیہ اور فتحِ مکہ

مقصدِ بعثت کی تکمیل


Hadith from this book: In Sunan Ibn Majah, it is narrated from Hazrat Abdullah bin Masood that at the end of the speech delivered by the Holy Prophet on the occasion of Hujjat al-Wada 'in the field of Arafat, there were also these hair-raising words. Translation: Beware! I will be waiting for you at Kawthar Pool and I will be proud of other nations through you, so do not blacken my face (ie do not disgrace me). Listen to me! But I will sift some people and some people will be separated from me, then I will say: O Lord! These are my companions, so Allah will say that you do not know what new things they have done after you. (That is, keep on indulging in innovations and misdeeds, so they are not worth drinking this jam.)
Reference: Sunan Ibn Majah 219, Kitab al-Manasik Hadith: 3057)

سنن ابن ماجہ میں حضرت عبداللہ بن مسعود ؓ  کی روایت ہے کہ نبی اکرم ﷺ نے حجتہ الوداع کے مو قع پر عرفات کے میدان میں جو خطاب فرمایا، اس کے اخیر میں  یہ رونگٹے کھڑے کر دینے والے الفاظ بھی تھے  ترجمہ: خبردار رہو! میں حوض کوثر پر تمہارا منتظر رہو ں گا اور تمہارے ذریعہ سے دیگر امتوں پر فخر کروں گا، اس لئے تم (بد عملی کر کے) میرا چہرہ سیاہ مت کرنا (یعنی مجھے رسوا مت کرنا) کان کھول کر سن لو!کہ حوض کوثر پر میں کچھ لوگوں کو  چھانوں گا اور کچھ لوگ مجھ سے الگ کئے جائیں گے، تو میں کہوں گا کہ اے رب! یہ تو میرے ساتھی ہیں، تو اللہ تعالیٰ فرمائیں گے کہ آپ کو نہیں معلوم کہ انہوں نے آپ کے بعد کیا کیا نئے کام کئے ہیں۔ (یعنی بدعات اور بد عملی میں مبتلا رہے، اس لئے یہ جام کوثر پینے کے لائق نہیں)


You can download and read seerat e tayyaba in urdu pdf below


Ganjeena e Ilm o Irfan By Hafiz Muhammad Tayyab Haqqani

Ganjeena e Ilm o Irfan By Hafiz Muhammad Tayyab Haqqani Urdu Islamic books pdf download. This book discussed many islamic topics including Jehad, Khatmi Nabowat, and other topics.

Ganjeena e Ilm o Irfan By Hafiz Muhammad Tayyab Haqqani

Kia Aap Ko Maloom Hai best urdu books pdf free

Kia Aap Ko Maloom Hai best urdu books pdf free download. This book explained the correct islamic teaching. The book is written by Mufti Muhammad Akmal and having 410 pages.

Ambar Ul Yam Urdu Tafseer Para Amm

Ambar Ul Yam Urdu Tafseer Para Amm Urdu Islamic books pdf download. This is a comprehensive tafseer/translaiton of the last para of the Quran.


Dua e Saifi complete PDF | dua e saifi benefits in urdu | dua e saifi benefits in English

Dua e Saifi complete PDF | dua e saifi benefits in urdu | dua e saifi benefits in English. There are unlimited dua e saifi benefits some of which are provided below. You will learn tariqa burhaniya dua e saifi in this short book as well and you will learn dua e saifi ki zakat method.

Dua e saifi benefits in English

Dua Saifi is a collection of various supplications that may be the best and most popular supplications. This prayer was taught by Gabriel (peace be upon him) to the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) by the command of Allaah, and he taught it to Hazrat Ali (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).It is also called Dua Saifi, Harzimani and Harz al-Sahaba. 

It is called Harzi Yamani because the king of Yemen was driven out of his kingdom by his enemies and taken over his country and kingdom. He tried his best to return to his country and kingdom but failed every time. Finally, disappointed and hopeless from all sides, he came to the service of Hazrat Ali and sought inner and unseen help. He took pity on him and wrote down this prayer for him that by reciting it, inshaAllah with the blessing of this prayer you will soon get back your kingdom. So this king started reciting Dus e Saifi and with the blessing of this dua, he soon got back his lost kingdom of Yemen, and he got a lot of progress and prosperity. Therefore, the name of this dua was changed to Harz-e-Yamani.

Later, this prayer became popular among the Companions, the followers and the followers, but also in the whole Islamic world, and with the blessings of this prayer, the people continued to succeed in their intentions and campaigns. Hazrat Pir Mehboob-e-Subhani Hazrat Sheikh Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani Quds Allah has read this prayer a lot and you have become the first amil of this prayer.

It is said that one day Hazrat Sheikh Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani was performing Wudhu when an eagle from above sat on him and ruined his shirt. At that moment the eagle's head became detached from its body and it died on the ground in front of him. At that time he began to weep. his servant, who was helping him in performing ablution, asked him, "Sir, what happened? You are weeping for the death of a vicious dead bird." He said, "I am not weeping for this eagle, but I am weeping because I have recited the supplication of Safi so much that my tongue, my hand, my thoughts, my attention, and my eyes, are all became Saif-ur-Rehman i.e The naked sword of God's. This naked sword of Allah's command will hang between the heavens and the earth till the Day of Resurrection. So he took off that kurta and gave it to a poor person as a ransom and said, "Meaning, this is the ransom of the eagle's life." The key to all da'wah, and especially the dua saifi, is given to the Taliban by Hazrat Pir Mehboob Sobhani Quds.

Dua e saifi benefits in urdu

دُعا سیفی ان مختلف دُعاۂ ں کا مجموعہ ہے جو اللہ تعا لیٰ کی بار گاہ میں بہترین اور مقبول ترین دُعائیں ہو سکتی ہیں یہ دُعا حضرت جبرائیل علیہ السلام نے اللہ تعالیٰ کے امر سے حضور صلی اللہ علیہ و آلہ و سلم کو سکھائی اور آنحضرت ﷺ نے حضرت  علی کو تعلیم فرمائی، اس کا نام دُعا سیفی، حرزِیمانی اور حرز الصحابہ بھی ہے۔ حرزِیمانی اس واسطے کہتے ہیں کہ یمن کا ایک بادشاہ جسے دشمنوں نے اپنی سلطنت سے نکال کر اس کے ملک اور سلطنت پر قبضہ کر لیا تھا۔ اس نے اپنے ملک اور سلطنت کی واپسی کی بہترین کوشش کی لیکن ہر دفعہ ناکام رہا۔آخر ہرطرف سے مایوس اور نااُمید ہو کر یمن کا  معزدل اور مغلوب بادشاہ حضرت علی کی خدمت میں حاضر ہوکر باطنی اور غیبی امداد کا طالب ہوا۔ آپ نے اس کے حال پر رحم فرماکر اسے یہ دُعا سیفی لکھ کر دی کہ اسے پڑھا کر، ان شاء اللہ اس دُعا کی برکت  سے تجھے جلدہی اپنی بادشاہی اور سلطنت واپس مل جائے گی چنانچہ اس بادشاہ نے دُ سیفی پڑھنی شروع کی اور اس کی برکت سے بہت جلدی اسے اپنی کھوئی ہوئی یمن کی سلطنت واپس مل گئی، اور اسے بہت ترقی وعروج حاصل ہوا۔لہذا اس کا نام حرزِ یمانی پرگیا۔

 بعدہ صحابہ، تابعین اور تبع تابعین بلکہ تمام اسلامی دُنیا میں اس دُعا کا چرچا ہوگیا اور لوگ اس دُعا کی برکت سے اپنی مُرادوں اور مہموں میں کامیاب ہوتے رہے۔ حضرت پیر محبوبِ سبحانی حضرت شیخ سید عبدلقادر جیلانی قدس اللہ نے اس دُعاکو بہت پڑھا ہے اور آپ اس دُعا سیفی کے پہلے عامل کامل ہوئے ہیں۔

کہتے ہیں کہ ایک روز آپ وضو فرما رہے تھے کہ اوپر سے ایک چیل نے آپ پر بیٹھ کر دی اور آپ کے کُرتے کو پلیداور خراب کر دیا، جس پر آب نے اوپر چیل کی طرف دیکھ کر فرمایا تیرا سر اُڑگیا، اُ سی وقت چیل کا سر تن سے جُدا ہوگیااور وُہ آپ کے سامنے زمین پر تڑپ کر مرگئی۔ اُس وقت آپ رونے لگ گئے۔آپ کے خادم نے جو وضو کرارہاتھا، آپ سے عرض کیا کہ جناب کیا ہُوا ایک موذی مردار پرندہ ہلاک ہوگیا اس کے لیے آپ رورہے ہیں۔ اس پر آپ نے فرمایا کہ میں اس چیل کے لیے نہیں رورہا بلکہ میں اس لیے رورہا ہوں کے میں نے دُعا ءِ سیفی اتنی پڑھی ہے کہ میری زبان،میرا ہاتھ، میرا خیال، میری توجہ اور میری نگاہ بلکہ میرا سب کچھ سیف الرحمن یعنی اللہ تعالیٰ کے امر کی ننگی تلوار ہوگئی ہے۔ اللہ تعالیٰ کے امر اور کُن کی یہ ننگی تلوار قیامت تک آسمان اور زمین کے درمیان لٹکی رہے گی۔ چنانچہ آپ نے وُہ کُرتا اتارکر ایک مسکین کو بطور فدیہ دے دیا اور فرمایا معنی یہ اس چیل کی جان کا فدیہ ہے اور نیا کُرتہ منگواکر زیب تن فرمالیا۔ تمام دعوتوں اور خصوصاًاس دُعا سیفی کے عمل کی کلید اور کنجی حضرت پیر محبوب سبحانی قدس کے حضور سے طالبانِ دعوت کو عطا ہوتی ہے۔

خاندان قادری میں اس دُ عا سیفی کا بڑا عمل چلا آ تاہے چنانچہ حضرت سلطان العا رفین حضرت سلطان باہوقدس سّرہ العزیز اپنی کتابوں میں فرماتے ہیں کہ اہل دعوت کی زبان ہر گز سیف الرحمٰن یعنی اللہ کے مر کن کی تلوار نہیں بن سکتی، اور فقیر عامل اس وقت تک صاحب لفظ نہیں ہو سکتا جب تک وہ دعا سیفی کا ورد کسی بزرگ ولی اللہ کی قبر کے پاس نہ کرے اور کسی روحانی کی ہم نشینی میں اس دُعا کے عمل کی تکمیل نہ کرے۔

فقیر نور محمد کلاچوی کا کہنا ہے کہ میں نے سیفی کی بڑی تلاش کی، مختلف عاملوں سی دعا سیفی کے نسخے حاصل کئے لیکن اُن سب میں تھوڑا بہت اختلاف پایا۔ آخر بغداد شریف میں حضرت پیر محبوب سبحانی قدس کی درگاہِ خاص کے کلید بردار صاحب پیر سیّد مصطفٰے صاحب گیلانی رزاقی کے جناب سے ایک اصلی اور پراناقلمی نسخہ ہاتھ لگا جو آپ نے کمال شفقت اور مرحمت سے اس فقیر کو اپنے پُرانے حضرت محبوب سبحانی پیر صاحب قدس سرہ کے زمانے کے جدّی قلمی بیاض سے نکال کر عنایت فرمایا اور ساتھ ہی ارشا فرمایا کہ دعا سیفی کا یہ وہ اصلی اور صحیح نسخہ ہے۔ جو حضرت علی کرم اللہ وجہہ کے دستِ مبارک کے لکھے ہوئے دعا سیفی اور حرزِیمانی سے نقل کیا گیا ہے۔ جو اِس فقیر نے محض  خلقِ خدا کے فیض کی خاطر فی سبیل اللہ اس کتاب میں درج کر دیا ہے ورنہ ایسی غیر مترقبہ نعمتوں کو لوگ گوہر بے بہا کی طرح چھپائے رکھتے ہیں۔

Dua e Saifi complete PDF | dua e saifi benefits in urdu | dua e saifi benefits in English


Masla e Zakat Urdu islamic books pdf

 Masla e Zakat aur Hazrat e Saliba bin Hatib Sahabi e Rasol per ilzam Infaq ka taqiqana Jaiza



Urdu 5000 Most Frequently Used Words

Urdu 5000 Most Frequently Used Words list book. In this Urdu book, there is the 5000-word list that is used most frequently during conversations.

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Mukhtasar Seerat -e- Nabvi By Shaykh Muhammad Abdur Rahman Mazahiri

Mukhtasar Seerat -e- Nabvi [Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam] By Shaykh Muhammad Abdur Rahman Mazahiri A short book on moral, behavior and conduct toward others of prophet Muhammad. 

Saturday, 8 May 2021

Zakat Kis Tarah Ada Karain Urdu Islamic books

Zakat Kis Tarah Ada Karain book pdf download. This short book is written by maulana Muhammad Taqi Usmani. This book discussed the following topics in comprehensive and short words.

  • how to calculate zakat
  • zakat meaning
  • zakat rules
  • zakat on gold
  • zakat nisab



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Faiths about Essential attributes of Allah

In this article, you will learn about the basic Faiths or Beliefs about the Essential attributes of Allah. The Description of the attributes of the Almighty is provided in detail below.


What are the main Essential attributes of Allah?
There are some basic faiths that every Muslim should believe in without any doubt, explained below.

(1) Allah is One, there is no partner in Him, neither in caste nor in attributes, nor in deeds, nor in rules, nor in names. He is the true God and deserves to be worshiped. Allah is Ancient and Endless and eternal, that is, from everlasting to everlasting, and just as His essence is ancient and eternal. Attributes are also ancient and eternal. Everything except the caste attributes is temporary, that is, it did not exist before, then it came into existence. Anyone in the world who considers an object to be ancient or doubts its temporary existence is a kaafir and is out of the realm of Islam.

(2) Allah is alive, the meaning itself is alive and the life of all is in His hands.

(3) Allah is neither a father nor a son, nor is he has a wife. Anyone who calls him a father or a son or a wife for him is not Muslim. We are all Allah's servants and Allah is kinder to us than our parents.

(4) Allah is carefree, rich, and selfless, not in need of anything, but the whole universe needs him.

(5) Allah is omnipotent, No one is beyond His power. He has great power and will do whatever He wants and as He wills. No one has control over it, He is the owner of everything, no one can go against Allah's command.

(4) He is the Hearer, the Hearer of every caller. He hears the sound of ants walking on the ground and the sound of mosquito wings.

(5) He is the Seer, that is, He sees everything, whether it be in darkness, whether in the light, far or near, big or small, not hidden from Him. He sees every detail that is not felt by the microscope.

(6) Allah is the Knower, the Knower of all things. He knows what is happening or has happened or is going to happen in the future. Our conversations, our intentions, which are hidden in our hearts. Not a particle is hidden from him. He knew everyone from eternity and now he knows and will know forever. Things change, his knowledge does not change. He is aware of the dangers and whispers of the heart. There is no end to his knowledge.

(7) Everything is His will and authority. What he wants happens and what he does not want can never happen. No one can do anything without his intention. The birds cannot fly, No particle can move without its command. Everything that happens in the universe happens with his intention, no one has control over it and no one is going to stop him from his intention.

(8) Allah is the Creator of all things, the heavens, the earth, the moon, the sun, the stars, man, animals, mountains, seas and oceans, all animals, plants and inanimate objects, the whole universe, the only Creator of the universe He created us and what we eat. There is no owner and creator of anything except Allah. Every small and big thing is His creation, created by Him. What Allah wants to create, He creates by saying "Kon".

(9) Allah is the Sustainer, providing for the smallest and the largest creatures. He is the Sustainer of all things. He is the Lord of the worlds. He is the Sustainer. Mothers, fathers, rulers, kings, but also angels, etc., are all resources and means.

(10) Allah is a speaker, that is, he also speaks, but his speech is pure from sound, just as his speech is not with tongue. Similarly, we cannot see, and hear Allah with eye and ear. Like other attributes, Allah's words are also ancient. All the heavenly books, scriptures, and the Holy Qur'an are all the words of Allah. Our reading, writing, and sound are temporary and new, but what we have read, written, heard, and memorized is ancient and its attributes are also in accordance with its glory.

(11) Allah is the source of every perfection, of every good, and is free from all defects and evils, what is neither perfect nor harmful is also impossible for him. For example, lying, betrayal, oppression, ignorance, and, immorality are absolutely impossible for Allah.

(12) Allah neither fell asleep nor slept. The one who watches over the whole universe, neither tired nor asleep. His mercy is the support of broken hearts. His promises do not change. He has promised that He will forgive whomever He wills, except for disbelief. He is very patient. He has greatness, but his grip is also very strong. From which no one can escape without the will of Allah. Whatever he does or will do it justice. He is free from oppression. All the benefits and harms of creation are in His hands. Hear the cry of the oppressed and takes revenge on the oppressor. Nothing can happen without his will and intention, Allah becomes happy with the good and angry with the bad.

(13) There is a lot of wisdom in every action of his, whether we understand it or not, The gist of all this is that as far as the intellect is concerned, it is not God, and what is God is not accessible to the intellect.

(14) Every Muslim will see Allah in Hereafter, we will see Allah and we cannot say how we will see.

The above are some basic Faiths about Essential attributes of Allah that every Muslim should believe. 

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Muslim Names Girls with meanings (Q to Z)

In this article, you will learn some Muslim Names Girls of Arabic language in English with meanings (from alphabet Q to Z).


The names of the Prophets (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon them) are the best after the best names of Allaah. Among them, the name of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the most virtuous and blessed. The Prophets are followed by the Companions, the Great Followers, the Imams of the Prophets, Islamic heroes, and important personalities. While the names placed on their names will be beautiful and a source of blessing, the children will grow up to feel their religious fervor and will be a mirror of their Islamic identity and distinction, commemorating the great deeds of their forefathers. It will also help.

Names Meanings
Qamar Moon
Raihana A sweet-smelling flower
Raghd Pleasant
Radhiya Content; Satisfied
Rabee'a Garden
Rafa/td> Happiness; Prosperity<
Raniya Gazing
Rashida Wise; Mature
Rawiya  Transmitter (of ancient Arabic poetry)
Ruwayda Walking gently
Reem Gazelle
Rafee'a High; Sublime, Confident
Rabab White cloud
Reem Gazelle
Ra'eda Leader
Rabi'a Name of righteous woman
Rana To gaze; Look
Rand Tree of good scent
Raja Hope
Rawa Satisfaction with drink
Rasha Young gazelle
Reem White antelope
Ruciaiya Name of the Prophet's daughter
Sameera Entertaining companion
Samar Evening conversations
Salwa Quail; Solace
SSana Resplendence; Brilliance
Sawsan Lily of the valley
Shadiya Singer
Siham Arrows
Sumayyah Companion of the prophet
Suhaila Smooth; Soft ; Fluent
Safa Clarity; Purity; Serenity
Saadiya Good fortune
Sakina Peace; Tranquility
Sahar Dawn
Sabira Patient
Saiyyda Chief
Saeeda Fortunate; Happy
Safiyyah Serene; Pure; Best friend
Saliha Good; Righteous
Sahla Smooth; Soft; Easy
Salma Peaceful
Salima Safe; Healthy
Samah Generosity
Sameeha Generous
Sarah Name of Prophet Ibrahim's wife
Samiya Elevated; Lofty
Sharifa Noble
Shatha Aromatic
Suhair Proper name
Suha Name of a star
Tasneem Name of fountain in Jannah
Tahira Pure; Chaste
Taybah Good; Pure; Chaste
Thameena Valuable; Precious
Thana Thankfulness
Thurayya Star
Thara Wealth
Tamadhur Old Arabic name
Wafiyya Loyal; Faithful
Wafa Faithfulness
Wijdan Ecstasy; Sentiment
Warda Rose
Wafeeqa Successful
Wajeeha Eminent; Distinguished
Widad Love; Friendship
Wisal Communion in love
Yakootah Emerald
Yasmin Jasmine
Yusra Proper name; Easiness
Zahra Flower; Beauty; Star
Zaina Beautiful
Zakiyya Pure
Yumn Good fortune; Success
Yamamah Dove
Zahira Shining; Luminous
Zainab Name of Prophet's daughter
Zeenat Beauty; Elegance

You have learned some Muslim Names Girls of Arabic language in English with meanings (from alphabet Q to Z). Aso read these Names for Muslim girls.

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Muslim names in English for girls (K to N)

Muslim names in English for girls: Here we have shared some Muslim names for girls/women beginning with K upto N.

Muslim names in English for girls

Importance of good names:

Names are not only a source of personal identity but also have a profound effect on a person's personality. Those who adhere to Islamic and religious values ​​and traditions are encouraged to name their children after having Islamic traditions and values, but these names should be an expression of devotion and attachment to the real Creator, God, the Lord of Glory, and the Benefactor of humanity, Muhammad (PBUH).

Our names are also a manifestation of our national identity, names that express our beliefs, thoughts, culture, temperament, and mentality. One of the innumerable gifts of God, the Lord of Glory, is that children are a great and enduring blessing. It is very important to name a child after birth. Having a good and Islamic name for the child is also a way of expressing gratitude to God.

Hadith about Names:

The religion of Islam, being a complete code of conduct, has guided us successfully in all walks of life. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Surely good names are 'Abd Allaah and' Abd al-Rahmaan.” (Sahih Muslim - Kitab al-Adab, Hadith number: 5587 / Sunan Abi Dawood Hadith number: 4949).

"Put your name in the name of the prophets, the most beloved names in the sight of Allah are Abdullah and Abdul Rahman. And the truest names are Harith (the one who works hard, the one who accumulates wealth) and Hammam (the one with high intentions, determination) and the worst names are Harb (war) and Marah (bitter)" (Sunan Abi Dawood, Kitab al-Adab Hadith No. 4950 / Musnad Ahmad 4/543).

Therefore, it is the duty of Muslim parents to give their children a good, meaningful, and Islamic name. It is known from various ahaadeeth that whenever the Holy Prophet (PBUH) heard someone's bad or disliked name, he would immediately change it and suggest a good name.

Below is a list of Muslim names in English for girls with meanings.

Names Meanings
Kulthoum Daughter of the Prophet
Khuloud Immortality
Khawlah Proper name
Kaamla Perfect
Karima Generous
Khairiya Charitable; Good
Kawthar River in Paradise
Khalida Immortal
Lama Darkness of lips
Lujain Gold
Lubna A tree yielding sweet liquid
Lamya Dark-lipped
Layla Old Arabic name; A night
Lubaba The innermost essence
Lamees Soft to the touch
Latifa Gentle; Kind
Lina Tender
Maha Gazelle
Madeeha Praiseworthy
Manal Attainment; Achievement
Mufeeda Useful
Muna Wish; Desire
Munira Illuminating; Shedding light
Mawiya Old Arabic name
Makarim Having good and honorable character
Maisa Walking with proud swinging gait
Malak Angel
Maleeha Beautiful and charming
Maram Aspiration
Maryam Name of Mother of Jesus
Ma'soomah Protected
Majida Glorious
Manar Guiding light (lighthouse)
Mariyah Lady with fair complexion
Maymouna Auspicious; Blessed
Musheera Giving counsel
Muhja Heart's blood; Soul
Mayyada To walk with a swinging gait
Maysa To walk with a swinging gait
May Old Arabic name
Maysoon Of beautiful face and body
Nabila Noble
Nada Generosity; Dew
Nadira Rare, Precious
Nabeeha Intelligent
Nadia The beginning, first
Nafisa Precious
Naeema Living an enjoyable life
Na'ila Acquirer; Obtainer
Najat Safety
Najeeba Of noble birth
Najla Of wide eyes
Nasira Victorious, helper
Nawal Gift
Nazeera Like; Equal; Matching
Nida Call
Noor Light
Nuha Intelligence; Mind
Nusayba Proper name
Nahla A drink (of water)
Najah Success
Najiya Safe
Najwa Confidential talk
Nazaha Purity; Righteousness; Honesty
Naziha Honest
Ni'mat Blessings
Nudhar Gold
Nouf The highest point on a mountain
Nuzha Pleasure trip; Excursion spot
Nasreen White rose

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surah waqiah ki fazilat in hadees

In this post you will learn surah waqiah ki fazilat in hadees, surah waqiah ki fazilat in hindi, surah waqiah ki barkat, reciting surah waqiah 41 times, surah waqiah benefits in hindi, surah waqiah benefits in English, surah waqiah every night, surah waqiah hadith.

Surah Waqiah Benefits English

A person who is destitute of poverty should recite Surah Al-Waqia forty-one (41) times a day. With the blessings of Allah, humiliation and hardship will go away. Wealth and honor will increase. If it is recited all the time, then the person will never be in need of anything. If it is recited on the grave of a dead person, it will save him/her from the torment of the grave. Reading forty-one times in a single meeting will fulfill the need. Its Naqsh is very useful, especially for sustenance. Whoever recites after Isha's prayers at night will never go hungry and Allah will provide for him from the unseen.

جو شخص فقروفاقہ سے عا جز ہوا سے اکتالیس دفعہ روزانہ سورہ الوقعہ کو پڑھنا چاہیئے۔اس کی بر کت سے ذلت و خواری اور تنگدستی جاتی رہے گی۔ مال و دولت اور عزت بڑھے گی۔ اگر ہمیشہ پڑ ھتا رہے گا تو کبھی محتاج نہ ہوگا۔اگر کسی میت کی قبر پر پڑھے اسے عزاب قبر سے نجات ملے گی۔لکھ کر عورت کے بازو پر باندھنے سے بچہ بآسانی پیدا ہو۔با وضو صبح و شام پڑ ھنا باعث برکت ہے۔ایک مجلس میں اکتالیس بار پڑھنے سے حاجت پوری ہوگی۔ خا ص کر کشائش رزق کے لیے اس کا نقش نہایت ہی مفید ہے۔ جو شخص رات نماز عشاء کے بعد پڑہے کبھی بھوکا نہ رہے گا۔اور غیب سے اللہ تعا لٰے روزی دے گا۔

surah waqiah ki fazilat in hadees urdu

Powerful wazifa for rizq | rizq mein barkat ka wazifa in urdu

Powerful wazifa for rizq | rizq mein barkat ka wazifa in urdu. This is the best wazifa for rizq and wealth recommended by Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).  Whoever recite this rizq ka wazifa 100 times after the fajr Namaz will become wealthy soon inshallah. There are many other wazifa for increasing your wealth, in which this one is suggested by Prophet Muhammad to a needy person, who ask prophet Muhammad to teach him something that can change his financial situations

Powerful wazifa for rizq
rizq ka anmol wazifa | rizq badhane ka wazifa

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Faizan e Namaz urdu islamic books pdf download

Faizan e Namaz urdu Islamic books pdf download. This book is mainly focused on Namaz. It discussed the reward of Namaz, 5 Namazo Ke Fazail, Jumat ke Fazail, Masjid ke fazail, Sajde ke Fazail, Khusho o Khuzo se Namaz parne ke masail, Namaz na parne ke azab, Ashiqan e Namaz ke 86 ikayat.Faizan e Namaz urdu Islamic book is written by Muhammad Ilyas Qadri. This is a very detailed and comprehensive Islamic book consisting of 611 pages.

Faizan e Namaz urdu islamic books pdf download


Muslim names and meaning for baby girl (A to K)

Muslim names and meaning for baby girl: Here we have shared some Muslim names and meaning for baby girl. If you are looking for Muslim names and meanings for females then you are at the right place. Here we collected and shared some best names with nice and beautiful meanings. The includes Muslim names for women from a to z. This article is only focused on Muslim names for girls and next article we will be sharing names for boys as well. Before knowing the names let learn about the names first in the light of Islamic teaching and Hadith.


Name the First gift to a child

The name is an important part of the personality of a person due to which the person is recognized at home, school, and everywhere. A person's nature is deeply affected by the name he/she owns. Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said that the first gift to a child after birth is the name. So it is the responsibility of parents to give nice names to children (Jam'ul jawami, 3/285, Hadith, 8875).

A table of 100 beautiful Muslim names and meanings for baby girl is provided below.

S.No Names
1 Aakifa A lady who worship Allah in solitude
2 Aatika Lady who is richly perfumed
3 Abla Perfectly formed
4 Afaf Chastity
5 Afrah Happiness
5 Ahd Pledge; Knowledge
6 Aida Visiting; Returning
7 Amal Hopes; Aspirations
8 Amani Wishes; Aspirations
9 Amina Trustworthy; Faithful
10 Aneesa Friendly; of good company
11 Anwaar Rays of light
12 Aroub (Woman) Loving to her husband
13 Arwa Female mountain goat
14 Asiyah One who tends to the weak and heals them
15 Ayah Sign; distinct
16 Azra A young lady
17 Badriya Resembling full moon
18 Bahiyya Beautiful; Radiant
19 Banan Finger tips
20 Buthayna Of beautiful and tender body
21 Bashira Bringer of good tidings
22 Baseema Smiling
23 Bushra Good news
24 Fadheela Virtue
25 Falak Star
26 Farida Unique
27 Firdous Garden; Paradise
28 Fatin Captivating
29 Fawziya Successful; Victorious
30 Ghaliya Fragrant; Valuable
31 Areej Pleasent smell One belonging to a great heritage and family
32 Aqeelah A wise and intelligent lady
33 Amatullah Female servant of Allah
34 Amira Leader; Princess
35 Aisha Living; Prosperous; Wife of Prophet Muhammad
36 Almas Diamond
37 Ahlam Witty; one who has pleasant dreams; imaginative
38 Afra A lady with fair complexion
39 Afeefah Pure; Chaste; Modest
40 Abida Worshipper; Devotee
41 alia Exalted; Highest social standing
42 Adeela Equal
43 Abeer Fragrance
44 Aseelah one belonging to a great heritage and family
45 Asma Daughter of Abu Bakr
46 Aziza Esteemed; Precious; Cherished
47 Azza Young female gazelle
48 Baheera Dazzling; Brilliant
49 Balqis The name of the Queen of Sheba
50 Baraa'a Excelling
51 Basma A smile
52 Batool Ascetic virgin
53 Faiza Victorious; Winner
54 Fadhila Virtuous
55 Fadwa Name derived from self-sacrifice
56 Fareeha Happy; Joyful
57 Fatima Prophet Muhammad's daughter
58 Fatina Captivating
59 Firdous Paradise
60 Ghada Beautiful
61 Ghayda Young and delicate lady
61 Ghusoun Branches (tree)
62 Hadiyya Gift
63 Hajar Mother of Prophet Ismail
64 Hana Happiness
65 Hala Aureole
66 Hadiya Guide to righteousness
67 Hamida Praiseworthy
68 Hafsa Name of wife of the Prophet
69 Hanan Mercy
70 Halima Gentle; Patient
71 Hanifa True believer
72 Hawwa Name of the wife of Prophet Adam
73 Hind Proper name
74 Humaira Sayyida Aisha's title
75 Husn Beauty
76 Hasnaa Beautiful
77 Haniya Pleased; Happy
78 Hayat Life
79 Haifa Slender; Of beautiful body
80 Hessa Destiny
81 Huda Right guidance
82 Husna Most beautiful
83 Ibtihl supplication
84 In'am Act of kindness; Benefaction
85 Intisar Triumph
86 Ikram Honor; Hospitality; Generosity
87 Izdihar Flourishing; Blossoming
88 Iffat Purity; Chastity
89 Ilham Inspiration
90 Imtithal Politeness; Obedience
91 Inaya Concern; Solicitude
92 Ibtihaj Joy
93 Iman Faith; Belief
94 Jalaa Clarity; Elucidation
95 Jamila Beautiful
96 Janan Heart or soul
97 Jumana Silver pearl
98 Kamila Most perfect
99 Kawkab Satellite
100 Khadijah Name of Prophet Muhammad's wife

Tuhfa e Ramazan book pdf download

Tuhfa e Ramazan book pdf download.  The book discussed roza ke masail, Shab e Qadar ke masial, Ahmal e shab e eid, and other many duas.



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Quran 14 Lines PDF Download

Quran 14 Lines PDF Download. Al Quran 14 Lines Pak Company pdf free download. 14 Line Quran is good for those people with low vision because the font size is bigger and can be read easily.