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Quran Para 14 pdf download

Quran Para 14 pdf download free in HD colored print. You can download this pdf but you cannot make any sort of printing because the pdf file is locked. So this is the best 16-line Quran Pak colored with nice blue borders. The image shown below is of low quality but the original pdf file is of high quality which you can download from the below link.

 Quran Para 14 Summary:

The fourteenth para begins with Surah al-Hijr. Allah has mentioned that the disbelievers used to criticize the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and say, "If you are truthful, why don't you bring angels for us?" Then Allah answered their objection. Allah said that We send down the angels to punish humans, and when the angels descend, no respite is given to the nations. Addressing the disbelievers who doubted and objected to the revelation of the Holy Qur'an, Allah said, "Indeed, We have sent down the remembrance (of the Holy Qur'an) and We are the guardians of it."

After Surah Al-Hijr is Surah Al-Nahl. It says that Allah sends down the Holy Messangers to warn the people that there is no god but Allah. It was also stated that various types of traveling sources have been created for humans. Allah created horses, mules and donkeys and Allah created that which man does not know. 

At the end of this Surah, it is directed to those who do the work of Dawat-e-Deen that those who are called to the path of Allah should preach and advise wisely and in a good manner and argue in the best way.

Quran Para 14 pdf download by clicking the link below the image.

Quran Para 14 pdf download


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True Islamic story | Backbiting Real Islamic Story

This True Islamic story in Urdu | اسلامی قصہ | اسلامی دلچسپ واقعات | نصیحت آموز اردو واقعات

ایک تابعی جس کا نام ربعی ؒ ہے وہ اپنا واقعہ بیان کرتے ہیں کہ ایک مرتبہ میں ایک مجلس میں پہنچا، میں نے دیکھا کے لوگ بیٹھے ہوئے باتیں کر رہے ہیں، میں بھی ان کے ساتھ مجلس میں بیٹھ گیا۔ اب باتیں کرنے کے درمیان کسی کی غیبت شروع ہوگئی۔ مجھے یہ بات بہت بری لگی کہ ہم یہاں مجلس میں بیٹھ کر کسی کی غیبت کر رہے ہیں۔ چنانچہ میں اس مجلس سے اٹھ کر چلاگیا۔ اس لیے کہ اگر کسی مجلس میں غیبت ہو رہی ہے۔ تو اپ کو چاہیے کہ اس غیبت کو روکے اور اگر روکنے کی طاقت نہ ہو تو کم از کم اس مجلس کو چھوڑ کراس گفتگو میں شریک نہ ہو، بلکہ اٹھ کر چلے جائے۔  ربعیؒ نے کہا کہ میں اس مجلس سے اٹھ کر چلاگیا۔  تھوڑی دیر بعد خیال آیا کہ اب مجلس میں غیبت کا موضوع ختم ہوگیا ہوگا، اس لیے میں دوبارہ اس مجلس میں جاکر بیٹھ گیا۔  اب تھوڑی دیر ادھر اُدھر کی باتیں ہوئیں لیکن تھوڑی دیر کے بعد پھر غیبت شروع ہوگئی۔ لیکن اس بار مجبوری کے وجہ سے میں مجلس سے اٹھ نہ سکا اور جو غیبت وہ لوگ کر تے رہے میں اسے سنتارہا، میں نے بھی غیبت میں حصہ لے کر ایک دو جملے کہہ دیئے۔

جب میں اس مجلس سے گھر آیا اور رات کو سویا تو خواب میں ایک انتہائی سیاہ فام آدمی کو دیکھا، جو ایک بڑے برتن میں میرے پاس گوشت لے کر آیا۔ جب میں نے غور سے دیکھا تو معلوم ہوا کہ وہ خنزیر کا گوشت ہے  اور وہ سیاہ فام آدمی مجھ سے کہنے لگا کہ خنزیر کا گوشت کھاو۔ میں نے کہا: میں مسلمان ہوں خنزیر کا گوشت کیسے کھاوں؟ اس نے کہا:  یہ تمہیں کھانا پڑے گا۔ پھر زبردستی اس گوشت کے ٹکرے میرے منہ میں ٹھونسنے لگا۔ میں منع کرتا جاتا اور وہ ٹھونستا جا تا، یہاں تک کے مجھے قے آ نے لگی مگر وہ ٹھونستا جارہاتھا۔ پھر اسی اذیت ناک حالت میں میری آنکھ کھل گئی۔ جب بیدار ہونے کے بعد میں نے کھانے کے وقت کھانا کھایا، تو خواب میں جو خنزیر کے گوشت کا جو بدبودار ذائقہ تھا وہ ذائقہ میں نے اپنے کھانے محسوس کیا۔ اور  تیس دن تک میرا کھانے میں یہ ذائقہ محسوس ہوتارہا۔ جس وقت میں کھانا کھاتا تو ہر کھانے میں  اس خنزیر  کے گوشت کا بدبودار ذائقہ میرے کھانے میں شامل ہوجاتا اور اس واقعہ سے اللہ تعالیٰ نے مجھے ایک سبق سیکھادیا کہ ذرا سی دیر مجلس میں غیبت کی تھی اس کاانجام  میں تیس دن تک محسوس کرتا رہا۔

True Islamic story | Backbiting Real Islamic Story

This True Islamic story in English

A Muslim, whose name was Rabi narrates his story. once I reached a gathering, I saw people sitting and talking, and I also sat with them. Now, in the middle of the discussion, someone started backbiting. I feel very bad that we are sitting here and backbiting about someone. So I got up and left the gathering. Because if backbiting is happening in a gathering. So you should stop this backbiting and if you do not have the power to stop it, at least leave this assembly and do not participate in cross-talk, but get up and leave. Rabi said that I got up and left this meeting.

After a while, I thought that now the topic of backbiting in the gathering must have been over, so I went and sat in there again. Now there were talks here and there for a while, but after a while backbiting started again. But this time due to compulsion, I could not get up from the assembly and I was listening to the backbiting they were doing, I also took part in the backbiting and said a couple of sentences.

When I came home from that there and slept at night, I saw in my dream a very black man, who brought meat to me in a large pot. When I looked carefully, I found that it was pork and the black man asked me to eat pork. I said: I am a Muslim, how can I eat pork? He said: You will have to eat this. Then he forcefully put the pieces of this meat in my mouth.

I used to refuse and he kept pushing the fork in my mouth until I started to vomit but he kept pushing. Then my eyes opened in this painful situation. When I ate the meal after waking up, I felt the smell of the pork in my meal that I had eaten in the dream. And for thirty days this taste was felt in my food. Whenever I used to eat, the smelly taste of this pork would be added to my food every meal, and from this incident, Allah Ta'ala taught me a lesson.

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Quran Para 8 pdf download

Quran Para 8 pdf download free in HD colored print. You can download this pdf but you cannot make any sort of printing because the pdf file is locked. So this is the best 16-line Quran Pak colored with nice blue borders. The image shown below is of low quality but the original pdf file is of high quality which you can download from the below link.

Summary of Qur'an Para 8

The Quran Para 8 begins with the remainder of Surah al-An'am and continues the same subject on which the seventh para is completed. These verses were revealed when the polytheists of Makkah and the disbelievers of Arabia started asking for various signs from Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Sometimes they say that angels should descend upon us, sometimes they say that if you are true, we want to see our Lord with our own eyes, and sometimes they say that resurrect our ancestors who have passed away from this world. God informed the prophet Muhammad about the nature of the disbelievers that their asking for signs is not based on righteousness, but they are only making such demands to escape from the truth. It is said that if We had sent angels down upon them and the dead would have spoken to them and brought everything before them. Even then, they were not believers except as Allah wills.

Further, it is said that most of the people who live on the earth are misguided, if you start following the majority of the people who live on the earth, they will lead you astray from the path of God. They follow only guesses and shoot arrows of guesswork. This verse is wrongly used by some people against democracy.

In Quran Para 8, it is said that it is not right to eat anything in which a name other than Allah is mentioned at the time of slaughter. It is said that Allah made every animal with nails haram for the Jews because of their rebellion and He also forbade the fat on the backs of cows and goats for them, but the reason for the rebellion of the Jews was this. That they started selling fat and eating it.

After that in Quran Para 8, Allah severely condemned the killing of children and said that those are the losers who killed their children with foolishness and declared forbidden the sustenance permitted by Allah by their own will. Allah has also mentioned the four major types of sustenance that are forbidden to humans: the first forbidden is carrion, the second is flowing blood, the third is the flesh of pigs and the fourth is the sacrifice of the name of other than Allah.

In para 8, Allah has also rejected the wrong excuse of the polytheists that they will say about themselves and their forefathers, if Allah had willed, we and our progeny would never have committed shirk. It is said that this and the people before them also continued to create lies in the same way.

In para 8th at the end of Surah Al-An'am, Allah has ordered His Messenger to announce that my Lord has shown me the straight path, i.e. the religion of Abraham, who belonged to Allah alone and was not of the polytheists. (O Prophet, say) my prayers, my sacrifices, my living, and my dying are all for Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, with whom there is no partner, and I have been commanded to Him, and I am the first to obey. It is also said that no one will bear the burden of anyone's (sin).

In Quran Para 8, after Surah Al-An'am is Surah Al-A'raf, at the beginning of which it is said: "O Muhammad, peace be upon him, this book that has been revealed to you should not make you sad, but it has been revealed to warn people." And this is an admonition for the believers. You follow this book and don't follow others. After that, it is mentioned about the weight on the Day of Resurrection that the weight on the Day of Resurrection will be with truth and justice, so whoever has a heavyweight for the right deeds will be successful and whoever has a lightweight of right deeds, these are the people who rejected our verses.

Quran Para 8 pdf download


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How to highlight in pdf complete with free software

This guide is about How to highlight in pdf complete with free software. There are many softwares that provide the feature of highlighting text in a pdf file. The most simple and best free software that can be used to highlight text is Foxit PDF Reader. Follow these steps in Foxit PDF Reader to highlight text in pdf.


(1) Download the Foxit PDF Reader and then install this software.
(2) Open the PDF file with Foxit Reader.
(3) Now on the home tab, Go to the highlight option and choose it.
(4) Now drag the mouse cursor on the text that you want to highlight.
(5) Now save this file to make the changes to this file.

How to highlight in pdf video

how to highlight in pdf in laptop
how to highlight in pdf windows 10

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How to save a picture as a pdf 3 simple methods

This is a complete guide on "How to save a picture as a pdf". there are many methods to save images as pdf. This guide includes the method of converting multiple pictures and a single image.

1. How to save a picture as a pdf on windows

If you want to convert images to pdf without using any software on Windows then this simple method is for you. In this method, we use the print option to convert any image to pdf. This method is working in windows 10 easily and for another window, you will need to install any pdf reader on your pc. This is a three simple step process that can be used for multiple images to convert to a single file. Follow the below simple steps to convert any save picture as a pdf on Windows 10.

(i) right click on any image file that you want to convert to pdf and select the print option from the list of options.

(ii) In the print dialogue box choose the printer as "Microsoft Print to PDF" and uncheck the box that says "Fit picture to frame" then click on print as shown below.

(iii) The last step is to choose the Saving location and File file name to save it and your pdf file is now ready. As I already mentioned if you have multiple images or pictures, you have to collect them in a single folder and then repeat the above mention method to convert these pictures into a single pdf.

(iv) Convert Multiple Images: If you are using any other windows that do not contain the option "Microsoft Print to PDF" then you will need a pdf reader to do this process. I will recommend a pdf reader that works very perfectly called Foxit PDF Reader. You can download the free version of this website to convert images to pdf free. Download and install Foxit PDF Reader and repeat the above process but in step (ii) choose the printer as "Foxit PDF Reader printer".

2. How to save a picture as a pdf Online

This method may help you to save pictures as pdf iPhone. There are many online platforms where you can convert images to pdf for free. Search go to google and search for the keywords like jpg to pdf, image to pdf, image to pdf converter online, and jpg to pdf converter free online. You will get a number of websites. The recommended website is the adobe official website, where you can do this job very easily in a few steps.

(i) Upload images
(ii) wait for a few minutes and then there will be a download button click on it you get your pdf file.

3. How to save a picture as a pdf using Adobe Acrobat

This method is recommended for the conversion of a huge number of images into a single pdf file. Follow the below steps to save pictures as a pdf using adobe acrobat software.

i. Bring all images into a separate folder, select all images, Right click on any image now and choose the option "Combine Files in Acrobat".

ii. Your images will be open in a dialogue box "combine files". Now click on combine files as shown below.

iii. It will take some seconds to combine and then the images will open in a pdf file. The final step is to go to the file menu and save this file with your desired name.

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How to crop a PDF For Free three Easy Methods

How to crop a PDF For Free three Easy Methods 2022: There are many methods that can be used to crop PDFs and remove unwanted document areas. The cropping of documents or pdf files can be done in many ways including software methods, online methods, and without software using Windows built-in software.

1. How to crop a pdf Using Adobe Acrobat

In this method, you will need adobe acrobat software, the most popular and advanced PDF file reader and editor. There is much other software that can do this job but adobe acrobat does it very perfectly and with few clicks. 

(i). Install the acrobat software and open the file using this software. Now go to the pages tab on the right side and open the drop-down menu as shown in the image below.

How to crop a pdf Using Adobe Acrobat step 2

(ii). Now click on the crop option and the mouse cursor will change to a plus sign.

How to crop a pdf Using Adobe Acrobat Step 2

(iii). Now select the area which you want or need to remain in the pages/page by dragging the mouse shown below.

How to crop a pdf Using Adobe Acrobat Step 3

(iv). A new dialogue box "Set Page Boxes" will open. Here you can change many settings according to your need. But normal other settings are not too important because only one thing is most important "page Range". Here you can select the target page/ or pages to crop. You can crop all pages or you can set a range of pages to crop. After doing this sittign click on "Ok" and your PDF will be cropped in seconds.

How to crop a pdf Using Adobe Acrobat Step 4

How to crop a pdf Using Adobe Acrobat Step 5

(v) The last step is to save your file with a new name from the file menu.

2. How to crop a PDF For Free on a Windows computer
If you are looking for "how to crop pdf without acrobat or how to crop a pdf on windows" then this method can help you. This way is for that user, whose window has the default pdf reader. I will not explain it here. If your window has a pre-install pdf default reader then you can choose this one. Learn This method

3. How to crop a PDF For Free Online Tools (how to crop a pdf in chrome)

You can also crop pdf online if you don't have a computer or your window doesn't support cropping. Online pdf cropping websites can also be used using mobile. There are many online services providing this type of feature. Some of them are given below. 
  •   (Best Recommended)
The website offers many options for pdf editing along with cropping. Follow these steps to crop PDFs online using the first website mentioned.

(i) Open the website and choose file to uplaod it for croping.
how to crop a pdf in a preview online

(ii) After successful completion of uploading the file, you will see a preview of the pdf. 

(iii) Choose the crop from the options menu below the pdf preview and select the area that you want in the pdf.

how to crop a pdf on mac

(iv) Now Choose the option "Crop to Selection" and then "Crop it".

How to crop a PDF For Free

(v) It will take some time and a Download option will appear, which means your new cropped file is ready.

Conclusion: You can choose any method. The first method is for people who use this heavy software adobe acrobat. If you don't want to install this software because it is paid. You can go for the second and third options if you use a PC.  The online method can also be used on Mobiles. My personal recommendation is the first method if you are doing a huge number of pdf having hundreds and thousands of pages.

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How to live as a villain chapter 58

How to live as a villain chapter 58 online and pdf download.

How to live as a villain chapter 58 page 1

How to live as a villain chapter 58 page 2

How to live as a villain chapter 58 page 3

How to live as a villain chapter 58 page 4

How to live as a villain chapter 58 page 5

How to live as a villain chapter 58 page 6

How to live as a villain chapter 58 page 7

How to live as a villain chapter 58 page 8

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Naseem hijazi books List | Naseem hijazi books in Urdu pdf

Naseem Hijazi books List | Naseem hijazi books in Urdu pdf free download. Here we will share a list of all books written by this author in Urdu and Hindi languages. You can download all these books in pdf for free from the online books library. Naseem Hijazi books List is given below based on their popularity. 

Naseem hijazi books List | Naseem hijazi books in Urdu pdf

Naseem hijazi books List | Naseem hijazi books in Urdu pdf

  1. Muhammad bin Qasim محمد بن قاسم by Naseem Hijazi (1950, 6 editions)
  2. Qaisar o Kisra قیصر و کسریٰ by Naseem Hijazi (1926, 7 editions)
  3. Akhri Chattan آخری چٹان by Naseem Hijazi (1963, 7 editions)
  4. Khaak aur Khoon خاک اور خون by Naseem Hijazi (1950, 5 editions)
  5. Shaheen شاہین by Naseem Hijazi (1987, 8 editions)
  6. Aur Talwar Toot Gai اور تلوار ٹوٹ گئی by Naseem Hijazi (1964,4 editions)
  7. Yousuf bin Tashfin یوسف بن تاشفین by Naseem Hijazi (7 editions)
  8. Andheri Raat Ke Musafir اندھیری رات کے مسافر by Naseem Hijazi (1988,7 editions)
  9. Akhri Marka آخری معرکہ by Naseem Hijazi (3 editions)
  10. Moazzam Ali معظم علی by Naseem Hijazi (1982,6 editions)
  11. Daastaan e Mujahid داستان مجاہد by Naseem Hijazi (1964,5 editions)
  12. Qafla e Hijaz قافلہ حجاز by Naseem Hijazi (1988, 4 editions)
  13. Kaleesa aur Aag کلیسا اور آگ by Naseem Hijazi (1996, 5 editions)
  14. Insaan Aur Devta / انسان اور دیوتا by Naseem Hijazi (3 editions)
  15. Gumshuda Qafley / گمشدہ قافلے by Naseem Hijazi (2 editions)
  16. Safaid Jazeera / سفید جزیرہ by Naseem Hijazi (3 editions)
  17. Sau Saal Baad / سو سال بعد by Naseem Hijazi (3 editions)
  18. Saqafat Ki Talaash / ثقافت کی تلاش by Naseem Hijazi (3 editions)
  19. Porus Kay Haathi / پورس کے ہاتھی by Naseem Hijazi (2 editions)
  20. Pardesi Darakht / پردیسی درخت by Naseem Hijazi (2 editions)
  21. কিং সায়মনের রাজত্ব by Naseem Hijazi 1998
  22. স্পেনের আর্তনাদ by Naseem Hijazi, নসীম হিজাযী (Original) 1996
  23. স্পেনের ঈগল by Naseem Hijazi
  24. মরু সাইমুম মরু সাইমুম by Naseem Hijazi, নসীম হিজাযী, ফজলুদ্দিন শিবলী (Translator) 199
  25. লৌহ মানব লৌহ মানব by Naseem Hijazi, নসীম হিজাযী, ফজলুদ্দিন শিবলী (Translator) 2011
  26. Pakistan Se Diyar e Haram Tak پاکستان سے دیار حرم تک by Naseem Hijazi
  27. আলোর কুসুম by Naseem Hijazi 2012, নসীম হিজাযী (Original)
  28. ইরান তুরান কাবার পথে by Naseem Hijazi
  29. Badr Bin Mughira: The Shaheen of Andalus by Naseem Hijazi, Nabeel S. Akhtar (Translator)

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Spiritual meaning of cats in dreams

There is a spiritual meaning of cats in dreams. If you see a cat in your dream, you have to remember that it is a messenger of bad luck. If you see a cat carrying something, it means that you are going to face a big problem. You need to work on improving your relationships and learning to trust others. A dream about cats can be very useful for you. You can use it to help you improve your relationships and overcome your fears.


The dream meaning of cats is not always clear. Sometimes, they represent different qualities. You might see a small cat while you are thinking of something else. This means that you are thinking about something or someone and need to listen to your intuition. If you see a large cat, you need to take note of how your emotions affect your life. In addition, you may also dream about an old cat, which represents the unconscious mind.

The symbolic meaning of cats in dreams can range from being a manifestation of your inner power to being a symbol of your unconscious. The shadow is the unconscious part of yourself. It contains all the things that you have repressed or ignored. Your shadow is a powerful part of you and can cause you emotional pain. The dream about a cat can also be a message about a need to prove something to yourself or others.

If you see a cat in your dream, it may be a sign that you are not living your dreams on purpose. If you want to change your future, you need to take action. If you do, you will need to learn how to use dreams as a means to improve your life. This way, you will have more insight into how to use them. Your goals will be closer than you thought.

A cat in a dream is a powerful metaphor for creativity and intuition. A cat that is absent will be absent from your life and your thoughts will be more focused on your future. Seeing a cat can represent obstacles that you need to overcome. It can also be a symbol of your spiritual life. In fact, a cat in your dream could be a representation of your inner self and even your future.

A cat that is aggressive in your dream can be a symbol for an enemy who is determined to get revenge. This dream could also mean that you will have a hard time in overcoming your enemies. Alternatively, you may be dealing with the negative mood of your enemies. A cat in your dream may be a symbol of your rage. If you dream of a cat, you should make the most of your spiritual dreams.

If you dream about a cat with a sick cat, it is a symbol of your own self-esteem. A sick cat in a dream may point to a problem that is preventing you from fulfilling your highest potential. A healthy cat in a dream may also indicate that you are listening to your intuition and making wise decisions. If your dream is about a sick cat, you might need to work on your self-esteem. A stifling sense of self-esteem can lead you to make poor choices.

Dreaming of a cat that is ill suggests an imbalance between intellect and intuition. Your intuition is more important than your intellect and can make you make wiser decisions than you otherwise would. In this case, it is important to pay more attention to your intuition than ever before. It is your guide to making the right decisions. A wiser you are, the better decisions you will make. But a dream about a cat in a dream, the more likely it is for you to trust your gut and feel happy.

If you dream of a cat, it is a symbol of good fortune and independence. A dream with a cat can also indicate that you are taking risks that can lead to success. If you are afraid of cats, you should work on your self-esteem. It is not only good luck to see a cat in a dream, but it can also have a powerful spiritual meaning. A strong, independent will inspire you to take risks.


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food myths that aren't true about Milk Meal Eggs Fish and others

In this blog post, you will learn some food myths that aren't true about different foods including myths about milk, myths about fish, myths about eggs, myths about meals, myths about vitamins, and also realities about milk, realities about fish, realities about the egg, realities about the meal, the myth about vitamins. Also, you will learn the health benefits of about mentioned food.


Myths about eating determine the nutritional habits of many people and can have a decisive influence on the way they eat. The myth is often presented as the remnant of a past of ignorance, but erroneous beliefs fostered by a complex world of commercial interests and biased advertising can also be seen. Below you will find clarifications about some myths or erroneous beliefs most common in our community:

Beliefs and realities about Milk And Derivatives:

Beliefs: Some Milk myths that aren't true

"Milk should be taken only by children" 

"plain yogurt is better than fruit-flavored yogurt" 

"4 cheeseburgers feed like a steak" 

Realities: Milk and its derivatives (cheese, yogurts) are almost complete foods, provide very good quality proteins, vitamins A, D, B1, and B2, and must be present daily in the diet of all individuals, since they are the main Calcium source. The amount to take will depend on age and physiological state. A sufficient supply of protein and calcium is especially important in the stages of growth (children and adolescents, pregnant or lactating women). In adults, Proteins are used to "repair" or replace existing structures and are still necessary just like in old age.

From a nutritional point of view, flavored yogurts are the same as natural ones. The difference is especially in the sugar content, which is naturally higher in the flavors than in the natural without sugar and, therefore, the caloric value is also increased. Although the protein content of the cheese can be comparable to that of the fillet, we must not forget that they are foods that belong to different groups and both must be present in the daily diet in certain amounts. Excessive consumption of them can cause problems. Some people may have milk intolerance, but it is advisable to analyze the cause that causes it well before stopping it. Sometimes they can be temporary intolerances and other times they can tolerate other products that substitute milk, such as yogurt.

Beliefs and realities about meals, fish, and eggs

Beliefs: Meal, fish and eggs myths that aren't true 

"meat broths are a great food" 

"raw eggs feed more" 

"red meat is better for health" 

"brown eggs are better than white" 

" meat should be eaten daily "

" frozen fish is less nutritious than fresh ""

 liver and brains are very good for children "

" fish is good for the brain ".

Realities: Despite the pleasantness of a hot broth in winter, its nutritional value is very low, both from the broths prepared with extract tablets and from homemade ones. They provide only liquid with some salts and the fat that we have added. The only nutritional value will appear only if we attach pieces of meat, pasta or vegetables.

Red meats are not more nutritious than white meats. All meats, whatever animal they come from, provide us with a very similar nutritional value. Meat is not an indispensable food for man, although many people mistakenly believe that it is irreplaceable and that it feeds more than eggs or fish. Not true, the proteins provided by these foods have a similar value. The viscera, like meat, are good sources of protein, and in the case of the liver an excellent source of Iron and also of vitamin A. On the other hand, they have an important contribution of fat and cholesterol. Therefore, they have no advantages over other meats in the child's diet.

Raw egg is digested less than cooked. The white (which has the best quality protein) in the liquid state is only assimilated by 50%; instead, coagulated by the action of heat, it digests by 92%. The dark color of the eggshell does not influence the nutritional value of the eggs. The belief that fish is good because of its phosphorous content has no scientific basis. The nervous tissue is rich in phospholipids, but, as far as is known, the organic development of the brain is not determined by the contribution of phosphorus. Frozen fish, if the cold chain is maintained, has all the nutritional and health benefits of fresh fish.

Beliefs and realities about vegetables, and fruits


"Legumes cause digestive disorders" 

"Potato makes you fat" 

"Legumes make you fat" 

"The paler parts of vegetables are better" 

 "Fruits have vitamins on the skin.

Realities: In a healthy person, if the legumes are well cooked, the digestion and absorption of the nutritional substances are almost complete. the digestion of these foods is affected by cooking methods, and the addition of seasonings and fats. To achieve good digestion of legumes, we must follow the following rules: 

  • Soaking 
  • Gentle cooking until softened 
  • Limiting seasonings

like any other food that provides calories, makes you fat if at the end of the day we have eaten more calories than we needed with all the food consumed. However, legumes are an important source of many nutrients and fiber, therefore, they must be present in everyone's diet, at least 2 or 3 times a week. The caloric value of a vegetable dish will depend on the accompaniments and especially on the amount of fat added in the form of oil, butter, bacon, chorizo, etc. Recall that a plate of legumes, accompanied by a small portion of meat or other vegetables, can constitute a complete meal without the need to make another second course. Nutritionally, the most colored parts of vegetables have the highest vitamin content. Contrary to what many people believe, the skin of the fruit provides nothing but fiber. Vitamins are not on the skin. If the fruits are not washed very well, even with a brush, it is much better to peel them, since the skin usually contains traces of chemical substances used to avoid diseases.

Beliefs and Realities about Vitamins

"vitamins cure many diseases"
"vitamins make you fat", and 
"vitamins whet your appetite".

Realities: There are people who believe that the administration of vitamins can cure or avoid all imaginable diseases, make us feel better or even make us live longer. Nothing justifies these beliefs. Vitamins are not food. They are necessary for life, but they only cure diseases caused by their lack. The person who consumes a balanced diet already takes all the vitamins they need and when they are increased it does not produce any beneficial effect. Vitamins are not energy nutrients, that is, they do not provide calories and, therefore, do not fatten. Vitamins have no effects on appetite specials. Vitamins will only correct the effects that have been produced by a lack of them. In malnourished people or those who have to follow very restrictive diet regimens in calories or in some foods, a vitamin-mineral supplement may be indicated, but remember that: No one should adopt the use of large doses of vitamins on their own account, since Although in some of them the excess is eliminated through the urine, in others, especially A and D, they accumulate in the body and can have dangerous effects.


Some food myths that aren't true is discussed above, you should read some other recommended health content given below.

Wednesday, 3 August 2022

Quran Para 13 pdf download

 Quran Para 13 pdf download and read online.| About Quran Para 13 

Summary of Para 13 | خلاصہ قرآن پارہ نمبر 13

The thirteenth para begins with the remainder of Surat Yusuf. When Hazrat Yusuf was released from prison, the king included him among his close companions in exchange for telling him the interpretation of his dream. The complete story of prophet Yousuf is explained in detail in this para.  Surat Yusuf is followed by Surat al-Ra'd, at the beginning of which Allah has mentioned His blessings and said that Allah has given all kinds of blessings to mankind. After Surah Al Raad is Surah Ibrahim. At the beginning of it, it is said that We did not send any messenger but we sent a messenger to each nation who spoke the language of his people to convey to them the commandments of Allah.  Surah Ibrahim is followed by Surah al-Hijr, of which only the first verse is in the thirteenth para. 

Click the below link to download the Quran Para 18 pdf and read it online.

Quran para 13 pdf 

Tuesday, 2 August 2022

Quran Para 18 pdf download

 Quran Para 18 pdf download and read online.| About Quran Para 18 | Summary of Para 18 | خلاصہ قرآن پارہ نمبر 18

The eighteenth para begins with Surah Mominun, in which Allah Almighty mentioned the group of believers who will inherit the highest place of Paradise, Firdaus. It is also mentioned in this Surah that some people think that We created them without reason and they did not return to Us, although it is a fact that human beings will be resurrected after death. And they will appear before Allah and have to answer for what they did.

Surah Mominun is followed by Surah Noor in which Allah has prescribed the punishment for adultery to prevent sexual crimes and obscenity. Understand that this surah mentions measures to prevent the evil act of disposing of religious, political or business opponents with the weapon of Character Assassination. After that, the manners of entering houses were told that do not enter someone's house without permission but enter first after taking permission and greeting them.

After Surah Noor is Surah Furqan, at the beginning of which it is said, Blessed is Allah, Who sent down Furqan to His servant so that they may warn the people of the world from the punishment of Allah. Furqan means one who differentiates. The Holy Qur'an distinguishes between good and evil, guidance and misguidance, polytheism, halal and haram, etc., so it is called Furqan.


Click the below link to download the Quran Para 18 pdf and read it online.

Quran para 6 pdf 

Monday, 1 August 2022

Quran Para 6 pdf download

Quran Para 6 pdf download and read online.| About Quran Para 6 | Summary of Para 6 | خلاصہ قرآن پارہ نمبر 6

The sixth para Surah Nisa begins with the declaration that Allah does not like wrongdoing, but if an oppressed person raises his voice against the injustice done to him, then he is allowed to do so. At the end of Surah Nisa, Allah has called the Holy Qur'an as his evidence and clear light and has said that whoever holds the Holy Qur'an firmly, Allah will enter him into His grace and mercy and guide him to the straight path.

Surah Al-Nisa' is followed by Surah Al-Maidah, in which Allah commands the believers to fulfill their promises and exhorts them that they should cooperate with each other in success and good deeds and avoid sin. And one should not cooperate with one another in acts of cruelty In this surah, Allah has given permission to the people of faith to marry believing women as well as pure women of the People of the Books.


Click the below link to download Quran Para 6 pdf and read it online.

Quran para 6 pdf 

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Zakat book in Urdu pdf download | Zakat Ke Aham Masail Urdu

Zakat book in Urdu pdf download | Zakat Ke Aham Masail Urdu.


Thursday, 23 June 2022

Zakat book in Urdu pdf download | Zakat Ke Ahm Masail

Zakat book in Urdu pdf download | Zakat Ke Ahm Masail By Mufti Junaid Palanpuri And Mufti Muhammad Tahir Chauhan.  This book is written in English Urdu transliteration language. The author discussed 74 different questions and answers about zakat in this book.

Zakat book in Urdu pdf download | Zakat Ke Ahm Masail


Zakat book in Urdu pdf download Zakat Kis Tarah Ada Karain

Zakat book in Urdu pdf download Zakat Kis Tarah Ada Karain By Mufti Taqi Usmani. This book contains the topics including How to calculate Zakat on salary, How to calculate Zakat on cash, How to calculate Zakat on gold, Who is eligible to pay Zakat, Zakat rules for gold, etc.

zakat pdf download | ushar zakat in urdu | zakat and ushr in islam in urdu | ushr ke masail free download pdf

Zakat book in Urdu pdf download

Tuesday, 5 April 2022

Zakat book in Urdu pdf download (ahkam e zakat)

Zakat book in Urdu pdf download. The book name is "ahkam e zakat jadeed halat ke roshini mai". This Zakat book is written by Hazrat Maulana Mufti Muhammad Shohaib Ullah khan Sahib. At the start of thsi book the author discussed "shareit e zakat". This book contains topics like  zakat kitni hoti hai in urdu, zakat ka nisab in urdu, chandi ka nisab, zakat on silver in islam, 10 tola gold ki zakat, 1 tola gold ki zakat, kitne sone par zakat farz hai and zakat calculating method.


Zakat book in Urdu pdf download (ahkam e zakat) click below link

Zakat book in Urdu pdf