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How many books are in the bible?

This is a short article written about "How many books are in the bible". Most people who know about the Bible realize that it contains the stories of the early church fathers. The Bible has been interpreted to suit different beliefs over the years. Some people believe that the Bible contains a reference to events that took place long before the birth of Jesus Christ. Others believe that the Bible consists of a series of books from the original manuscripts written by the apostles.

How many books are in the bible?

The question "How many books are in the bible?" is very common among Christians. There are two schools of thought on this question. Some claim that there are twenty-one books in the Bible while others believe that there is only one book, the testament, while admitting that there are several apocryphal books that do not contain a reference to the savior.

The problem with these claims is that most scholars believe that there is no need to mention any books that did not contain a reference to the lord. It is also believed that the majority of the Old Testament books do not need a reference to the lord. This is because the authors wrote their works without reference to any master. Most scholars feel that the New Testament books contain references to the lord as well as to the heavenly beings. Therefore, the question "How many books are in the bible?"

Another reason why most scholars do not include books that did not have any written references to the lord is because it is very unlikely that such books would exist. Imagine a situation where you go back to the store and purchase fifty books and then you find out that the store owns fifty books and does not have one left. This would cause a great upset. The question "How many books are in the Bible?"

The next question that has to be asked is how many books are in the Bible according to the historical accounts. There are two basic accounts found in the Bible; historical and canon. The historical books refer to the previous scriptures that have been written by men other than the messiah. Canon refers to the books which have been handed down from father to son and have been written in the exact same language.

If we were to count how many books are in the bible based on historical accounts alone, we would probably have to disregard most of the Old Testament. This includes the books of kings, the books of Chronicles, Daniel, Nehemiah, and the books of Job. However, we would probably include the books of Kings and Chronicles and books of Job in the list. This is because Nehemiah is credited with building the walls of Jerusalem and being responsible for the safety of the Jews during the era of the Babylonians.

The modern era of Bible study consists mainly of studying the manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible. The manuscripts date back to the third century BCE, although the composition of the books may be even later. The authors of these manuscripts include scholars such as Dr. Yosef ben David and Dr. Isaac Perlman. These scholars have compiled books which are referred to as the "chronicles of the elders" or the "bible histories."

While some people feel that there are too many books in the bible, other people believe that there is not enough. Some would even go so far as to say that there is no bible. Whichever school of thought you belong to, there is no doubt that you can learn a lot more by studying the Old Testament Canon and the New Testament Canon. If you are not very interested in learning about the Bible, then you may just want to skip ahead to reading about the Old Testament Canon of the New Testament Canon.

how to write a romance novel ?

How to write a romance novel is not like how to write a fairy tale or a children's book. Writing a romance novel requires as much effort, time, and thought as any other creative piece of literature. Following these basic steps can make the entire process smoother for you, whether it is your first novel or an ongoing series. Choosing your subcategory. Creating the setting.

how to write a romance novel

Deciding on your subcategory. Romance novels can take many different shapes and forms-adventure, erotica, science fiction, true crime, action, comedy, and more. Your reader may prefer one particular category over another, or they may view a novel in a completely different way. Once you decide on your subcategories, you can begin the process of brainstorming for your storyline.

Deciding on your characters. Whether you are writing romance novels about an idealistic young girl starting over after her parents die or a brash, testosterone-driven man seeking out his crush, your readers need to feel as though their personalities are real to you. You need to choose your characters based on what you want your readers to feel when they follow the plot.

Creating the setting. Romance novels are set in many different settings, from modern-day America to ancient Italy to medieval Europe. Every setting has its own unique story, its own challenges, and its own appeal. For instance, while Rome is a bustling, noisy city, Paris is dimly lit, secluded, and filled with art and culture. Choosing a good setting will allow your readers to escape into another world, immerse them into the characters and the world they are trying to escape, and make your story even more appealing to them.

Craft Books and Character. Romance novels are written around three basic crafting themes: love, lust, and friendship. Love and lust are the main subjects of most crafts, while friendship is the most common of the three. These themes help to create the basis of how to write a romance novel.

Types of Romance. Romance is usually either classic contemporary or modern. Your how to write a romance novel should take into account the major and minor genres in your chosen genre to give it the right feel and structure.

Romance Trivia. Romance is steeped in romance, so you should incorporate romance and other romantic subjects into your how to write a romance novel. This does not mean that you have to follow every example word for word, but you can include enough of romance to give your readers a taste of what they can expect to find in your story. If readers are looking for romance and cannot imagine having it in their story, then you will lose your readers.

Craftsmanship. Romance is all about creating art, so in writing romance novels you need to put that art into your story. You should include exquisite details that show the creators' love for the subject, and the details will show readers just how genuine your story really is. And squibbler quotes work well as the main ingredient in how to write a romance novel.

Dramatic and intense scenes. Romance novels need to be very dramatic and intense. Your reader cannot take his eyes off of the main characters, if you include too many intense scenes. However, you do not want your scenes to be so scene-focused that they lose the romance. Instead, pick moments in each scene that allow the readers to see the emotions of the characters and develop their own understanding of them.

No main character, please. Romance novels should not have any main characters because this breaks the romance between the author and the reader. Instead, the reader can develop his or her own hero or heroine so that he or she develops emotional attachments to these people.

No strict rules. Romance writing is about allowing your creativity to flow and using whatever tools you like. However, following a formula is not a good idea. The problem with a formula for a novel is that it makes the novel seem like it has been written before. However, if you follow a certain formula, you can avoid making your novel seem stale.

Use your imagination. While plot devices such as the mirror plot, clockwork, and other traditional romance devices are great for creating a structure, it is ultimately your imagination that will dictate what your story will be about. The point of a plot is to suggest a certain direction for your story. For example, the main character may use a certain technique to get what he wants from a relationship. However, he does not want to rely on this technique exclusively because it is ineffective.

what is a light novel ?

What is a light novel? Light novels are short stories or more importantly, novels, written by Japanese authors. In Japan they're also known as range, which literally is a shortened form of rano sober, or light novel itself. Some common things that a light novel isn't:

This article will discuss the first form of what is a light novel or manga vs anime. If you're new to anime or to light novels in general, the comparisons here should help you understand the differences. Animes are short stories that often have less plot, as the focus is on the characters within the story, rather than on a huge, complex world. They are much more personal than stories of romance, philosophy, or other more complicated topics. As such, they fit better under the category of what is a light novel or manga vs anime. These examples should help give you a good idea of what you can expect the story to be like.

So, what is a light novel, then? The answer is... everything. Light novels are exactly what their name suggests: a novel written in the style of a light novel, a type of book that has more of a fast-moving pace and utilizes action, adventure, mystery, and the protagonist's fantasy rather than the more serious stories of the more traditional kind. The first person perspective is what makes a light novel so much fun to read. Even if you don't care for these types of stories, you'll enjoy what is a light novel by heart simply because of the style of storytelling.

There are two different types of light novel format. The first is the full-length version, which the author spans the entire novel in one work. This means that the work spans all of the pages, even including the end. In doing this, the author has to be sure that there is enough content to keep you interested, since you may get bored waiting for the next few pages. The second type is called the shorter novel, or animes, which means that it only has a small amount of content and is split up into episodes.

Anime. Although it's probably the most well-known of all Japanese novels, the one thing that really brings it down is the fact that they use animation instead of actual drawings. This has always been one of the problems with these kinds of works. While it's still pretty much true that anime drawings are drawn to be more appealing to children, they often do not look anything like what the author intended. Most Japanese novels use illustrations in order to make the work more appealing and realistic.

manga. These are basically short comics or perhaps graphic novels that are published in comic shops here in America and England. They use drawings or sometimes full-color illustrations and are usually between seven and twenty-two pages long. While there are many different types of light novels, the most popular ones are manga.

doujinshi. A doujinshi is similar to a comic book in that it's written in three panels. However, instead of being read like a comic book, doujinshi are created for more of a "manga" or animated format. doujinshi are much more recent than they are for westerners. Basically, a doubt shows the story, some action, some comedy, and then some other characters reacting to what's going on.

Anime. Light novel artists have always drawn their materials based on Japanese stories, anime, manga, and now with anime inserts. Anime is much more popular in Japan than it is here in the west, but many artists are beginning to draw their material based on anime. Even so, it's still not the majority of the market as it was ten years ago.

Light Novel Adaptations. Finally, anime is the home of some amazing light novels, known as Mangaka adaptations. Basically, these are fan-made adaptations of famous manga series from Japan. Mangakas are basically fan-created re-branding efforts that are made into a light novel series and then released over the internet for everyone to enjoy.

How Stacked? We're almost at the end, and this is an important question. Why? Because stacking light novels is something that most people like to do when they get to a certain point in their writing. You've gotten to the point where you've created several different novel chapters, each with its own plot, and you want to try to combine them into a final novel that has multiple layers of meaning and is very appealing to your reader base. The problem is, when you get to the point where you've stacked the books, you've reached the end of the line - and the chapter that you wanted to end is the last one.

As you can see, there are several reasons why adaptation is harder than it would be for other mediums. Light novels aren't nearly as simple to adapt to other media, and translating anime into English is no easy task. However, translating a manga into English is easier than almost any other medium, since the source material is already available in the original language. It's the same as adapting a movie into the theatre, only it's done entirely in English.

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How to start a novel complete guide?

In this article you will learn How to start a novel or How To Write A Novel Step By Step.
Deciding how to start a novel can depend on how much impact you wish to create in the very beginning of your story. Ask yourself: do you wish to have your readers become immersed within your protagonist's head, experiencing all his or her thoughts? Do you intend to toss readers into the thick of the plot right away by evoking any strong emotions early on? If so, then it's best to follow the advice found here.
How to start a novel complete guide?

Most authors start their novels with an outline. This is a good idea because it gives you a starting point from which to develop your plot. Your outline will help you determine the main characters, plot, and subplots that will comprise your novel. If you're not sure how to start a novel, consider using an outline as a guide so you can organize your thoughts, give focus to key plot points, and eliminate many of the obstacles that you'll face as you develop your story.

An outline is basically a list of your main ideas. It's a good idea to write down things like: the beginning, the middle, and the end of your story. This will give you a good idea of how long each chapter will be. Next, you should write down all of your key dialogue words and character descriptions. Finally, write down your introduction and the conclusion.

The third step outline should be used for books that have a strong theme or main character. In most cases, when people start reading a book, the first thing they see is the main character and the theme or plot. It's important to start developing these elements well before you start writing a novel. With a step-by-step plot outline, you can spend more time on developing your main characters and themes. However, it's always a good idea to have a basic plot outline as well as a basic theme or character to work from.

Step four is to write down your entire manuscript. You can either write your novel in chronological order or in a loose manner. You can also use an outline when you're writing a novel to remember key events, subplots, and key characters. You can also write down how you plan your novel, the main conflict, and key points of your plot.

Fifth, you need to write your first lines (or scenes if you're using an outline) and your last lines (or scenes if you're working on an outline that uses an actual novel). Write your first lines or scenes in direct form - don't fill in the author's biographical information at this point. You can use a grammar checker or word processor to check your work for errors. After your first lines, you should work backward to develop your plot.

Sixth, after you've developed a basic plot and your first lines or scenes, you can start to develop your main characters and themes. You can do this with a brainstorming session where you get ideas for the main characters and plots from everywhere: your friends, family, a travel guide, a novel you saw, movies, TV shows, etc. Keep in mind that most people get ideas for plots from non-fiction books and non-fiction television programs. If you don't know anything about developing plots, you can use some of these resources.

Seventh, once you've developed a basic plot and developed your main characters and themes, you can begin writing the first chapters of your novel. If you're using a guide to help you write a step by step, the book will give you notes and pointers along the way. In fact, the book is so comprehensive that it will even tell you where to locate your plot lists, character lists and theme lists. These resources will also tell you how long each chapter should be and what the ending scene or climax should look like. It's best to read a handful of novels before trying to work from these guides, since they are usually written as outlines. Once you've gotten a feel for how to start a novel, you'll be surprised at just how easy it is to turn your ideas into a written manuscript.

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IELTS preparation books | Best IELTS book for self study

9. IELTS Speaking Actual Tests and Suggested Answers

IELTS Speaking Actual Tests and Suggested Answers book contains thousands of answers to various basic and advanced English questions. This book will help you to get higher scores in the IELTS speaking test. If you are trying to improve your speaking skills for the IELTS exam then this is the recommended book for you.


IELTS preparation books | Best IELTS book for self study


10. Exam Essentials Practice Tests Ielts With Key


Thomson Exam Essentials is a new significant source of information for students preparing for major EFL / ESL exams, such as First Certificate in English (FCE), Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), Test of English for International Communication (TOE1C), Certificate in Advanced English (CAE), Certificate of English Proficiency (CPE), International English Language Testing System (IELTS),

IELTS Practice Tests help learners become aware of IELTS exam requirements, offer details about the format of the exam, and helps learners develop the exam skills necessary for success. The book also offers extensive practice in all parts of the exam, using the actual test format. As well as students who are planning to take the IELTS exam, the book is also suitable for use by teachers of IELTS courses and by students and teachers involved in checking and improving academic English.  Taking the IELTS Test The IELTS Test, which is collectively administered by the University of Cambridge ESOL Exams (Cambridge ESOL), the British Council, and IDP: IELTS Australia, language skills of applicants who choose to research or work where English is the medium of contact. IELTS is recognized in many countries by universities and businesses, such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the USA, as well as by technical associations, immigration officials, and other government departments.

The IELTS examination contains four sections: listening, reading, writing and speaking. All candidates take the same Listening and Speaking Modules whereas the Reading and Writing Modules are accessible in 2 file types-Academic and General Training. The Academic Reading and Writing Modules evaluate a candidate's readiness to study or train on the English medium. In a wide social and educational sense, the General Training Modules look at the basic survival techniques and are more appropriate for applicants who go to English speaking countries for professional experience, non-degree training or immigration purposes. On the inside flap of this Practice Test book, you can find a complete breakdown of the format, task types, and timing of each Modul. For each test module, IELTS applicants obtain a band score of 1 to 9, and a total scale score of 1 to 9, an average of four module scores. You can find a breakdown of the Nine Bands on this book's cover flap. In the Listening and Reading Modules, one mark is granted for each right answer. A classified information conversion table for the Band Score is then used to interpret these total marks into band scores for IELTS. Scores are reported as one or a half band as a whole.

Writing tasks are independently assessed by IELTS licensed examiners according to the 9-band scale. Writing scripts are evaluated on the following criteria: Content Task 1: has all relevant data been included by the writer? Task 2: Did the writer answer the question in full by addressing all parts of it? Task 1: Is the answer flowing well and is it clear to read? Task 2: Does the answer flow well, and our views and ideas clearly progressing? Use of language Task 1: Has the author used a suitable connecting of words or phrases, and a great grammar level? Is the vocabulary used appropriately? Task 2: Are ideas and opinions linked by appropriate words and phrases?

The Speaking unit is also measured on a 9-Band level, based on the following factors: proficiency and consistency: Does the speaker speak in a logical and organized manner? Is the voice fairly regular, without many repetitions or sighs? Lexical resource: Does the speaker make the necessary use of such a wide range of words and expressions? Grammatical vary widely and precision: Does the speaker use a variety of grammatical structures, without too many errors, to clearly express its meaning? Pronunciation: Is it simple to understand the candidate's speech? Are the pronunciation of tones, words, and phrases correct and does the speaker use acceptable patterns of intonation? 

 Tow IELTS Practice Tests: Content IELTS Practice Tests organize IELTS exam candidates by submitting six full practice tests that offer the latest measure of quality. There are two direct tests that provide straightforward, authoritative and comprehensive instruction on the types of tasks showcased in each exam section. These directed tests are composed of four tests (without guidance, which offer students thorough practice at a realistic level of examination. The Reading and Writing Modules for two practice tests are included in an additional General Training section. Together, these tests now have at least two chances to participate in each type of task, while encompassing a variety as full as possible.

IELTS preparation books | Best IELTS book for self study

11. 31 High-scoring Formulas to Answer the IELTS Speaking Question
Thinking back at your past time of English speaking or your new conversation with a foreigner, have you experienced either of the following problems: so ashamed you were empty-minded? Think multiple facets but don't know which one to begin with? Knowing the solution just not being able to express it fluently in English? 31 High-scoring Formulas to Answer the IELTS Speaking Questions will help IELTS candidates overcome the "not understanding what to say" and "not understanding how to say it" problems in the Speaking Exam.

These 31 high-scoring formulae is planned to deal with real IELTS Speaking test questions based on successful techniques. In the actual Speech Exam, hey discuss almost all the subjects. Mastering them encourages applicants to answer each question instinctively and honestly, in order to achieve the best possible score at their ability level. Taking as an example a typical question in the IELTS Speaking test, "How much do you play sports?" So many candidates will answer, "Yeah, I play sports every day." The answer might sound grammatically correct, but it does not give them a good score on the IELTS Speaking test.
IELTS preparation books | Best IELTS book for self study

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IELTS preparation books | Best IELTS book for self study

In this blog post we will be sharing some of the IELTS preparation books | Best IELTS book for self study in pdf format for free downloading and online reading.

 1. Reading General Training IELTS-PRA

Reading General Training IELTS-PRA written by IELTS examiners pdf free download. In the book, you will see the sample of all questions that you will attempt in the actual IELTS test like the paragraph modules and then solve or answers the related question, completion of sentences, MCQs, and true-false statement examples. Shortly Reading General Training IELTS-PRA contains 16 full test General Training Module. If you are a beginner and you are taking IELTS for the first time then this simple guide will give you an idea of what to expect in the IELTS test.
IELTS preparation books | Best IELTS book for self study

2. IELTS Foundation Second edition Student's Book

This one of the IELTS preparation books | Best IELTS book for self study.  IELTS Foundation Second edition Student's Book pdf. The IELTS Foundation is built to help you boost your IELTS score and make real progress towards your target of studying at an English speaking university. There are 12 topic-based units covering each of the four IELTS academic modules and all forms of activities, as well as providing directed support and practice focusing on the test. Units are specifically graded to improve your language skills, enhance your grammar and vocabulary knowledge, and become familiar with the IELTS test format. Working to improve these areas, not only for IELTS but also for deeper academic study, will help develop your credibility and give you a strong foundation.

Learning about the structure and the task classes for any exam will help you succeed, and IELTS is no exception. The IELTS Foundation guides you through all aspects of the test, offering strategies and guidance to help you handle the various types of tasks. Across the book, Exam Detail, Tip and Strategy boxes provide valuable guidance. IELTS Foundation gives you step-by-step instructions in the Writing module for each form of task. At the back of the book are model responses with suggestions on each of the Writing questions to help you develop your own writing skills. Activities to train you for the Speaking portion are also available, including chances to develop each of the three sections and sample audio answers. There are useful language boxes including vocabulary and phrases to be used in these IELTS modules for both speaking and writing.

There are not only various text and IELTS activities for the Reading module but also exercises to help you manage with unfamiliar vocabulary and develop your active reading skills. The IELTS Foundation provides you several opportunities to improve your active listening skills while completing the various types of tasks for the Listening module. Please see full audio scripts at the back of the book. Important grammar exercises have been incorporated into each unit in the book. These have been selected as places where students most frequently make errors in speaking and writing at your stage. The language work is placed in context to teach you how English grammar really works, especially in academic circumstances. The Grammar and Vocabulary Bank at the back of the book also has more practise exercises.
Vocabulary is extremely crucial in Reading and. Modules for writing. In the Grammar and Vocabulary Bank at the rear of the book, there are word-building exercises in the book and additional practise exercises. In addition, specific emphasis is put on improving your knowledge of collocations and building your academic vocabulary. It is necessary not only to enhance your English but also to grow your study skills in order to attain your educational goals. IELTS Foundation provides techniques to help you learn more effectively and to improve the ability to act independently during IELTS study and in other academic contexts.


3. Cambridge Grammar for IELTS 

Cambridge Grammar for IELTS  written by Diana Hopkins, Pauline Cullen in 2007 has 258 pages. Cambridge Grammar for IELTS Self-Study grammar reference and practice book is for all students preparing for IELTS exam. Although the IELTS test does not provide a particular grammar module, it is essential to be able to know and use grammar properly. Cambridge Grammar for IELTS book provides the grammar you will need to be successful in the IELTS exam. You can use it to support an IELTS coursebook, with a general English language guide for additional grammar practice, or with practice tests as part of a revision program. You can use Cambridge Grammar for IELTS in class or for self-study.

There are two approaches to use Cambridge Grammar for the IELTS book. You can either start at Unit 1 and work through to the end of the book, or you can start with the Entry test on page ix to know which units are important for most practice and start with those.

Cambridge Grammar for IELTS book consists of 25 units. Each unit is in 4 parts: 

Context listening: This provides the grammar of the unit in a context that is related to the IELTS exam. This will help you to comprehend the grammar more easily when you study section B. It also provides useful listening practice. Listen to the recording and answer the questions. Then look your answers in the Key before you start to read the Grammar section. 
Grammar: Read this section before you take the grammar exercises. For each grammar point, there are guidelines with examples. You can refer back to the grammar section when you are doing the exercises. 
Grammar exercises: Write your answers to each exercise and then check them in the answer Key.
Test practice: Each unit provides a test task. These help you practice the various parts of the test. The test task is followed by a grammar focus task, which gives you additional practice in the grammar from the unit. 

The Key provides answers to all the exercises. Check your answers at the end of each exercise. The Key lets you know which part of the Grammar part you need to see again if you have any problems. sample answers for exercises where you utilize your own views to help you check your work. 

Exam tips for every exercise type in the Test practice portion. sample answers for all the writing tasks in the Test practice section. Read these after you have written your own answer. Study the language used and the way the ideas are organized. Recording scripts There are recording scripts for the Context listenings in each unit and for the Test practice listening tasks. Do not look at the script until after you have answered the questions. It is a good idea to listen to the recording again while you read the script. The Entry test You can do this test before using the book to help you choose what to study. Answer the questions and then check your answers in the Key. The Key tells you which units are most important for you.

Cambridge Grammar for IELTS book offers concise yet complete coverage of the grammar important so that you get success in the IELTS exam. It can be used for self-study or with a class. It will be especially helpful for a class where all the students are preparing for IELTS test. It will also be good for revision, and for students in classes where some students are not entered for the exam, as sections A, B and C are designed to be useful for all candidates. 

The Entry test can be used diagnostically as a source of prioritizing the language areas to be covered, either for a class or for individual students. 
The context listening section is useful for classroom use. Several of the tasks can be done in pairs or small groups if appropriate. 
The Grammar section is arranged for private study, but you may want to discuss those parts which are specifically related to your students’ requirements.
The Grammar exercises section can be done in class or set as homework. Readers can be encouraged to check their own work and discuss any problem they encounter. 
The Test practice section can be used to know the test task types while giving further practice in the grammar for each unit. Each task is followed by a Grammar sample task, written so that to raise students’ awareness of a particular language point give in that unit. 

Cambridge Grammar for IELTS book provides at least one task from each section of the Listening, General Training Reading, Academic Writing, Academic Reading, and General Training Writing modules. In classes where there are students who are not entered for the exam, you may prefer to set Section D tasks as an additional guide for IELTS candidates only. Although, they offer all students valuable opportunities to practice the grammar of the unit and give an essential teaching guide for EAP classes.
IELTS preparation books | Best IELTS book for self study

4. Check Your English Vocabulary for IELTS

This workbook is designed for students who expect to sit either on the IELTS exam's Academic or General Training courses. It includes some of the main vocabulary aspects you may need to, or include in, the exam's Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking portions. We hope you can find the lessons helpful in this book, and that the vocabulary you learn can help you attain the grade you want in the IELTS. Good luck!

Each vocabulary field is described as a self-contained framework with task-based exercises in which each vocabulary element is discussed in detail. Pages 1-57 discuss general vocabulary. Any of them are related to particular tasks or questions in the IELTS exam (for example, explaining how something happens, discussing changes seen in a graph or table, stating where items are, and following directions). Pages 58 – 104 concentrate on subject-specific vocabulary areas that may be required for the examination (e.g., education, architecture, family problems, science, and technology). Every task comprises of 3 tasks: the first two present vocabulary items in detail, along with an exercise in practice or understanding, and the third helps you to study the vocabulary in a gap-fill exercise. Pages 105 – 119 contain a number of productive exercises that will offer the chance to practice using your vocabulary in certain IELTStyle writing and speaking tasks. Some sample answers follow forward with these tasks. Note that these sample answers are just there to give you some instructions on how the tasks might be answered. There are no 'right' or 'wrong' responses.• Pages 120 – 139 contain a comprehensive key to check your replies. Further information about specific vocabulary items or general vocabulary areas, as well as other useful words or phrases, is also provided by the answer key.

You should not work through the book mechanically from beginning to end. It is better to choose areas that you are unfamiliar with, or areas that you feel are of specific interest or importance to yourself. Recording, reviewing, and extending your vocabulary Remember that you should keep a record of new words, phrases, and expressions that you acquire, and review these on a regular basis so that they become part of your active vocabulary. Also, remember that there are other ways of acquiring new vocabulary. For example, you should read as much as possible from a variety of authentic reading materials (books, newspapers, magazines, web-based articles, etc.).

You should use a nice, monolingual English dictionary to help you improve your vocabulary more effectively. This should clarify precisely what the words actually mean, show you how they are spoken, show you their different forms when appropriate (e.g., what the noun form of an adjective is), tell you which terms or phrases they collocate with, and send you example sentences to show you how the terms are used.
IELTS preparation books | Best IELTS book for self study

5. IELTS Maximiser Educational Book Speaking

IELTS Maximiser Educational Book has been basically designed for students aiming to get a band score of 6 or 7 on the Speaking Test of the IELTS test, however, students intending to get a band score of 5 will also benefit from this book, it provides many aspects of the interview with samples and contains a significant number of highly-focused ideas to enhance candidates' performance.

IELTS Maximiser Educational Book Speaking book is divided into three parts, each of which focuses on different IELTS-type questions.

Part 1 offers a set of questions with sample answers that are directly linked to home life, education, work, interests, hometown and future plans. The provided answers present a variety of functions that may be necessary by students during the speech test.

Part 2 provides 100 topic cards with 20 sample answers. and Part 3 is categorised into 100 A-Z topics. Each consists of a number of keywords in which the focus keywords and ideas are contextualized. 

In part 3, there is a part entitled `Discussion Questions' at the last of each topic to get the students' production of the themes in a discussion. It contains interview extension activities for more practise or homework. These revision activities particularly arranged to students the answers presented. 
IELTS preparation books | Best IELTS book for self study


6. IELTS Band 9 Vocab Secrets

There are 2 sections of the IELTS test in which you have to give answers to some questions and you must produce independent responses i.e Speaking and Writing Tests. Many people do not know that the IELTS system uses a group of 10 key topics to make all of these questions in Speaking and Writing. If you understand these 10 topics, and above all, if you know some advanced vocabulary relevant to each topic to use in your Speaking and Writing answers, you can create a big difference to your IELTS Band score, even if your English has some mistakes.

IELTS Band 9 Vocab Secrets book provides 10 IELTS topics. Each of these guides describes various aspects of a field and offers a relevant example of Academic Task 2 Writing Task to the examples you will see in the examination. It also describes how to address the Task of writing. Then each lesson contains a large amount of vocabulary related to the subject of the module, found in an essay of the Band 9 model so you can see how the vocabulary is used in IELTS writing.

Each module offers a clear explanation of word or phrase, and some examples of how to use these subject words again in the Test's Speaking section, then you're ready to use the vocabulary in both the Writing and Speaking test. If you are not yet familiar with different styles of essays on IELTS Academic Writing Task 2, Finally start from the contents page by reading 'summary.' If you have already read other books on this subject area, please go directly to the topic modules to continue to promote your vocabulary in IELTS. If you are not yet familiar with the various parts of the IELTS Speaking Exam, please try reading Band 9 Speaking book for help, either before or after this book is finished.

IELTS Band 9 Vocab Secrets Contents short overview

  • Topic 1: Work and careers
  • Topic 2: Education and schooling
  • Topic 3 Children and families
  • Topic 4: Nature, the environment and energy
  • Topic 5: Culture, art, and traditions
  • Topic 6: Healthcare, health, and sport
  • Topic 7: Global challenges
  • Topic 8: Cities and infrastructure
  • Topic 9: Countryside and agriculture
  • Topic 10: Government and the authorities
  • Developing your IELTS vocabulary
  • Overview: The IELTS Academic Task 2 essay types
  • The most common mistakes in IELTS Writing
  • More from Cambridge IELTS Consultants
IELTS preparation books | Best IELTS book for self study


7. IELTS Academic Essays from the Past Exams

IELTS Academic Essays from the Past Exams book is to provide help to the average student to get high score in the IELTS essay. More than 1 decade of  IELTS coaching experience has been shared about what would help the candidates do good in the writing module of the IELTS. Over the years,

The IELTS essay has to have a plan. Time spent on the plan is time well invested A plan is a surety going to create an essay, which works. A crisp, but the short and to-the-point introduction and conclusion, and two to three well-planned paragraphs with relevant topic sentences, is all that is needed for the IELTS essay.

IELTS Academic Essays from the Past Exams book has over 330 essays seen in the actual IELTS exams, most of which have been repeated many times. Valuable contributions have been made to the book by many experienced and experts of the field.
IELTS preparation books | Best IELTS book for self study

8. IELTS Advantage: Writing Skills PDF Download

The goal of the book IELTS Advantage Writing Skills is for students who wanted to reach a score of 6.5-7.0 or above in the Academic FITS exam Writing section. We recognize that most applicants are targeted at achieving at least 6.5, either studying at university, working overseas, for visa purposes or possessing documentation of a strong degree of English. Centered on our many years of effectively training students for the IELTS exam and our expertise as WITS Writing examiners, the book aims to take the writing to this stage. All the lessons in the book is developed in the classroom, and the content helped hundreds of IELTS students attain high scores in the teaching. The book is structured so that it can be used either as a teacher's class or as a self-study book while you brace yourself for the test.

WITS examiners are searching for 4 distinct items about the test and the book is designed to assist you in each of these areas: • Vocabulary: you need a broad selection of scholarly terms and phrases for the key topics of the IELTS. • Grammar: precise grammar and a range of complicated structures ( e.g. comparative clauses, noun phrases, conditionals) are required. • Organization: Write straightforward, excellently-organized paragraphs, and an easy-to-follow response. • Ideas and arguments: ensure you have very well-developed ideas, completely answer the question, and present a comprehensive point of view.

Here's our introduction to what you can do with those scores usually. But make sure to consult with the employer or university to which you apply. 5.5-6.0 Entrance to the University Foundation level 6.0-6.5 Admission to the Bachelor's degree level 6.5-7.0 Entrance to a Master's degree course +7.0 Typically needed to work in occupations such as pharmacy, dentistry, law and accounting in English-speaking countries.
IELTS preparation books | Best IELTS book for self study
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Qurbani Ki Dua | Qurbani ki takbeer

Qurbani ki dua with Urdu Translation, Qurbani ki takbeer, Janwar zibah karne ki takbeer, Bakra zibah karne ki tabeer. 

In this post we have share the dua for Qurbani or dua of qurbani on the day of eid ul adha. You can read this dua and is provided with urdu translation to understand the meaning as well.


 Qurbani ki Dua aur tarika


Wednesday, 9 June 2021

12 Tenses in Urdu PDF | Meaning of tenses in Urdu and English

12 Tenses in Urdu PDF by. Meaning of tenses in Urdu and English book pdf free download. This book provide Tenses in Urdu Exercise, Tense in Urdu meaning, Tenses in Urdu to English translation.  You will learn all the three tenses in total 12 tenses with examples and all type of sentences with Urdu meaning for best understanding. Some of the contents of this book is provided below.

  • tenses in urdu to english translation
  • Present Indefinite tenses in Urdu
  • Present Perfect Tense in Urdu 
  • Present Indefinite Tense examples
  • Simple present tense exercises fill in the blanks 
  • Present Indefinite Tense exercises with answers in Urdu
  • Present simple exercises for beginners
  • Present Indefinite Tense exercises with answers
  • Present Indefinite Tense In Urdu Interrogative
  • Present Indefinite Tense exercises with answers
  • Present Continuous Tense in Urdu
  • Simple Present Tense in Urdu to English 
  • Present Perfect Continuous Tense in Urdu
  • Past Continuous tense in Urdu
  • Past perfect continuous tense in Urdu 
  • Past perfect continuous tense urdu to English translation
  • Use of since and for in Present Perfect Continuous Tense in Urdu 
  • Future Perfect Continuous Tense in Urdu
  • Future Continuous Tense in Urdu
  • Future Perfect Tense in Urdu
  • Future Perfect continuous tense in English
  • Future perfect continuous tense formula in urdu 
  • Future perfect continuous tense example
  • Future Perfect Continuous Tense sentences



 Download 12 Tenses in Urdu PDF

Qurbani Kay Ahkam urdu Islamic Books Download

Qurbani Kay Ahkam urdu Islamic Books Download By Maulana Manzoor Yousuf. This book discussed many important topics related to Eid ul Adha including first 10 days of Zil Hajj, Qurbani ki eid ki takbeerat ka bayan, the philosphipy of Qurbani, the intension for Qurbani, Qurbani ke masail, Gusht aur Sunnat, Qurbani ke Silsele mai chand Kotaheya, Eid ul Adha ke sunnatain aur Namaz e eid ka tareeqa.


Qurbani Kay Ahkam urdu Islamic Books Download
Qurbani Kay Ahkam urdu Islamic Books Download click the below link.


Rules of Qurbani mentioned in Quran | Qurbani ke Masail Aur Fazail pdf

Rules of Qurbani mentioned in Quran | Qurbani ke Masail Aur Fazail pdf. This urdu islamic book is written by Mufti Ahmad Mumtaz. The main topics discussed in this book are given below shortly

  1. Qurbani Ki Ahmiyat
  2. Qurbani   in Hadith and Quran
  3. Qurbani related Ahadees
  4. Qurbani is collective Duty of Muslims
  5. A conception about Qurbani 
  6. Nisab e Qurbani and terms and conditions.
  7. Days of the Qurbani 
  8. The terms and condition for Qurbani joining
  9.  Qurbani ke Gusht aur Kal ka masala
  10. good deeds and celebration of eid ul adha



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Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Tardeed e Sahr | Jadu ka ilaj pdf

Tardeed e Sahr | Jadu ka ilaj pdf urdu book download. This the nice and great urdu ancient book for curing black magic.

jadu ka ilaj pdf, jadu ka tor wazifa, jadu ka ilaj qurani ayat se, jadu ka tor wazifa in urdu, jadoo ka tor ki dua, quran ki ayat se jadu ka ilaj

fusus al-hikam urdu pdf free download

 fusus al-hikam urdu pdf free download.



Kuch Muzi Amraz aur Un ka Elaj Urdu Health Books

Kuch Muzi Amraz aur Un ka Elaj Urdu Health Books (کچھ موذی امراض اور ان کا علاج) free download.  This is book about some diseases and their cure.



Monday, 7 June 2021

Handwriting Practice sheets PDF

Handwriting Practice sheets PDF download. This book provides fundamental handwriting sheets for children who need extra practice to improve their letters. Each handwriting sheet shows a letter with correct letter formation, then 5 writing lines for them to trace the letter. Children start by finger tracing the large letter in the top left corner of the page. They then trace the smaller letters. Once finished, older children may write the letter in the empty spaces given after every traced letter. The handwriting sheets in this guide can be used while working with the whole class or in small groups.


You can download and read online Handwriting Practice sheets PDF click below link.


2nd grade math worksheets multiplication & division problems

2nd grade math worksheets multiplication & division problems. In this worksheets kids will learn how to develop strategies for solving basic multiplication facts and related division facts. This worksheets provides real life problems to understand multiplication facts and related division facts. Kids will learn how to find a missing factor or numbers using algebra with real world examples?. This is 56 pages complete workbook that will help a lot in improving mathematics.

2nd grade math worksheets multiplication & division problems

2nd grade math worksheets multiplication & division problems

2nd grade math worksheets multiplication & division problems

2nd grade math worksheets multiplication & division problems


Customer Relationship Management pdf

Customer Relationship Management pdf book download. Tune customer data into intelligent action, Build systems that faster custoer partnerships, Make sure you measure up.

Book Contents

Customer Relationship Management Is Not an Option: Customer Relationship Management Defined, Technology Does Not Equal Strategy, The Power of CRM, CRM Success Factors, CRM Is Here to Stay

The Customer Service/Sales Profile: Why Call It the Customer Service/Sales Profile?, The Three Levels of Service/Sales, The Shape of Your Customer Service/Sales Profile, Pitfalls of the Customer Service/Sales Profile, CRM and Your Profile.

Managing Your Customer Service/Sales Profile, Sonjia's Contact Center, Maurice's Food Brokerage, Managing Initial or Stand-Alone Transactions, Managing for Repeat Business, Managing for Customer Advocacy

Choosing Your CRM Strategy, CRM Strategy Starting Points, Picking the Player, Preparing for Your First Meeting, The CRM Strategy Creation Meeting(s), Identify Potential Strategies, CRM Strategy Selection

Managing and Sharing Customer Data, Return to Your Strategies, Data vs. Information, Managing Customer Information—Databases, Ethics and Legalities of Data Use.

Tools for Capturing Customer Information, Where to Get the Data and Information, The Computer Is Your Friend (but Not Always Your Best Friend), Believe It or Not.

Service-Level Agreements, Service-Level Agreements Defined, Three Keys to Effective SLAs, Creating an SLA, Using SLAs to Support Internal Customer Relationships, Making SLAs Work.

E-Commerce: Customer Relationships on the Internet, CRM on the Internet, Choosing the Right Vehicle, Three Rules for Success on the Road to E-Commerce, What Does the Future Hold?.

Managing Relationships Through Conflict, Managing the Moment of Conflict, "But 'Nice' Never Bought Me a Customer", Customer Relationship Management Is an Early Warning System, What if the Customer Is the Problem?


Customer Relationship Management pdf cover page


scope of customer relationship management
scope of customer relationship management system
scope of customer relationship management crm
scope of customer relationship management strategy
scope of customer relationship management process
scope of customer relationship management model
scope of customer relationship management software
scope of customer relationship management theory
scope of customer relationship management data mining
scope of customer relationship management loyalty
scope of customer relationship management banking

Saturday, 5 June 2021

learn python the hard way pdf

learn python the hard way pdf:  A Very Simple Introduction to the Terrifyingly Beautiful World of Computers and Code. The Next Step book for New Python Programmers. If you are struggling to learn the python programming language then this is the book that can help you to achieve your goals.



Friday, 4 June 2021

Amraz-e-Khaas book pdf

Amraz-e-Khaas book pdf  Mardon k Jinsi Masail. Amraz-e-Khaas urdu health book for mean. Amraz-e-Khaas book is written by Professor Doctor Shahzada. This book is all about men specific problems and solutions. The book focuses on Male problems Ayurvedic treatment.  It will show you the solution to problems and diseases like Ayurvedic medicine for early discharge problem.

Medical Health Series Urdu Books

  1. Tib Nabvi Aur Jadeed Science by Shahzada M A Butt
  2. Amraz-e-Khaas apna ilaj khud kijiye by Professor Doctor Shehzada MA Butt by Professor Doctor Shehzada MA Butt
  3. Amraz e Niswan by Shahzada M A Butt
  4. Shahad Say Apna Elaj Khud Keejiyay By Shahzada M.A Butt
  5. Sugar Apna Ilaj Khud Kejiye By Shahzada M.A Butt
  6. Jinsi masail apna ilaj khud kijiye By Hakeem Mirza Safdar Baig
  7. Shadi ke ibtidaye Ayam Hakeem Mirza Safdar Baig
  8. Hamal Se Paidaish Tak by Hakeem Mirza Safdar Baig
  9. Phalon aur Sabziyon Say Elaj By Hakeem Mirza Safdar Baig
  10. Balon ki Bimariyan by Shaheen Nawab
  11. Beauty Guide by Shaheen Nawab
  12. Adab e Mubashrat by Doctor Majid Mushtaq
  13. Kamar Dard Ka Ilaj Khud Karein by Dr Majid Mushtaq



Health Tips in Urdu Pdf

 Health Tips in Urdu Pdf Tibbi Mashware book by Hakeem Rahat Naseem. This is a comprehensive book in urdu for different health related issue and their cure.




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