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How a Plant-based Diet Could Save Your Health and the Environment

Six Arguments for a Greener Diet: How a Plant-based Diet Could Save Your Health and the Environment Michael F. Jacobson. Six Arguments for a Greener Diet textbook for general readers contains the benefits of a plant-based diet for human health, the environment, and animal health. Additionally, it includes dietary advice to consumers, the writer suggests many particular changes to public policy. CSPI is a nonprofit organization in Washington D.C. that conducts research and advocacy programs in health and nutrition.

Aapka Chehra Apki Shakhsiyat

Apka Chahra Apki Shaksiyat book free download.Apka Chahra Apki Shaksiyat is all about your face and the effect of your face on your personality. Apka Chahra Apki Shaksiyat is a very informative and amazing book to read.
Aapka Chehra Apki Shakhsiyat


Asmaul Husna Colored PDF urdu islamic books

Asmaul Husna Colored book pdf free download. This book is all about asma ul husna with meaning. This book explained how to recite Asmaul Husna properly in different situations. Allah emphasizes in the holy Quran that one should pray with these holy names. In Hadees it has been mentioned that there are 99 name os Allah and one who memorizes and recite it will definitely enter into Jannah.


isme Azam se Mushkilaat ka Hal

isme Azam se Mushkilaat ka Hal urdu complete islamic book pdf free download. isme Azam se Mushkilaat ka Hal is a noble book to get success in life and life after death. isme Azam se Mushkilaat ka Hal book is written by Abu Al Anas Qadri having 160 pages. This book explains the following topics.

What is Isme Azam
The benefits of Isme Azam
How to use Isme Azam for solving your problems.


Asmaul Nabi Colored pdf free download

This is  Asma ul Nabi (Muhammad PBUH Names) complete book pdf free download. This book is contains a list of beautiful names of Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) with their meanings in Urdu. This book contains the explanation meaning and the related attributes of every name with life events of  hazrat muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam.


Tuesday, 6 October 2020

How to Feed Your Whole Family a Healthy Balanced Diet

We like to disclose to ourselves we're excessively busy to cook these days...Less than forty years back people had occupations and families to care for, yet at the same time figured out how to plan and cook meals without any preparation all week long - without the advanced accommodations of markets and fast food; or a fridge, food processor or microwave. However, it is conceivable to take care of your family a healthy, adjusted eating routine (without denying them of the things they like) regardless of whether you work all day and don't have cash. This book gives basic, healthy and nutritious plans for family meals; fast snacks, delicious puddings, and cakes - and you don't need to go through hours sweating in the kitchen or spend a fortune at the market. There are menu plans, recipes, alternate routes and many thoughts for each meal, along with tested and tried tips to assist you with sparing your significant time and cash. Presently everybody can be a yummy mummy or daddy in the kitchen. Gill Holcombe is energetic about taking care of her children's great food. She grew up before the way of life of comfort food grabbed hold - and realizes how to cook. Having raised three kids all alone for more than ten years, she says the truth will eventually come out, and has three fit, healthy youngsters with loads of energy - and no fillings in their teeth.


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Download urdu to urdu dictionary Feroz ul Lughat

 Download urdu to urdu dictionary Feroz ul Lughat for free complete. In this urdu to urdu dictionary, there are 125,000 ancient, phrases, proverbs, and modern words with urdu meaning in simple words. This urdu comprehensive dictionary is written by the author Al-hajj Maulvi feroz uddin.  This Feroz ul Lughat most popular urdu dictionary contains all the urdu vocabulary from A to Z in alphabetic order from "Alif" to "Ye".

As you all know that common spoken urdu is very easy to understand for which you don't need an urdu dictionary, but if you are reading an ancient urdu book or urdu poetry then you will need urdu to urdu dictionary to understand it. This is the best and recommended urdu dictionary for class 9th, class 10th, class 11th, class 12th, and higher levels students to understand the complex phrase, words easily. 

If you want to fully get command over the urdu language then you much have this urdu to urdu dictionary in your hand because it contains a huge collection of vocabulary and can help students to improve their urdu vocabulary. If I say that is urdu dictionary is a sea of words then it will be incorrect and i personally use it when I need to understand some difficult word in urdu poetry because I love urdu poetry.

You can read and download urdu to urdu dictionary in PDF Format by clicking the given links. 

6 khawab nama in urdu books free download

 Khawab means dreams and name mean an instruction manual or book, so the word khawab nama means the dream interpreter book.

I have collected 6 khawab nama in urdu books for free download. If you are looking for the meaning and interpretation of your dreams then you must download these six books. These 6 book series of 6 khawab nama in urdu will help you 100% in understanding the meaning of your dreams. Look the meaning of your dreams in one book if you don't find the meaning then you can use the second book and so on. You can download all these 6 khawab nama in urdu by clicking on the title of each book.

Tabeer ur Roya By Imam Ibn Sereen book pdf free download. You can download this khawab nama in urdu by Imam Ibn Sereen for free and you can also download similar islamic books like khawab nama yousafi in urdu on this blog. You will learn the meaning and interpretation of some common dreams such as: snake in dream islam in urdu, khwab mein logon ka hajoom dekhna, green snake in dream islam in urdu , khwab mein saanp dekhna in Islam and hundred of other dreams meaning in rudu. khawab nama in urdu by Imam Ibn Sereen is originally written in Arabic but is later translated to urdu.

Tabeer ur Roya By Imam Ibn Sereen book pdf free download. You can download this khawab nama in urdu by Imam Ibn Sereen for free and you can also download similar islamic books like khawab nama yousafi in urdu on this blog. You will learn the meaning and interpretation of some common dreams such as: snake in dream islam in urdu, khwab mein logon ka hajoom dekhna, green snake in dream islam in urdu , khwab mein saanp dekhna in Islam and hundred of other dreams meaning in rudu. khawab nama in urdu by Imam Ibn Sereen is originally written in Arabic but is later translated to urdu.

The name of this khawab nama in urdu  is Khawab Aur Tabeer written by Muhammad Akhtar Siddiqui. A short khawab nama in urdu consists of only 43 pages and divided into two sections. In this book, you will learn the following topics and subjects.
  • To whom you should tell about you dreams. 
  • How dreams and interpretations are interlinked.
  • don't ask some specific People to interpret your dreams, 
  • Some dreams meanings
  • The list of dreams is meaningless.
  • Can you See Allah in your dreams?
  • Can you see Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) in dreams?
  • finally the dreams of some prophets.
You can download and read khawab nama in urdu by clicking on the title link above.

Khawabon ki tabeer aur unki haqiqat by Muhammad Idrees Habban urud islamic book pdf free download. As the name of this urdu Islamic book indicate that this book is all about your dreams and its interpretation. This khawab nama in urdu book will show and reveals the reality of your dreams along with meaning. This is a comprehensive book about the meanings of dreams in urdu. You will find the meaning of all your dreams in this book from a to z. You can download this book by clicking on the below link.

khawab nama in urdu Hazrat Yousuf (A.S) by Sheikh Muhammad Hussain Azad Free PDF Download. This khawab nama in urdu book is all about the interpretation of your dreams that you see. Besides the meaning of your dreams, this book contains other useful information. The following topics and subjects are discussed in this book.
  • The true meaning and reality in the light of Islamic teachings.
  • Hadith about the meaning and interpretation of dreams.
  • Ideologies of Muslim scholars about the meaning of dreams.
  • The true dreams and it's meaning.
  • Why humans see true dreams while sleeping.
  • The reality of dreams according to imam ghazali.
  • The mentioning of dreams meaning in Quran and other books.
  • The dreams of Hazrat Yousuf (A.S).
  • The dreams of Hazara Umar bin e Abdul Aziz.
  • The dreams of other famous Islamic scholars in history.
  • The things that should be learned for an interpreter of dreams.
  • The type of dreams.
  • Meaningless dreams.
Download and read khawab nama in urdu by Sheikh Muhammad Hussain Azad by clicking the title link.

Sacha Khawab Nama Yousafi in urdu free download. This is a comprehensive book about the meaning and inapprehensive of dreams in urdu language. You can download and read similar books on my blog, all of these khawab nama in urdu books will help you to understand your dreams properly without asking some else. The meanings of dreams given and explained in this book are based on the knowledge of Hazrat Yousuf (a.s).

Best urdu novels list

 In this blog post, I am going to share urdu novels list including love urdu novel, Romantic Urdu Novel, and force marriage novel. In this blog we wrote urdu novels list containing 85 novels written by different writers. If you love to read urdu novels then you will enjoy these best urdu novels collection. 

  • Dagh e Ishq Feudal Based Novel by Komal Ahmed 
  • Ana Parast Rude Heroin Based Novel by Yusra 
  • Kanwal by Horror urdu Novel Ghazal Khalid 
  • Zah Tasra Meena Kum Romantic Urdu Novel by Hayat Khan 
  • Aey Dil Tu Bta Nikah urdu Novel by Kiran Chaudhary 
  • Saza e Ishq Forced Marriage Novel by Oreeba Sahar 
  • Chahy Jany Ka Gharoor Rude Hero urdu Novel by Dania
  • Wo Ishq Jo Hum Se Rooth Gaya Rude Heroin Based Novel by Yusra 
  • Tum Mere Pas Raho Romantic Urdu Novel by Dur e Saman Bilal 
  • Mera Aasman Dhoondy Teri Zameen Rude Hero urdu Novel by Sehrish Sonia 
  • Ulti Wa Ki Dhaar Forced marriage urdu Novel by Aneeza Syed 
  • Ishq Mein Marjawan Romantic Urdu Novel by Hifza Javed 
  • Mavrai Mohabbat Romantic Urdu Novel by Khizra Khan 
  • Sarfaroosh Rude Hero Based Novel by Qurratul Ain Sikandar 
  • Pagal Si Larki Romantic Urdu Novel by Nida Ali Abbas 
  • Khwab e Zeest Love Marriage Novel by Samara Anam Bhatti 
  • Jeet Liya Tum Sa Tum Ko Mohabbat urdu Novel by Rafia Ahmed 
  • Lado Family Based Nove by Bilal Aslam 
  • December Thehar Jata Hai Social urdu Novel by Farzana Kharal 
  • Mein Gunahgar Nahi Khoon Baha Novel by Muniba Asif
  • Wajha Tum Ho Romantic Urdu Novel by Malisha Rana 
  • Hawa Saheeli Chali Piya Haveli Romantic Urdu Novel by Sehrish Bhutto 
  • Makeesa Social Based Novel by Amrah Sheikh 
  • Gunahgar Forced Marriage Novel by Zeenia Sharjeel 
  • Rad o Badal Feudal Based Novel by Mirza Amjad Baig 
  • Shak Ki Jarhen Mazboot Thi Rude Hero urdu novel by Anabia Noor 
  • Yazdan Forced Marriage Urdu Novel by Naeema Naz 
  • Dadi Ka Raj Dulara Social Life Based Novel by Rashida Riffat 
  • Mohabbat Ek Shanasai Romantic Urdu Novel by Asma Sajid 
  • Shaam e Inteqam Hero Villain Based Novel by Zeenia Sharjeel
  • Chand Dastaras Main Hai Romantic Urdu Novel by Nosheen Fayyaz 
  • Shar Aur Khair Forced Marriage Novel by Khadija Noor 
  • Aan Rude Based Novel by Meerab Hayat 
  • Tera Mera Rishta Muhabbat Based Novel by Sehrish Khan 
  • Umeed e Chahat Rude Hero Based Novel by Madiha Umair 
  • Sham se Pehly Ana Rude Based novel by Muhammad Iqbal Shams 
  • Tum Se Tum Tak love story urdu Novel by Umme Taifoor 
  • Aik Tera Sath Complete Romantic Urdu Novel by Afsheen Naeem 
  • Teri Chah Main love story urdu Novel by Nida Ali Abbas 
  • Joye Ishq love story urdu Novel by Umme Hani  
  • Mohabbaton Ke Safeer Romantic Urdu Novel by Ghazala Jaleel 
  • Dil Gazeeda by Umme Maryam 
  • Sard Raat Ki Barkha Romance Based Novel by Yumna Akhtar 
  • Shaam e Rang e Siyah by Aimal Raza 
  • Wo Ik Lamha e Jawidan Rude Hero Novel by Rimsha Ahmed 
  • Udas Kar Ke Hayat Rude Hero Novel by Fatima Khan 
  • Mohabbat Akhri Shararat Thi love Based urdu Novel by Rimsha Ahmed 
  • Ik Diya Rehne Diya Forced Marriage Novel by Nighat Seema 
  • Khajoor Main Atki Social Romantic Novel by Munam Malik 
  • Ishq Roshan Wasama Romantic Urdu Novel by Ayesha Rana 
  • Aseer e Ishq Romantic Urdu Novel by Madiha Saeed 
  • Hum Bhi Kitne Sada Thay Rude Hero Based Novel by Rahat Jabeen 
  • Ab Mohabbat Karni Hai love Based Novel by Rashida Riffat 
  • Dada Poti Aur Wo love Based Novel by Umme Iman Qazi 
  • Dil Us Ko Dhondhta Hai Romantic Urdu Novel by Bushra Ahmed 
  • Hum Deewane Se love Based Novel by Biya Ahmed 
  • Ghar Aur Gharaonda Romantic Urdu Novel by Riffat Siraj 
  • Yazdan Forced Marriage Novel by Naeema Naz 
  • Falsafa e Hayat Romantic Urdu Novel by Kaneez Zahra 
  • Ba Murad Forced Marriage Novel by Nazeer Fatima 
  • Mahi be Aab Rude urdu Novel by Aina Qasim 
  • Khak Zada Rude urdu Novel by Naeema Naz 
  • Sehar Honay Tak love urdu novel by Saheba Firdous 
  • Ah e Mohabbat Romantic Urdu Novel by Nishaal Aziz 
  • Aik So Solah Chand ki Raatain Rude Based Novel by Ushna Kausar Sardar 
  • Tere Pyar Mein Teri Chah Mein Romantic Urdu Novel by Annie Azlaan 
  • Markhor Suspense urdu Novel by Amaltaas Khan 
  • Junoon Se Ishq Tak love story urdu novel by Sumaira Shareef 
  • Mera Sakoon Ho Tum love story novel by Meerab Hayat 
  • Mujhy Tera Har Zulm Qabool Forced Marriage Novel by Suhaira Awais 
  • Hidat e Ishq Romantic Urdu Novel by Hiba Sheikh 
  • Uraan Romantic Urdu Novel by Faizan Ahmed 
  • Yak Tarfa Ishq Mera Afsana Rude Heroin Based Urdu Novel by Sadi Abbaan 
  • Tum Asasa Ho Meri Zindagi Ka Complete love story urdu Novel by Asad Hamdani 
  • Ishq Aurat Aur Ankaboot Forced Marriage Based Novel by Gul Arbab 
  • Ishq Tera Lagta Hai Zaroori Mohabbat Based Novel by Hijab Fatima Ali
  • Tu Meri Zindagi Hai Romantic Urdu Nove by Malisha Rana 
  • Tera Jogi Huya Romantic Urdu Novel by Tayabba Zainab 
  • Kaho Na Payar Hai Mohabbat Based Novel by Subas Gul 
  • Tum Se Mohabbat Lazim hai love story urdu Novel by Ujala Naz
  • Bhula Dena Mujhy Rude Heroin Based Novel by Fatima Rizwan 
  • Zeenia Hayat Rude Heroin Based Novel by Umm Umair 
  • Ik Mousam Dil Ki Basti Ka Mohabbat Based Novel by Hina Asghar 
  • Intezar e Sehar Mohabbat Based Novel by Sidra Hayat 
  • Humnawa Tu Hum Raaz Mera After Marriage Novel by Nishaal Aziz 

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The Higher Taste: A Guide to Gourmet Vegetarian Cooking and a Karma-Free Diet

The Higher Taste: A Guide to Gourmet Vegetarian Cooking and a Karma-Free Diet book pdf free download. this diet book is written by A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada et al.. "The Higher Taste" is a fantastic addition to vegetarianism, Hare Krishna style philosophy, and practice. It allows the reader to explore the health and economic benefits of a Krishna-conscious approach to food and health, as well as essential ethical and spiritual aspects. 70 delicious recipes are included in this healthy diet book.

Friday, 25 September 2020

Shopping Effectively Health Insurance

Shopping for health insurance can be a baffling problem. There are such a significant number of companies with such huge numbers of rates to think about. However, it is essential to spend some time and locate the best company for your cash. Although you may face problems but health insurance is a necessity is a need. In any region, there are normally some health care providers that can provide you with a statement via phone. You could likewise use the Internet as an asset. By using these tools you can make the shopping procedure go more easily. 

The initial step will be choosing which type of insurance you should be shopping for. If you have a family, it would be to your greatest advantage to discover a company that will give you one premium and co-payment plan regardless of what number of children you add to the plan whenever. Without a family, you would shop for single health insurance but you should choose if you are needing short term or long term insurance. Short-term insurance is for individuals who are in between jobs and hope to join up with health insurance plan their future employer supports. 

When you have decided what type of insurance you need, the time has come to make a few calls. Go through your area phone directory and call down the line. After responding to a couple of basic inquiries, you can get a statement and proceed onward to the next company. Cost is one of the most essential factors. If you discover at least two of them with fundamentally the same premiums and a low co-installment amount. You should look at the advantages. Would you be able to include a close family at no charge? Will this health insurance include prescriptions, dental, emergencies, or specialist visits? This may help you with discovering one that interests more to your necessities and is within your budget. Using the services of the Internet to find an organization will be the same procedure. Some respectable websites out there will request that you fill in a couple of blanks and afterward give unbiased statements from a wide range of health insurance companies. 

Regardless of whether you will be doing your shopping via phone or on the Internet, you should utilize your best judgment of the data that you get on each company to settle on one that makes you agreeable. The Better Business Bureau can likewise help you with being certain that you are not being frauded. Health insurance is a cost that is important to save your cash over the long run on medicines, specialist visits, and unexpected emergencies. Try not to get left with charges that you have no chance to get of paying because you didn't have insurance.

Some critical questions You Should Ask health insurance Providers

When getting health insurance quotes, you should generally ask as many questions that come up in your mind, no matter how small or silly they may seem to you. It’s always better to be safe and assume nothing. Here are some critical questions that should make up your list when you’re talking to health insurance companies to get quotes:
  1. Exactly what coverage does your plan cover? Health plans are incredibly different when it comes to what they do, and more importantly, don’t cover. Ask about things like screening tests, and ensure that all family members in the plan can get required screenings done as part of the plan. If there is a contribution to be made by you, find out what this is.
  2. Understand exactly what contributions you have to make (out of pocket expenses). With the majority of medical insurance plans, you will be expected to make some level of contribution towards bills and treatment and it’s important to understand what these are.
  3. What level of coverage is provided for medical emergencies? Different plans treat emergency cases differently so it’s crucial to understand exactly what you’re signing up to.
  4. .What level of specialist care is covered? If you require a referral to a specialist for a condition, what level of contribution will the plan make towards this cost? Are there any conditions that are excluded when a specialist is required.
  5. Medical plans can vary significantly in terms of visual and dental care. Ask what level of coverage your plan has for these.
  6. Will the plan payout for prescriptions and medications? To what extent?
  7. What level of coverage is available for hospitalization? What about if home nursing is needed?
  8. Many plans do not offer coverage for mental illness, this is something to bring up when comparing quotes.
  9. Ask about issues such as rehabilitation, alternative medicines, and physio again, these are issues that you need to be aware of as different plans will treat them differently.
  10. 10. What is the coverage for pregnancy care and pre/postnatal care?
  11. What are the different levels of inpatient and outpatient coverage?
Finding the best possible plan for you can be a tricky thing because you’re looking for the most comprehensive coverage while paying the lowest possible premiums. Your ultimate quote and the type of plan that will be offered will ultimately depend on your age, health, sex, and various other factors such as whether you smoke and other lifestyle characteristics. If at the time of getting health insurance, you do not suffer from any existing health issues you can often get a far better premium rate than those with significant health difficulties.

Also, beware of paying extra for coverage that you may not think you need – for example, if you have no history (or family history) of depression or mental illness then there may be a case for not paying extra premiums to cover an illness you’re unlikely to get. Of course, no one can be absolutely certain about what illness we may or may not pick up in the future.

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Eat This!: 1,001 Things to Eat Before You Diet pdf

Eat This!: 1,001 Things to Eat Before You Diet pdf Ian Jackman free download.

Ian Jackman thinks life is too short to ignore oneself the real culinary treasures of our country. He journeys from east to west, advised by food experts across the region, uncovering local treats, guilty pleasures, and some weirdness that no real food lover can miss. From lobster rolls and buffalo beef to banana cream pies and clam stuffies, Jackman identifies the unhealthy temptations your taste buds are craving"and he speaks about them in a manner that is sure to have some reported saliva production! You have to try Lamb fries for 'eat or stop' where you can find the very best burgers in America 21 apple varieties?