Monday 29 May 2017

Qurhan Majeed 15-lines in high Quality Print in PDF format download

Qurhan Majeed 15-lines in high Quality Print  in PDF format download. This print of Quran Majeed is in very clear and high quality image, which can be seen very clearly. You can download this file of quran majeed using the following link. If you want you can recite the Quran Majeed online as well as download. To download Quran Majeed click the arrow on the right upper corner of the window after clicking the link.

 The first two surah of Qurhan Majeed are given below.

To download this book just click the below link and download this book for free from Google drive.



There are many pages merged in this print. e.g sura mujadala and sura hasahar, sura toor, sura momin, sura zuhraf.
please upload a right scan.

from the word merged i mean, the previous or the next page cannot be seen, and is unable to read.

Surah muzzammil from 29th para is missing.

Khan sir ,کئی پیج غالب ہیں صحیح کریں

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