Tuesday 13 June 2017




Let me introduce myself. My name is Marilyn and I am a currency trader. Not only am I a trader, but I have been working in the trading industry for a number of years. I am a Series 3 Licensed Futures Broker, currently working for a Forex brokerage, and I have also spent a number of years working for a company that produces and sells technical analysis software. The point of this is not to impress you, not at all. The point is that I have been exposed to the theories and heard the sales pitches; heck, I have even given some of them (not proud of that, by the way). I have also seen what and who lies behind some of those theories and pitches. I like to equate my experience to the city of Las Vegas. It is shiny and beautiful, and everything sparkles. However, give it a little time and you start to notice the cracks in the fa├žade. You notice that the sequins may be a little cheap and tattered, and everything isn’t really as it seems. In reality, the entire place is set up to do one thing—take your money. Don’t get me wrong, the buildings are beautiful; but, if you just look at the outside, you can get the wrong picture if you are not careful. The best example of this is the predominant myth that trading is easy. So many people get into the trading game, and specifcally the Forex market, because they think it is easy. They believe that this will be the way they can make their fortune and retire. I am sure you have heard the claims of ordinary people who have made their fortune in mere weeks or months. How about losses? In fact, the Wall Street Journal recently quoted the CEO of a leading Forex brokerage as saying, “If 15% of the Forex traders were successful, I would be surprised.” The reality is that trading, especially Forex, takes discipline. It takes a certain level of commitment and it involves risk. Lots of risk. The reason I wrote this book is not to frighten you away from the currency trading realm. It is simply to give you a behind the scenes look at what happens here. I want to tell you what other people don’t. I am not going to sell you my fabulous system. I will not tell you what and when to trade. If this is what you are after, then please put this book down and pick up another. There are plenty of others who will sell you what you want to hear. When you are sick of the gloss and sales pitches, then come back and take a walk with me, behind the scenes in the currency market.

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