Thursday 15 June 2017

Hit and Run Trading updated: The short term Stock Traders Bible by Jeff Cooper

Hit and Run Trading updated: The short term Stock Traders Bible by Jeff Cooper bonk download.


Good judgment comes from experience, experience comes from bad judgment." —Jim Horning  It has been eight years after the release of the original Hit and Run Trading book and six years since the release of its companion work, Hit and Run Trading II. I can hon-estly say that what I did not realize then is that although unintended, writing these books has proved to be a selfish endeavor: I benefited more from the experience than many of you who will read the books. Why? It is my experience, that when you teach it, you understand it more than when you learn it. The endeavor forced me to identify concisely what I did day in and day out as a trader to make a living. It forced me to flesh out the subconscious skeleton on which I traded, creating a recognizable, cohesive whole. Writing the books made me exam-ine what really works and what doesn't. In short, it required me to make crystal clear my buy rules and sell rules. What I suspected when I sat down to write Hit and Run Trading and now know is that human nature being what it is, people never take things just the way they're given. They tend to want to build a better mousetrap. Folks like to prove how smart they are. I know this because even to this day, I still sometimes try to outsmart my own strategies. Rather than believe what I see on the charts and keep it simple, I'll occasionally second-guess myself. 

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