Saturday 10 March 2018

Guide to Assembly Language Programming in Linux

The primary goal of this book is to teach the IA-32 assembly language programming under the Linux operating system. A secondary objective is to provide a gentle introduction to the Fedora Linux operating system. Linux has evolved substantially since its first appearance in 1991. Over the years, its popularity has grown as well. According to an estimate posted on, there are about 18 million Linux users worldwide. Hopefully, this book encourages even more people to switch to Linux.

The book is self-contained and provides all the necessary background information. Since assembly language is very closely linked to the underlying processor architecture, a part of the book is dedicated to giving computer organization details. In addition, the basics of Linux are introduced in a separate chapter. These details are sufficient to work with the Linux operation system.

The reader is assumed to have had some experience in a structured, high-level language such as C. However, the book does not assume extensive knowledge of any high-level language—only the basics are needed.

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