Tuesday 12 June 2018

What is meaning of profound in urdu english pashto

Learn meaning of profound in urdu , learn meaning of profound in urdu and learn meaning of profound in English. You will also learn sentences in which profound is used in English.

profound meaning in English is Very great or intense Quality/state/emotion,  profound meaning in urdu is Gaira (شدید ,بہت گہرا) and  profound meaning in pashto is Deer zyat ډېرزېات جور(جزبات وغېره). Some similar words to profound are: heartfelt,intense,keen,great,limitless.

Example Sentences of profound:

  1. These are profound tendencies which strike at the middle class as well as the poor.
  2. He has profound commitment to the family.
  3. He showed profound knowledge.
  4. She expressed her profound love for him.

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