Sunday 26 August 2018

The Original Beauty Bible Unparalleled Information for Beautiful and Younger Skin at Any Age PAULA BEGOUN

The intent of this book is to present the research, ideas, and perceptions regarding skin care, makeup, cosmetic surgical procedures, and the marketing, selling, and use of cosmetics and skin-care products. The  purpose of "The Original Beauty Bible Unparalleled Information for Beautiful and Younger Skin at Any Age PAULA BEGOUN "is to provide consumers with information and advice regarding skin care, the purchase of  beauty products, and cosmetic procedures.

  Chapters of this book
 1. The Beauty induStry: universally crazy
A Personal Beauty Miracle,The Best Ingredients for Skin? , truggling with the Cosmetics Indust
ry,Cosmetics Chemistry An Art and a Science

2. Understanding the hype:
Why Cosmetics Companies Can Mislead Legally,The Business of Claim Substantiation Our Study Shows,A Perfect Example of How “Studies” Can Mislead,Myth Busting: 30 Major Beauty Myths and the Real Facts,Cosmeceuticals: Doctors Get in on the Act,The 10 Beauty Commandments Everyone Should Know

3. Frauds & fears:
Be Afraid, Be Very  Afraid,Mineral Oil and  Petrolatum,Parabens and Preservatives, Nanotechnology,Oxygen for the Skin, Propylene Glycol, Phthalates,Sodium Lauryl Sulfate,Stem Cells in Skin-Care Products?,Botanicals or All Natural? Drinking Collagen to Fight Wrinkles?

4. organic cosmetics
do “natural” one, Better Organic Cosmetics Organic Food’s Relation to Cosmetics,Green Chemistry ,The Organic Market: Full Steam (Distillation) Ahead!,Check the Labels for the Truth, Organic Outrage: The Industry Battles Itself, Other Organic & Pro Natural Groups ,Shopping for Organic Cosmetics

5. Skin type:
What Is Skin Type, What In?uences Skin Type?, Will My Skin Type Change? , Will I Ever Have “Normal” Skin? ,Combination Skin Is the Most Confusing Skin Type,Unseen Skin Types Below the Surface ,Skin-Care Products Can In?uence Skin Type and Not in a Good Way!, Everyone Has Sensitive Skin, Mature Skin Folly: Skin Type Has Nothing to Do with Your Age, Does Skin Color or Ethnicity Affect Skin care?, Determining Your Skin Type

6.Skin’s enemy: irritation and inflammation
Inflammaging Anti-Irritants and Anti-In?ammatories ,Heat Is a Problem ,Fragrance in Skin-Care Products, Diet, Beauty Supplements, and Wrinkles

7. Sun SenSe and SenSiBility
Sunscreen: Anti-Aging Friend or Foe? ,Vitamin D and Sun, Does Sunscreen Inhibit Vitamin D Production? ,Suntanning Machines ,Can Sunscreen Affect Skin Negatively?, Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide,Sun Strategy,What About SPF? UVA versus UVB,Applying Sunscreen: How Much, When, and Where,Water Resistant Not Waterproof  Sunburn,Sun Risk from Using AHAs, BHA, or Tretinoin? ,Why You May Still Get Tan When Using Sunscreen,How High Should You Go? SPF-Rated Clothing ,How Long Do Sunscreens Last?, Sun Protection for Different Skin Types,Sunscreens for Oily Skin,For the Little Ones,The Art of Self-Tanning Tanning Pills? ,Skin Cancer and Sun Damage, Actinic Keratosis,After-Sun Care,Buying Sunglasses

8. Skin care & moisturizers,What Is a Moisturizer?
What Every Skin Type Needs, Free-Radical Damage, Antioxidants, Skin-Identical Ingredients Cell-Communicating Ingredients, Anti-Irritants Skin Is Permeable, There Is No Single Miracle Ingredient, What Are Serums, Treatments, Anti-Wrinkle Products, Etcetera For? Taking Care of Dry Skin For Those with Normal to Oily Skin or Minimal Dryness Dry Underneath and Oily on Top, Dry Patches of Skin, What About Eye Creams? Is There a Difference Between a Daytime versus Nighttime Moisturizer?

9. every Skin type can Benefit
from exfoliating Skin Should Exfoliate Naturally What Happens When You Exfoliate Why Exfoliate AHAs versus BHA Scrubs versus AHAs and BHA How Do You Choose Which Exfoliant Is Best for You? How Do You Use AHAs or BHA? What About Cleansers with AHAs or BHA Ingredients? pH Sensitive AHA and BHA AHA Imposters BHA Imposters What About Higher Concentrations of AHAs? Can You Exfoliate Too Often? Polyhydroxy Acids Exfoliating Oily Skin Exfoliating Dry Skin Exfoliating Sun-Damaged Skin
10. Skin-care planning: going over the Basics Is Skin Care Rocket Science?
11. SolutionS for wrinkleS

12. SolutionS for perimenopause & menopause
When Your Body Makes Less Estrogen Hormones for Wrinkles and Healing ,Topical Application of Progesterone and Estrogen AHAs and BHA for Postmenopausal Women Supplements for Hormonal Changes

13.SolutionS for Skin lightening
14. Solutions for dry Skin
15.Solutions for acne
16.Solutions for Blackheads
17. Solutions for rosacea
18. Solutions for psoriasis
19. Solutions for Seborrhea and eczema
20. Solutions for cellulite
21.Solutions for woundS, Scars, or Stretch  marks
22.Solutions for allergy-prone Skin
23.Should you get a facial? removal
25.medical coSmetic corrective procedureS
26.Body & nail care
28. problems? Solutions!
29.making SenSe of makeup
30. animal rights

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