Thursday 23 August 2018

Water: The Shocking Truth That Can Save Your Life

What This Revealing, Amazing Health Book Can Do For You – It Can Save Your Life! A Health Message 100 Years Ahead of Its Time. A miraculous transformation occurs within your body when you discover and drink only the healthiest, most perfect water available. My health pioneering father, Paul C. Bragg, sincerely believes that he has discovered the world’s most important health secret! For over 80 years he researched the subject of illness and ageing and at last found one of the main reasons why man becomes sick, ages prematurely and dies long before his time! Carefully read this informative, life-changing book to learn why this priceless health wisdom is the greatest health interest for everyone!Ask Yourself These Vital Health Questions:
  • How can I stop chemicals and inorganic minerals from hardening and turning my brain and body into stone?
  • How can I stop my body’s joints and back from becoming painful, stiff and cemented?
  • How can I help stop the formation of gallstones,kidney stones and bladder stones?
  • How can I protect my arteries, veins and capillaries from the unnatural, deadly hardening of arteriosclerosis?
  • How can I prolong my youthfulness?
  • How can I prevent sickness and premature ageing?
The Answers Are In This Book!
Water flows through every single part of your body, cleansing and nourishing it. But the wrong kind of water – with inorganic minerals, harmful toxins, chemicals and other contaminants can pollute, clog and gradually turn every part of your body to stone

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