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The Authority Site Adsense Guide Adsense MasterCourse Second Editon By John James Robinson

The Authority Site Adsense Guide The Advanced Adsense Publisher’s Guide To Making More Money With Less Sites and Publishing Your Way To A 6-Figure Income With Google’s Search Engine From The Author Of The World Famous Micro Niche Adsense Course,John James Robinson Proudly Presents.

From the Author:Based On My Combined Publishing Experience Since 2005, Creating Over 15,000+ Pages Of Content On My Personal Websites Alone, Hitting 4- Figure Adsense Pay Days, & Finally How You Can Put It All Together To Create The Absolute Best Type of Long-Term Adsense Sites That Google Will Eat Up.

How to Earn More:
Step 1: Understand how Google works & give them the QUALITY they want.
Step 2: Dump the “Quicker! Faster! More! More! More!” mentality.
Step 3: Choose a niche you can write about and one you enjoy working with.
Step 4: Publish well-themed articles on your site and update often.
Step 5: Promote your site daily with high-quality backlinks.
Step 6: Keep adding content and more high quality backlinks.
Step 7: Enjoy your Adsense income

The Authority Site Adsense Guide Adsense MasterCourse Second Editon By John James Robinson
The Authority Site Adsense Guide Adsense MasterCourse Second Editon By John James Robinson cover page
  • Are You Qualified To Build & Promote An Authority Site?
  • You Do Not Need Thousands Of Pages To “Become An Authority"
  • Google Rewards Bigger Sites With Well-Themed Content
  • Authority Site Pages Do Not Need To Rank For 1 Main Keyword To Earn Income
  • With Authority Sites, It’s MUCH Easier To Rank New “Inner” Article Pages
  • Keyword Research Is A Breeze When Creating Authority-Level Niche Sites
  • It Is Far Less Work To Focus On One Bigger Site At A Time
  • Reaching $100 Per Day (Per Site) Is Only The Start
  • Authority Sites Only Get Stronger With Each Google Algorithm Change
  • Highly Competitive Niches Can Be Entered With Authority Sites
  • The Best Authority Niches Are Those You Have Interest In
  • Working With Google (Not Against Them) Is The True Key To Success
  • Understanding The Best Way To Plan Your Authority Adsense Sites
  • 40 Example Niches & How I Would Assign Each Adsense Model
  • The Whole-Market Authority Site Model (Not Advised)
  • The Broad-Topic Authority Site Model (For The Advanced Publisher)
  • The Themed-Niche Authority Site Model (My Personal Favorite)
  • The Micro-Topic Authority Site Model (Perfect For Micro Niche Enthusiasts)
  • Keyword Research - How To Create A Complete Keyword Blueprint
  • Why Keyword Research For Authority Sites Is Dead Simple
  • 1 Article, No Backlinks, No Rankings For It’s Main Keyword (9 Daily Visits/$2.22 Per Day)
  • Use Any Keyword Tool You Wish: So Long As It Gets The Job Done!
  • How I Do It: Outlining The 6-Point Authority Site Keyword Blueprint Plan
  • Now Let’s Begin: A Step-By-Step Example (The Tea Niche)
  • List Down Category Ideas From Other Sites
  • Grab More Category Ideas From My Keyword Tool
  • Narrow Down All Category Ideas To What Is Necessary
  • Create An Individual Keyword List For Each Category
  • An Example Full List For A Specific Category: Black Tea
  • Now It’s Time To Clean Up Each Individual Keyword List
  • First, Remove The Redundant Phrases
  • Now Discard The Unrelated Keywords
  • Third, Get Rid Of Nonsense Phrases & Low-Count Phrases
  • Create Your Site Skeleton Using “Tree Pad” 76
  • The Final Blueprint Example (And Some Important Questions)
  • How Many Keywords Should We Have In Each List After Cleaning Up?
  • And In What Order Should We List Them? The Final Blueprint Example Chart
  • Last Reminders on Creating Your Keyword Blueprint
  • Creation (Part 1) The Magic Of Theme Article Writing
  • Content That Google Really Wants - And Will Reward You For!
  • A Well-Themed 30 Page Site Vs. The Average 300 Page Site
  •  My 3 Basic Steps To “Authority Level” Article-Creation
  • Theme-Phrase Keyword Research 
  • Create Your Article Template 
  • Research & Writing 
  • Now Let's Get Started: Start With 1 Article For Each Category 
  • Extracting Article Theme Words: Web Content Studio 
  • Here Is Why I Use WCS 94
  • Let’s Begin Using The Program: Tea Health Benefits 
  • Here Is My Theme Report: 3 Hours Of Research In Just 5 Minutes 
  •  No Need To Use Them All: Pick What Makes Sense 
  • How I Use The Report To Create My Article Template
  • Write a Catchy Title Based On Main Keyword
  • Write 2 Intro Paragraphs Paraphrasing The Theme Words
  • Now Write A Sub-Title For Each Tea Benefit 
  • Research And Write 1-2 Paragraphs For Each Sub-Title 
  • A Super-Themed Article In Less Than 60 Minute
  • Content Creation (Part 2) Article Templates My Writers Use 
  • The Easiest Articles To Write: List Format Variations 
  • Authority Site Layout (Part 1) The Great Silo Mystery Solved
  • The Silo Structure Explained: It’s Quite Simple Actually 
  • Demystifying The Silo Phenomena 117
  • Just Like A Book: Straight From Google 
  • Sample Silo Diagram 
  • Now The Hard Part (Not Really): How To Set Up Your Silo Folders 
  • The “Directory” Silo Explained 
  • The “Virtual” Silo: How I Do It (Lazy Me) 
  • Which Silo Structure Should You Use? 
  • Authority Site Layout (Part 2) My Personal Layout For Authority Sites
  • Authority Site Layout (Part 3) How To Optimize Your Web Pages 15
  • Site Promotion The Authority Way (Part 1) A Crash Course In Backlinking 160
  • Site Promotion The Authority Way (Part 2) My Personal Backlink-Tested

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