Monday 21 January 2019

Healthy PC Preventive Care and Home Remedies for Your Computer


Healthy PC: Preventive Care and Home Remedies for Your Computer book PDF free download.

If you’re like most people, you own a computer. And if you’re like most people,you use it daily for work, play, and/or communication. But, like most people, when the computer crashes, (and it will crash at the moment you need it most), you have no idea what to do. Perhaps you read a book or two about computers supposedly designed for “dummies” or “idiots,” only to discover that the topics and explanations were still very difficult to grasp. Perhaps someone in the family is a self-proclaimed“guru,” or a colleague at work volunteered to help, and now the situation is even worse. Perhaps when you asked two different people for help, you got two different answers, and you don’t know who to believe. So, you end up paying for a repair,knowing it had to be something simple that you could have fixed yourself, if only you knew a little bit more about computers.
If this sounds familiar, you’ve picked up the right book. After reading this book "Healthy PC Preventive Care and Home Remedies for Your Computer"You will be able to :
    •  Perform preventive maintenance on your PC, along with virus removal
    • Prevent spam (unsolicited junk email)
    • Prevent Internet pop-ups
    • Locate and remove all of the spyware (hidden programs that monitor yourInternet activity) on your computer that you never knew were there
    • Optimize your computer performance and your Internet connection speed
    • Protect yourself against hackers
    • Make a backup copy of your important files
    • Upgrade your computer
    • Maintain your computer hardwareSolve common Windows problem

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