Friday 25 January 2019

Hypnosis: Medical, Scientific or Occultic By Martin Bobgan, Deidre Bobgan

 Hypnosis: Medical, Scientific or Occultic By Martin Bobgan, Deidre Bobgan Book free download.
The Bobgans examine hypnosis from scientific, historical, and biblical perspectives. They explore and answer such questions as: What is hypnosis? Is hypnosis a natural experience? Can the will be violated? How does the induction process work? What is hypnotic memory? Is all hypnosis the same or are there different types or varying degrees? Is there a difference between medical and occult hypnosis? What does the Bible say about hypnosis? Is hypnosis an acceptable medical practice for Christians? Short contents overview of this book is given below.
  1. Hypnotic Origins
  2. What Is Hypnosis?
  3. Is Hypnosis a Natural Experience?
  4. Can the Will Be Violated? Induction/Seduction
  5. Age Regression and Progression
  6. Hypnotic Memory
  7. Deep Hypnosis
  8. Hypnosis: Medical, Scientific, or Occultic?
  9. The Bible and Hypnosis
  10. Hypnosis in Unexpected Places


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