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Strategic Self-Hypnosis: How to Overcome Stress, Improve Performance, and Live to Your Fullest Potential

Strategic Self-Hypnosis: How to Overcome Stress, Improve Performance, and Live to Your Fullest Potential Book Free download.Strategic Self-Hypnosis: How to Overcome Stress, Improve Performance, and Live to Your Fullest Potential is written by Roger A. Straus.
Strategic Self-Hypnosis: How to Overcome Stress, Improve Performance, and Live to Your Fullest Potential is written by Roger A. Straus is the classic, best-selling guide to self-improvement through self-hypnosiscompletely updated, with new techniques. What would you and your life be like if you could reach your peak potential and become the person you want to be? Any of the things you imagine could be yours if you take back control over your thoughts and feelings by following the principles and methods of strategic self hypnosis, which have been used successfully by thousands of people since 1982. Now these proven, easy-to-use methods have been updated to provide you with even more effective techniques that will unleash the power of your creative imagination, allowing you to: stop suffering from stress and worry; overcome bad habits; reach your true potential; achieve maximum performance in work, study, sports and your personal life; overcome pain and negativity. Strategic Self-Hypnosis gives you the step-by-step guidance and techniques you need to break down self-imposed barriers and gain full control over your mind and body. Dr. Straus shows you how to tailor a life-changing strategy to your needs and goals and how to begin implementing your action plan immediately. You will learn the three basic principles of strategic self-hypnosis: 
  1. how to relax and let go
  2. how to vividly envision the new realities you want for yourself
  3.  and how to allow yourself to make it happen. And to have fun in the process! With Strategic Self-Hypnosis, you will be able to make your life work out the way you want it to.
Readers who to learn hypnosis can simply browse through the text. They will find it to be a nontechnical introduction to the "non state" hypnosis of the 1980s as well as a handbook of tactics based on those new insights. Since techniques are only as useful as the strategy toward which they are applied, this volume also introduces a unique approach to problem solving and self-development, drawing on the rapidly growing discipline of clinical sociology (the application of the perspectives, methods, and knowledge of social science to solving human problems). This volume offers more than mere reading material, however. Explicitly designed to serve as a method for training the reader in how to use and apply self-hypnosis, it provides a complete program of experiments and exercises allowing you to gain the skills you need. lb get the most out of this book, why not use it the way in which it was intended? The more systematically you approach it, the more you will get out of it. When you come to an experiment, stop reading and try it out. When you come to an exercise, do it. Take nothing on faith; taking nothing for granted. Things are rarely quite what they seem (and hypnosis, as you will learn, is one of the most remarkable examples of this). So what should you do? Put it to the test. Check it out. 
 A Short overview of the contents of the Book.
  1.  Hypnosis is Something you do
  2. Yourself is also something you Do
  3. What do you do when you do hypnosis?
  4. Doing Strategic Hypnosis
  5. Organizing your Plan of Action
  6. Your Self-hypnosis Routine
  7. Making Self-Hypnosis Work for You
  8. Strategies for Solving Problems using hypnosis
  9. Psychosomatic Self-Control
  10. Programs for Maximum Performance

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