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French Natural Remedies, Recipes from Beautiful Tasmania, 2nd Edition

French Natural Remedies, Recipes from Beautiful Tasmania, 2nd Edition Christiane Guise 

 The remote upper Liffey Valley is a natural herb garden. Beneath the great rock cliffs of Taytitikitheeker (Drys Bluff) and along the Tellerpanger (Liffey River) is  kaleidoscope of forests, ferneries, shrubberies, mosses and fungi. The native heart berries and the pepper brushes, the mountain cresses and the tiny sweet ‘cherries’ of the ancient ecosystem, give way in the farmlands to mint, hawthorn and briar, and the organic herb farms brought with great care from other continents.
In the quiet beauty of the Liffey Valley is rest for the most anxious soul. But now, in this little book of remedies from Christiane Guise are recipes for body and mind for those beyond the reach of Liffey’s own charm: be you in Manhattan, Montmartre, or Melbourne. In here, Christiane has a little potion for everyone.

Many books discussing natural medicines appear regularly on the market but French Natural Remedies from Beautiful Tasmania is an innovation; it essentially differs on five major points.
  1. Primarily, all recipes and remedies are inspired from French and Mediterranean cuisine; therefore, they are not only excellent for our health, they are original, elegant, and delicious.
  2.  Furthermore, the opening focuses on body and mind. When the mind is disturbed, health is at risk; and for this reason, the first chapter explains how to manage stress.
  3. Then, a brief description of the plants used in the recipes is given; this includes their legends, cultivations, and medicinal values of course. To treat minor disorders and conditions such as high cholesterol and blood pressure, only common plants have been selected. This choice is essential for two reasons: you will not worry about side effects as common plants are harmless when taken in reasonable amount; and you can grow most of  them in your garden or you can buy them in any nursery or health food store. 
  4. In the following sections, various types of remedies are offered to suit the whole family’s preferences. You may like teas, capsules, or tinctures for yourself, syrups for your children, and on special occasions, wines and liquors. 
  5. Finally, the three last sections contain a touch of French cuisine with beautiful recipes to break the monotony of everyday meals and improve your health. You will learn how to make delicious creative seasonings, entrees, soups, main meals, and desserts.

Contents of "French Natural Remedies, Recipes from Beautiful Tasmania, 2nd Edition"

 Wonderful Teas:
  • Happiness tea
  • Good night tea
  • Winter delight tea
  • Cool summer punch
  • Pectoral flowers tea
  • Digestive tea
  • Cleansing tea
Herbs and Flowers in Capsules:
  • Egg shells to ease the stomach
  • Sweet seeds for the liver
  • Nanny’s antibiotic
  • Menopause formula
Handy Tinctures:
  • Antibiotic tincture for busy people
  • The wonderful herbs for the heart
  • No more toothache with cloves
  • Calming herbs
  • Woman’s Friends
  • No more earache with plantain
Great Syrups and Cordials:
  • Antibiotic syrup for sweet tooth
  • Honey herb and flower syrups
  • Yummy honey fruit syrups
  • Flower cough syrup
  • Blackberry cordial: The flu’s enemy
Superb Wines and Liquors:
  • Sweet heart wine
  • Refreshing orange wine
  • Nanny’s warming petite liquor
  • The delicious hawthorn liquor
to regulate blood pressure:
  • Crème de Cassis: Blackcurrant Liquor
  • Nanny’s Cointreau
  • Olden days quince liquor
Nice and Spicy Seasonings:
  • The good salt
  • Nutty seasoning
  • Digestive celery salt
  • L’aioli 84
  • La vinaigrette
  • Superb olive oil
  • Le pesto
  • La rouille
  • Healthy Cooking
  • Salmon savoury cake
  • La bonne soupe for delicate stomach
  • Minestrone
  • Le pistou
  • Artichokes feast for the liver
  • Salade de pissenlits (dandelion)
  • Salade niçoise
  • Nanny’s cassoulet
  • Lentils and ham
  • Australian pot-au-feu
  • Wallaby croquettes
  • Nanny’s paella
  • La bouillabaisse
  • Le Couscous
  • Salmon en papillotes
  • Mackerel Croquettes
Delicious Sweets:
  • Pears in blackberry syrup
  • Friands 118
  • Candlemas’ crêpes
  • Apple in field dress
  • La Crème Caramel
  • Le trou normand: Lemon sorbet
  • Delice Framboise (Raspberry delight)

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