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Prescription Alternatives: Hundreds of Safe, Natural, Prescription-Free Remedies to Restore and Maintain Your Health

Prescription Alternatives: Hundreds of Safe, Natural, Prescription-Free Remedies to Restore and Maintain Your Health By Earl Mindell, Virginia Hopkins

For those who need to know what doctors and pharmaceutical companies are doing to people's health this belongs in the library of every home.”  Lendon H. Smith, M.D., author of Feed Your Body Right Prescription Alternatives is an easy-to-use, immediate reference for all the information you need about how medications affect your body, what you can do to counteract imbalances, and what alternative treatments work best. “FDA approved” doesn't mean it's safe! Prescription drugs can deplete the body of essential vitamins and minerals Studies show that H2 blockers for heartburn can cause bone loss Drugs to treat diabetes can increase risk of heart disease and death Covering the major prescription drugs in use today and their dangerous side effects, natural health expert Dr. Earl Mindell lays the foundation for a sound body with safer alternatives to these medicines. New drugs and natural alternatives for: Heart disease Diabetes Obesity-related ailments Asthma.

how you can solve your health problems without the drugs. Ultimately  this book inspires you to get off your prescription drugs and keep yourself healthy primarily through lifestyle, wholesome foods, and natural remedies. We have found that almost everyone taking a long-term prescription drug can wean him- or herself off drugs and create good health often vibrant, radiant good health using simple, safe, natural remedies with no side effects.
As a general rule, prescription drugs cause imbalances in the body, ranging from depletion of vitamins and minerals to constipation and lowered immune function. They can also cause more serious problems, including death. Prescription Alternatives gives you a tool for easily and immediately accessing information about how the drugs you are taking affect your body, the steps you can take to counteract these imbalances, and what alternative treatments are available.
Most books sell well for a few years and then decline in sales. Sales of this book have increased over the years, as more and more people realize the need to find better ways to stay healthy. In this fourth edition we have added new drugs and their side effects, new research about drugs and natural remedies, and new natural remedies that have proven themselves over time. In particular you’ll find a lot of helpful new information in the chapter on heart disease, as
research on the underlying causes of heart disease has expanded greatly over the past few years. There is also a good deal of new information about prostate health and impotence drugs, as well as important new research about
conventional hormone replacement therapy, which has sent millions of women to their doctors looking for natural alternatives. We’ll give valuable insights for both men and women on how to achieve hormone balance.

There is no possible way we could cover every drug available or every problem with every drug. We have tried to cover the most commonly used drugs in detail, but we also urge you to take responsibility for any drug use by consulting with your pharmacist and reading the drug insert. Knowledge of the side effects and interactions of drugs is changing every day. It is our goalto teach you how to be a knowledgeable and discriminating drug consumer who knows how to ask the right questions and get the necessary information to stay healthy. The United States and New Zealand are currently the only countries in the world that allow drug companies to advertise prescription drugs directly to the consumer. It used to be that prescription drugs could be touted only to physicians. But now consumer ads on TV tantalize you with great promises of health and well-being, skim through the side effects as quickly as possible, and then suggest you contact your physician or a drug company hotline for more information. The drug companies are also responsible for the expensive, slick, four-color ads you now see in consumer magazines and newspapers. You are bombarded with more than $3 billion worth of advertising for prescription and over-the-counter drugs every year. That should give you an idea of how valuable you are as a drug consumer and how staggering the profits are that drug companies rake in every year. For every dollar that drug companies spend on research and development, they spend 50 cents on advertisements and promotions. The most heavily promoted drugs are not those that represent great breakthroughs in improving your health, but the ones that drug companies stand to profit from the most. You’re not the only target of expensive drug company promotions, either: the doctors who prescribe drugs to you are strongly pressured by drug sales reps to prescribe their latest products. It’s estimated that drug companies spend approximately $9,000 per physician per year on these promotional efforts. These efforts are working, too. According to the National Institute for Health Care Management, 40 percent of the recent increase in drug sales can be attributed to 25 of the most heavily promoted drugs. Drugs have powerful effects on the body, so please don’t abruptly stop taking any prescription medication. It’s best to work with a health care professional to monitor your health as you switch from drugs to natural alternatives.

This book is not intended to convey the message that all prescription drugs are bad. Used conservatively with great care and only when necessary  they can be lifesavers for some people. On the other hand, prescription drugs are grossly overprescribed and misprescribed in the United States, resulting in the death of at least 160,000 people a year in hospitals alone and in injury to nearly a million
Contents of "Prescription Alternatives: Hundreds of Safe, Natural, Prescription-Free Remedies to Restore and Maintain Your Health".
  • Chapter 1 Changing the Pill-Popping Mind-Set
  • Chapter 2 How to Avoid Prescription Drug Abuse
  • Chapter 3 Drug Interactions and How Your Body Processes Drugs
  • Chapter 4 How Drugs Interact with Food, Drink, and Supplements
  • Chapter 5 How Drugs Interact with Other Drugs
  • Chapter 6 How to Read Drug Labels and Information Inserts
  • Chapter 7 Surgery, Drugs, and Nutrition: Minimizing the Damage and Maximizing Your Recovery
  • Chapter 8 How to Avoid Medical Errors in the Hospital
  • Chapter 9 Six Core Principles for Optimal Health
  • Chapter 10 Drugs for Heart Disease and Their Natural Alternatives
  • Chapter 11 Drugs for the Digestive Tract and Their Natural Alternatives
  • Chapter 12 Cold, Cough, Asthma, and Allergy Drugs and Their Natural Alternatives
  • Chapter 13 Drugs for Pain Relief and Their Natural Alternatives
  • Chapter 14 Antibiotics, Antifungals, and Their Natural Alternatives
  • Chapter 15 Drugs for Insomnia, Anxiety, and Depression and Their Natural Alternatives
  • Chapter 16 Diabetes Drugs, Obesity Drugs, and Their Natural Alternatives
  • Chapter 17 Drugs for Eye Diseases and Their Natural Alternatives
  • Chapter 18 Drugs for the Prostate and Their Natural Alternatives
  • Chapter 19 Synthetic Hormones and Their Natural Alternatives
  • Chapter 20 Drugs for Osteoporosis and Their Natural Alternatives
  • Chapter 21 Drugs for Herpes and Their Natural AlternativesChapter 22 Drugs for Impotence and Their Natural Alternatives
  • Chapter 23 Drugs for Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Their Natural Alternatives


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