Tuesday 5 February 2019

Sunni Fazail e Aamal urdu islamic book free download

Sunni Fazail e Aamal urdu islamic book free download. Sunni Fazail e Aamal book is written by Allama Alim Faqri.Sunni Fazail e Aamal book explains every aspect of life in the light of hadees and the Holy Quran. Sunni Fazail e Aamal is consist thousands of Hadees with Urdu translation and Quranic Verses in Urdu translation. Sunni Fazail e Aamal explains in detail that how to spend your life properly according to the consent of the Almighty Allah.

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I have researched many books on this topic. I have come across a lot of books by the name of Fazail-e-Amal. Eg. Fazai-e-Amal of Zakaria Kandeilvi used by Tablighi Jamat, Shaafa'ee Fazail-e-Amal used by the followers of the great Imam Ash-Shaafa'ee (Rahmatullaahi alaih), Salafi Fazail-e-Amal used by the Wahabi/Salafi/Ahli-Hadith sect of Indo-Pak sub-continent and at last but not the least this Sunni Fazail-e-Amal used by the overwhelming Sunni Hanafi (Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat) Urdu knowing population of the Indo-Pak sub-continent.
I had found this one precise but most effective, informative and thought proving. Written by the great Sunni scholar Hazrat Allaamah Aalam Faqri, it comprise of the following Islamic topics:-
01. Kalmah,
02. Namaaz,
03. Rozah,
04. Zakaat,
05. Hajj,
06. Ittibaa-e-Sunnat,
07. Zikr,
08. Durood Shareef,
09. Huqooqul Ibaad,
10. Kasbi Halaal,
11. Ikhlaas,
12. Eesaar &
13. Amr bil Maroof wa Nahee anil Munkar.
It is a must read book among all the above mentioned Fazail-e-Amals.
Miyan Nayyar-ul-Islam Makhdoomi.
Jammu & Kashmir.

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