Friday 8 March 2019

Treat Yourself Natural Over 50 Easy to Make Natural Remedies for Mind and Body

 Treat Yourself Natural Over 50 Easy to Make Natural Remedies for Mind and Body by Sof McVeigh

This book is a source book for mind, body and soul, as well as a testament to the natural power and beauty of herbs. Overflowing with ideas from the pretty to the practical, this book contains many projects that use the gardeners bounty throughout the seasons. Our gardens contain much of what we need to keep mild ailments at bay and its fun giving it a go - instead of nuking the dandelions in your lawn - pick them and use them. Or plant marigolds, not just for their cheerful colour, but to make wonderful skin oils with them. Youll find recipes for invigorating body scrubs, relaxing bath salts and just plain fun bath bombs. Also tips for what to look for in your garden or home that can be used to make health-giving tonics or soothing balms, and take a leaf out of the wisdom of country lore (along with new research that shows much of what they were talking about made sense) and put it to use for mild ailments. Whether you want to give something practical for the home, indulgent to enjoy at bathtime, or to complement a delicious dinner, there is a present that will suit everyone.  
This book is full of brilliant ideas for things to make for yourself, or as wonderful gifts. Year in year out this will be an invaluable resource for a rainy day or a country walk, written by someone who really knows what she is talking about as well as living the same busy life as you and I. 
In every culture across the world you will find a long history of using plants for health and well  being, and many of the common medicines we use today are derived from them. This is because plants contain many active compounds and chemicals known as phyto chemicals: some of these are beneficial to our health, some are not, and others are poison. Moreover, different parts of a plant can contain different phyto chemicals:so the root of a plant could be used for one thing, the berries of the same plant for another, while the leaves may have no use at all.

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