Tuesday 30 April 2019

Cloud Security: A Comprehensive Guide to Secure Cloud Computing

Cloud Security: A Comprehensive Guide to Secure Cloud Computing by Ronald L. Krutz, Russell Dean Vines Pdf book free download.

Well-known security experts decipher the most challenging aspect of cloud computing-securityCloud computing allows for both large and small organizations to have the opportunity to use Internet-based services so that they can reduce start-up costs, lower capital expenditures, use services on a pay-as-you-use basis, access applications only as needed, and quickly reduce or increase capacities. However, these benefits are accompanied by a myriad of security issues, and this valuable book tackles the most common security challenges that cloud computing faces.The authors offer you years of unparalleled expertise and knowledge as they discuss the extremely challenging topics of data ownership, privacy protections, data mobility, quality of service and service levels, bandwidth costs, data protection, and support.As the most current and complete guide to helping you find your way through a maze of security minefields, this book is mandatory reading if you are involved in any aspect of cloud computing.Coverage Includes:Cloud Computing Fundamentals Cloud Computing Architecture. Cloud Computing Software Security Fundamentals Cloud Computing Risks IssuesCloud Computing Security Challenges Cloud Computing Security ArchitectureCloud Computing Life Cycle Issues.

Chapters included in"Cloud Security: A Comprehensive Guide to Secure Cloud Computing":

  • Chapter 1 Cloud Computing Fundamentals 
  • Chapter 2 Cloud Computing Architecture
  • Chapter 3 Cloud Computing Software Security Fundamentals
  • Chapter 4 Cloud Computing Risk Issues 
  • Chapter 5 Cloud Computing Security Challenges 
  • Chapter 6 Cloud Computing Security Architecture
  • Chapter 7 Cloud Computing Life Cycle Issues 
  • Chapter 8 Useful Next Steps and Approaches 

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