Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Implementing and Developing Cloud Computing Applications

Implementing and Developing Cloud Computing Applications by David E.Y. Sarna book pdf free download.

Contents of "Implementing and Developing Cloud Computing Applications"
1 Cloud Computing is a True Paradigm Shift 
2 From Do It Yourself to Public Cloud - A Continuum
3 Cloud Computing - Is It Old Mainframe Bess in a New Dress?
4 Moving Into and Around the Clouds and Efforts at Standardization
5 Cloud Economics and Capacity Management
6 Demystifiying the Cloud: A Case Study Using Amazon's Cloud Services
7 Virtualization: Open Source and VMware
8 Securing the Cloud - Reliability, Availability and Security
9 Scale and Reuse- Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
10 Windows Azure
11 Google in the Cloud
12 Enterprise Cloud Vendors
13 Cloud Service Providers
14 Practice Fusion: A Case Study
15 Support and Reference Materials

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