Monday 13 May 2019

150 years of Obamacare

150 years of Obamacare by Daniel E. Dawes, David Satcher

This book, 150 Years of ObamaCare, is long overdue and provides an engaging narrative of the struggle to pass health reform and elevate health equity across the United States. A vital resource for greater insight into an often misunderstood and distrusted policy making process, 150 Years of ObamaCare provides an honest assessment of the health care law and an unparalleled explanation of its provisions, especially those impacting vulnerable populations. It depicts the persistence, passion, and patience required to inform health policy in the United States with the goal of eliminating health disparities and promoting global health equity. 
The book is the culmination of tireless health equity leadership and advocacy and is intended to take readers on the journey of health care transformation in the United States. It highlights and explores the strengths and weaknesses of the enduring campaign and continuous struggles for health care in America. It examines the breadth of existing health equity focused policies and laws and the level of advocacy involved in getting them passed. It provides insight into how we, as advocates, contributed in passing, defending, and implementing the ACA and illustrates the strategies that were developed and executed by proponents of health reform, including policy makers and advocates, to stimulate and sustain the necessary political will. In 150 Years of ObamaCare, you will find unparalleled clarity about the health care law for anyone interested in learning what it contains or needing clarification about certain elements—essentially providing an even-handed and honest analysis and appraisal of the Affordable Care Act. This book also discusses the dramatic events when passage of the ACA nearly failed as well as examines the next steps in the health equity movement.

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