Wednesday 1 May 2019

A Quick Start Guide to Cloud Computing Making Your Business to the Cloud

A Quick Start Guide to Cloud Computing Making Your Business to the Cloud by Dr Mark l williams

This Quick Start Guide aims to cut through the industry hype and confusion surrounding cloud computing, create understanding and help executives to select those cloud computing solutions and service providers, if any, that can best improve the way they do business. Technical terms are used where necessary, but the terminology is introduced gradually and a glossary is provided at the rear of the book. If you are involved in directing IT strategy then this book contains tips, tools and checklists that can help you make the right choices for your business and reject ‘solutions’ that fix problems you do not have.

Common business issues covered in this book include:

  1. IT system complexity and the associated administration overheads.
  2. Capital cost reduction and cash flow management.
  3. Business continuity and disaster recovery.
  4. Responding quickly to changes in economic conditions.
  5. Providing a modern, reliable service to customers.
  6. Data security and data protection on the internet.
  7. Rapid provisioning of IT systems.
  8. Better time management through more efficient
  9. systems and processes.
  10. Risk management.
  11. Information governance.
  12. Vendor lock-in fears.
  13. Supporting a remote and mobile workforce.
  14. Energy efficiency and climate change. 

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