Wednesday 31 July 2019

English Grammar Drills By Mark Lester

English Grammar Drills By Mark Lester free download

This book focuses on the grammatical problems that prevent speakers at your level from achieving a native-like command of English grammar. While the book covers most areas of English grammar, it has a heavy concentration on those aspects of grammar that have proven to be the greatest obstacles for intermediate and advanced nonnative speakers.
The book has an unusual format. Most topics are broken into small mini-units, most of them no more than a page or two. Each of these mini-units is supported by an exercise covering just the material in that mini-unit. The explanations help you understand the material, butit is the exercises that enable you to gain active control over it. All of the exercises have complete answers in the back of the book. It is very important for you to work through these exercises.There is a world of difference between the passive knowledge gained by reading the explanations and the active command gained by writing out the exercises

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