Thursday 11 July 2019

Governing Mandatory Health Insurance: Learning from Experience

Governing Mandatory Health Insurance: Learning from Experience by William Savedoff

 This book provides guidance to countries that want to reform or establish MHIby specifically addressing governance. It elucidates the role played by the social,political, and historical context in conditioning how MHI systems are governedand, in turn, how governance structures influence the health insurance systems’performance. The book describes the forms of governance that are associated withsuccess, in particular, the regulatory institutions required to guide the systemtoward its social goals; the oversight mechanisms that monitor and correct the system; and the internal management of the health insurance institutions themselves.It highlights five governance dimensions—coherent decisionmaking structures,stakeholder participation, transparency and information, supervision andregulation, and consistency and stability—that influence the coverage, financial protection, and efficiency of MHI entities, and show how these operate inparticular countries. Detailed analysis of governance arrangements in fourcountries—Chile, Costa Rica, Estonia, and the Netherlands—provide nuancedlessons for establishing health insurance systems that can truly serve the socialgoals of improved health, reduced financial insecurity, and greater equity

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