Sunday 11 August 2019

Expert On Cambridge IELTS Practice Tests 7

Expert On Cambridge IELTS Practice Tests 7 by Cambridge IELTS 
IELTS is abbreviated as International English Language Testing System. Every student who want to study in abroad countries where English is considered to be the basic language then you need to qualify IELTS to be eligible for studying abroad. This book helping material consist of Book and audio which will help IELTS candidates to easily pass IELTS test. If you need any other information about this test then you can find these information on IELTS official website. This IELTS test preparation guide is produced by Cambridge University experts.


Contents of  Expert On Cambridge IELTS Practice Tests 10 :

  • Introduction to IELTS test
  • IELTS 6 Practice Tests
  • Answer Key of these Practices
  • Model and Sample Answer for Writing Tasks
  • Sample Speaking Test
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