Monday 5 August 2019

Practice Makes Perfect: English Verbs

Practice Makes Perfect: English Verbs by Loretta S. Gray

When you study English verbs, you must do more than search for their meanings in a dictionary.You must also learn how to conjugate them and use these conjugations appropriately. Most students begin their studies by memorizing verb forms. They learn both the verb endings for regular verbs and the more complicated forms of the irregular verbs. Practice Makes Perfect: English Verbs provides you with opportunities to practice conjugating more than three hundred verbs,both regular and irregular.
However, this text is more than a list of verb forms and mechanical exercises. It also presents the reasons for choosing one verb form over another. For example, you may know the dictionary meaning of walk, but to use this verb to refer to the future, you must understand your options;that is, you must understand the role of tense and aspect.


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