Monday 19 August 2019

Strategies for Successful Writing

Strategies for Successful Writing Concise A Rhetoric and Reader Eleventh Edition by James A. Reinking Robert von der Osten. 


Contents of Strategies for Successful Writing

Chapter 1: Writing A First Look 
Chapter 2: Strategies for Successful and Critical Reading 
Chapter 3: Planning and Drafting Your Paper: Exploration
Chapter 4: Revising and Editing Your Paper: Courageous Transformations 
Chapter 5: Paragraphs 
Chapter 6: Effective Sentences 
Chapter 7: Achieving Effective Style and Tone Through Word Choice 
Chapter 8: Narration: Relating Events 
Chapter 9: Description: Presenting Impressions 
Chapter 10: Process Analysis: Explaining How
Chapter 11: Illustration: Making Yourself Clear
Chapter 12:  Classification: Grouping into Categories 
Chapter 13: Comparison: Showing Relationships 
Chapter 14: Cause and Effect: Explaining Why
Chapter 15: Definition: Establishing Boundaries 
Chapter 16: Argument: Convincing Others 
Chapter 17: The Essay Examination 
Chapter 18: Writing About Literature,Movies, and Television Shows
500 pages Book

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