Thursday 5 September 2019

English Through Reading

English Through Reading by Nesibe Sevgi Öndeş for Turkish students

"English Through Reading by Nesibe Sevgi Öndeş"  Contains 200 reading passages selected from knowledge areas and questions from exams many exercises and exercises prepared as a source to help candidates overcome this difficulty It was prepared. While preparing "ENGLISH THROUGH READING"; Selection of reading texts and organizing exercises INTERMEDIATE, UPPER-INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED level. READING COMPREHENSION questions at the end of each track and VOCABULARY studies, reading comprehension and comprehension types of analysis and synthesis to contribute to the development of the ability to make intended to provide. Reading passages vary from economy to ecology, from physics to philosophy both intellectual and linguistic richness was created by being selected from the fields of science, and in the flow of the piece It is aimed to learn them correctly and permanently. "ENGLISH THROUGH READING" with the above mentioned qualifications.

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