Thursday 13 February 2020

Analyzing the Grammar of English thirrd Edition


Analyzing the Grammar of English thirrd Edition Richard V. Teschner, Eston Evans 
 Analyzing the Grammar of English (which we abbreviate AGE) is an analysis of the grammar of a particular language (English) and not an introduction to linguistics whose examples end up coming from English. A textbook and not a reference grammar, AGE also constitutes a reasonably brief examination of its topics that the authors’ classroom experience has shown can be completed in a fifteen- week semester. AGE keeps end-of-chapter notes to a minimum and attempts no bibliographical coverage. On the other hand, exercises abound—even more so in the present edition—that complement the text as fully as possible and are prefaced in most cases by examples of how to proceed. (AGE also contains a lengthy glossary of terms—new to this edition along with an index of topics.)

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