Thursday 13 February 2020

The Oxford History of English Lexicography

The Oxford History of English Lexicography: Volume I: General-Purpose Dictionaries; Volume II: Specialized Dictionaries Two-volume set (Two Volume Set) by  A. P. Cowie

THE Oxford History of English Lexicography detailed survey of English-language lexicography, with contributions from provides a broad-ranging and leading authorities in Britain, Europe, and North America. General-purpose and specialized dictionaries are treated in two parallel volumes, within a common historical perspective. The present volume deals with English monolingual dictionaries and with bilingual works one of whose component languages is English.A second volume, with its own introduction and combined bibliography, explores in depth the extraordinarily rich diversity of specialized dictionaries. The term ‘English lexicography’ is interpreted broadly to embrace dictionaries of Scots, of American English, and of the varieties of English spoken in Australia,Canada, India, New Zealand, and South Africa. It is also taken to apply to dictionaries of the English-based Creoles of the Caribbean. The History provides detailed, fully documented, treatments of the various scholarly projects which have been central to the development of lexicography over the past 150 years, and takes full account of the impact, on English dictionaries of all kinds, of recent developments in corpus and computational linguistics.

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