Sunday 15 March 2020

Streamline English Directions Upper Intermediate Student Book

Internet English is a WWW-based conversation course for pre-intermediate and intermediate learners. It helps them develop the skills to autonomously surf the World Wide Web for information that is relevant to them, while providing a structured framework to practice their conversation skills through communicative tasks that are challenging, motivating, and fun.

  • High-interest topics chosen to exploit the World Wide Web 
  • Adaptable for use in traditional or computer-equipped classrooms
  • Pair work and group work activities for sharing information and communicating ideas and opinions 
  • Vocabulary-building activities to prepare learners for the words and expressions they will encounter on the Internet 
  • Engaging warm-up tasks and stimulating visuals including authentic Web pages 
  • Three Computer Skills units to bring less experienced students up to speed on computer terminology, word processing operations, Web surfing, and E-mail 
  • Computer Projects that give students the chance to use their computers and the World Wide Web creatively
  •  A Language Window in each unit with useful grammatical structures that support the conversation tasks in each unit A Teacher's Book with notes on presenting the units, optional activities, photocopiable resource pages, tests, and lists of useful URLs 
  • A dedicated website with preselected links to sites that work with each unit's activities

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