Thursday 28 May 2020

Indian English (Dialects of English) Sailaja Pingali

Indian English (Dialects of English) Sailaja Pingali book Indian English (Dialects of English description of English as it is spoken and used in India. The Indian English (Dialects of English focuses mostly on those features that are pan-Indian. Regional differences are touched upon, to some extent, where relevant. Since India is a country of continental proportions, as the cliché goes, it is not possible to cover every linguistic detail or the variation across all the regions. Indian English (Dialects of English) Sailaja Pingali book focuses on the more important or common features in evidence across the country. Indian English is classified in this book as standard, non-standard and informal and features of these form the core of the book. At the same time, the attempt has been to cover standard Indian English as much as possible. One chapter deals with history and presents the events that led to the institutionalisation of English in India. The first chapter of Indian English (Dialects of English) Sailaja Pingaliprovides the context and current position of this language especially in relation to the cultural factors of the country.

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