Wednesday 13 May 2020


In tohfa e Saadat book you will learn 999 names of Allah containing Asma Ul Husna. In these book there are 400+ naems of Harat Muhammad (PBUH)) defined in dua e jawshan kabeer. These Names are collected from the dua called Dua Al-Jaushan Al-Kabeer. The benefits of Allah names are given below in detail which can be attain with the help names of Allah given in this book. In tohfa e Saadat book is a recommended book for needy men and women. In this book you will learn how to recite the holy names of Allah (Asma Ul Husna).

What is dua jawshan kabeer?

In one of the battles Rasulullah (S.A.W.) perceived his armour to be heavy. Jibrail came and said: “O’ Muhammad! Your Rabb conveys his greetings to you and has said to take this coat of armour (Jawshan in Arabic) and to recite it as this is a protection for you and your Ummah.” It has been narrated from Imam Husayn (A.S.) that:”My father advised to me that I should memorize and protect this dua and write it on the Kafan (burial shroud) and that I should teach it to my family members and he highly encouraged me to read this dua as it contains 1,000 names of Allah…..”

Benefits of Asma Ul Husna and Dua Al-Jaushan Al-Kabeer:
  1.  To overcome difficulties
  2.  To ask for more benefits
  3.  To build up defence
  4.  To seek help 
  5.  To solve problems
  6.  To win war 
  7.  To attain honour & dignity
  8.  To succeed in all tasks
  9.  To cure eye disease
  10.  To acquire nobility
  11.  To increase livelihood
  12.  To subdue enemies
  13.  To achieve success
  14.  To attain distinction
  15.  To face rulers 
  16.  To obtain blessings
  17.  To disperse worries
  18.  To dispel fear of dark nights
  19.  To dispel calamities
  20.  To ask for pardon
  21.  To cure toothache
  22.  To ask pardon 
  23.  To increase livelihood
  24.  To drive away jinn
  25.  To dispel fear & Disease
  26.  To gain beneficence
  27.  To win battle
  28.  To get conduct approved
  29.  To receive Allah’s pleasure
  30.  To seek Allah’s help
  31.  To avoid evil & gain prosperity
  32.  To dispel ill‐luck
  33.  To overwhelm enemy
  34.  To dismiss affliction & secure fortune
  35.  To get rid of fever
  36.  To seek forgiveness
  37.  To cure eye disease
  38.  To dismiss fear of rulers
  39.  To dispel bad vibes
  40.  To increase health
  41.  To cure migraine
  42.  To avoid calamities
  43.  To avoid calamities
  44.  To cure stomach ache
  45.  To get high position
  46.  To cultivate love
  47.  To succeed in vital jobs
  48.  For leprosy
  49.  To dispel fearful dreams
  50.  To seek tranquillity 
  51.  Disbursement of debt 
  52.  To cure paralysis
  53.  To win friendship of the rich
  54.  For love & affection
  55.  To cure epilepsy 
  56.  To make profit in business 
  57.  To seek freedom
  58.  For constipation 
  59.  To cure headache
  60.  To seek prosperity
  61.  To cure heart ailments
  62.  To seek forgiveness
  63.  To cure migraine
  64.  To improve eyesight
  65.  To get rid of poverty
  66.  To cure ulcer
  67.  To dispel mischief of enemy
  68.  To cure eye ailments
  69.  To cure back ache
  70.  To dispel poverty
  71.  To ward off plague
  72.  To cure pain in the ribs
  73.  To cultivate love
  74.  To achieve honour
  75.  To cure pain in the wrists
  76.  To cure toothache
  77.  For long life 
  78.  To cure spleen ailments
  79.  To cure pain in ribs
  80.  To prevent cyclones
  81.  To cure headache
  82.  To cure iseases
  83.  To cure pain in breasts
  84.  To cure pain in forehead
  85.  To prevent hurricane
  86.  To cure rheumatism
  87.  To cure incontinence
  88.  To get honour & respect
  89.  To have a son 90 To cure pain in navel
  90.  For kidney stones
  91.  To cure stomach ache
  92.  To cure pain in legs
  93.  To cure piles 
  94.  To cure knee pain
  95.  To cure thigh pain
  96.  To cure ulcers 
  97.  To cure throat pain
  98.  To cure nose ailments
  99. To seek fulfilment of legitimate desires


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