Tuesday 2 June 2020

21 Power Tools of Reiki A guide to maximise the power of Reiki

21 Power Tools of Reiki A guide to maximise the power of Reiki pdf free download. 21 Power Tools of Reiki A guide to maximise the power of Reiki by Abhishek Thakore and Usha Thakore.

A Preface s the undisputed leader of New Age therapies, Reiki has emerged as the primary energy for global transformation and personal mastery. Never before have so many people been able to access these subtle energies at the same time. It is for the first time that mankind has evolved to an age where the critical mass is all set to bring about global transformation. 

Reiki, though popular, has been taught at the very basic level. In a general workshop for any level, only an attunement is passed and the practice is done. This is definitely sufficient, but the application of the wonderful Reiki energy is not completely taught – thus the view that Reiki only heals diseases. It can do much more and there are specific ways by which higher energies can be channelled for our specific purposes. 

A doctor is trained not only about human anatomy but about the various tools that he will have to use as well. Similarly, in Reiki it is essential to learn and then use the plethora of tools available. In fact, we must learn to play around with Reiki ,apply Reiki to anything and everything. The results are astonishing. Just like water takes the shape of any vessel it enters, Reiki starts working at any application. 

At the Thakore Centre, we had numerous experiments with Reiki and after many trials, we short-listed a few specific ways in which the use of Reiki was much more powerful. The intensity of Reiki is immeasurable, like that of our thoughts or emotions. Can you ever say you felt five units of anger or eight units of excitement? No! Likewise, Reiki depends on experience, and as you apply the practices in this book, you will be able to see for yourself the wonderful changes in your energy level. 

21 Power Tools of Reiki A guide to maximise the power of Reiki is a collection of different methods and tools that make Reiki more effective. After almost five years of constant research, we present this book, which will make you a true warrior with tools for all occasions.

Just as a discipline like Karate is for channelling and focusing physical energy through kathas, these power tools will ensure a concentrated projection of the energy. In all its simplicity, Reiki flows wherever required. The power tools only concentrate the flow. When a problem is attacked from all sides, it is solved faster and the different lines of attack are these power tools. Use them and see the difference.

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