Saturday 13 June 2020

Sura Yaseen benefits: Get Hidden spritual power

If a Someone wants to improve to improve thier spiritual power and enlighten their heart with spiritual power then perform one chilla(40 days) of this yaseen amal. Remember that do not eat any type of meat , fish and egg during these 40 days. Start this wazifa from the first thurstday of new month. Recite darood 11 times before then start sura yaseen, when you reach on first mubeen repeat the word "mubeen" 100 times as "Ya-Mubeen", then recite sura fatiha 11 times and recite one time Ayat ul Kursi. Now continue sura yaseen from start and repeat the process on second mubeen , similarly continue this process and on last time 8th do not need to repeat the above mention process on mubeen ,just read and finish sura yaseen. When you complete reciting sura yaseen 8 times then recite the below given dua.

This Sura Yaseen Wazifa in Urdu: پوشیدہ روحانی طاقت حاصل کریں

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