Thursday 11 June 2020

benefits of surah yaseen and powers of surah yaseen part 2

This is the second part of benefits of surah yaseen in English.

Surah Yaseen benefits: Pretection from Calamities and Accidents:

For protection from Calamities and Accidents pray to Allah when you see a new moon then do Ablution/wadu and recite surah yaseen with 11 times darod before and after. Now recite this dua "Allah umma ayillah alaina bilumni wal-imane wal islami wat-tufiqi lima tuhibbu wa tarzaa Rabbi a rabba". Inshallah by doing this wazifa you will be safe all the month from Calamities and Accidents and if there came any type of storm then your house will be safe inshallah.

Surah Yaseen benefits Pay Up Money (loan)

If you have borrowed money and you are worried about how to return it. This Surah Yaseen wazifa can help you. For returning and finishing the loan you have take recite surah yaseen 3 time (11 times darood before and after) daily after salatul fajr and pray to Allah. continue this wazifa/amal for 21 days inshallah you will get rid of this loan problems.

Surah Yaseen Benefits Get rid of Nocturnal Ejaculation (nocturnal emission,wet dreams, sex dreams, nightfall or sleep orgasm)

If you have problem of Nocturnal Ejaculation (Ehtilam) and due to this disease you became weak ,and you health is affected then do this surah yaseen wazifa. Before going to sleep recite surah yaseen only one time with 1 time darood before and after reciting yaseen blow it on your chest and abdominal. Inshallah by doing this wazifa you will be safe from this Nocturnal Ejaculation problems. This surah yaseen wazifa is very powerful and effective (one important point you should also keep in mind that you will get rid of problem surely because there is no doubt in Quran verses surah).

Surah Yaseen benefits protection from bad death

As it is a logical fact that every human will die one day and "Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said that pray to seek refuge from bad death". Do this surah yaseen wazifa every day. Recite surah yaseen daily at least one time and after swalat ul Maghrib perform 2 rakat nafal namaz in such a way that recite surah yaseen in each rakat after surah fatiha.If you donot memorized the whole surah yaseen then just recite the first 4 verses of yaseen. Inshallah by doing this you will be safe from diying in water,Fire,accidents and other sudden deaths and you will die with Khatma Bil Iman (to die with Iman).

Surah Yaseen benefits to bring an escapee back

If a person is escaped and is disappeared, you want him/her to come back then do this sura yaseen wazifa/amal. Recite surah yaseen (11 times darood before and after) in a dark room (only little light) 7 times and keep water in a container with you. Every time you complete reciting surah yaseen blow it on that water (total 7 times). Then bedew/sprinkle this water in all four corners of that house in such a way start from east then west then north and in last toward south. Do this wazifa/amal 3 days continuously. After sprinkling the water perform 2 rakat nafil namaz(swalah) and then pray to Allah that " May "Name of person" son of "Father name" come to home". Inshallah the escapee will come home soon.

Surah Yaseen benefits:For Piles(hemorrhoids)

In the month of ramzan last wednesday buy a silver ring. Now recite surah yasin 7 times and blow on water (with 7 time darood before and after reciting surah yaseen). Now put that silver ring in fire and when it is heated very much, then make this silver ring cold in this water. Wear this silver ring in you right hand pinky/small or ring finger. Inshallah you will get rid of any kind of Piles(hemorrhoids).

Surah Yasin benefits Prevent someone from bad habits

If a person is involve in any kind of bad hibit like drinking vine/alcohol or adicted to any kind of bad habit then do this wazifa. Bring some Soil from an old grave and recite surah yaseen 12 times (you should be in ablution) and blow it on this soil. Now bury this soil in the roots of any fruity tree and write on a paper that "Prevent person name son of father name from bad habits" and bury this paper also with that soil. Inshallah in some days that person will leave all kind of bad habits.

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