Monday 8 June 2020

durood lakhi arabic with urdu translation | durood lakhi benefits

laki darood durood lakhi in arabic full text online reading and complete history background of darood lakhi.

durood lakhi history and background:
durood lakhi is related to the Muslim kind Sultan mahmood Ghaznawi. Mahmood ghaznavi rectited darood everyday 100000 times as a wazifa. Mahmood ghaznavi spend all the day and night time in reciting darood sharif due which he was unable to focus on his kindom properly sometime. On night Mahmood ghaznavi saw the holy prophet muhammad (S.A.W) in his dream and Hazrat muhammad (PBUH) tought darrod lakhi in dream ghaznavi and Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) said to ghaznavi that recite darood lakhi one time after fajr namaz , you will get tha hajar/sawab/reward 100000 time of reciting darood shariaf. It means if you recite darood e lakhi one time you will get swab 1 lac time swat each time. Mahmood ghaznavi spread and shared this darood with other Muslims.

durood lakhi benefits:
Darood lakhi is very effective if you want Allah to bless your all sins. If a person want that Allah bless your relative mother , father, etc who are already dead then you should recite darood lakhi 11 times daily for 40 days. After completing pray, so Allah will bless you relative.

If you recite darood lakhi 11 times after swalat ul tahajjud. If you recite this darood lakhi daily your family will be happy and all the problems will be solved.

durood lakhi arabic and urdu download full pdf 

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