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forbidden hypnotic secrets incredible confessions of a rogue hypnotist by the rogue hypnotist

forbidden hypnotic secrets incredible confessions of a rogue hypnotist by the rogue hypnotist pdf free download.  In this book you will learn hypnotism and topics related to hypnosis and some nice fact about hypnotherapy.

Table of Contents of Forbidden hypnotic secrets:
This book does not contain formal chapters, the book is, divided into learning segments listed below. Forbidden hypnotic secrets - Incredible Confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist Introduction on first pages:
1.The weird and secret history of hypnosis part 1-told very quickly.
2. Of secrets, cults and sales.
3. Creativity: adored yet despised.
4. A shockingly funny induction.
5. A relaxing hypnotic re-induction.
6. Why are some songs so damned catchy?
7. How to reframe every problem.
8. What's the difference between hypnosis and propaganda.
9. A covert convincer and compliance test.
10. What's a thought virus? And why you should care.
11. Waking hypnosis weapon 1: your hypnotic stare variant 1,2,3 etc.
12. My first mini-waking trance.
13. Finding somnambulists amongst the maddening crowd.
14. The idiot proof guide to ‘instantaneous inductions’: level 1.
15. Why you should always be confident when hypnotising folks.
16. Hypno-dog! My first exposure to live stage hypnosis.
17. Mumnosis/Momnosis.
18. Waking hypnosis in dentistry and medicine.
19. Are you feeling sheepy? TV zombies.
20. ‘Approved by the FDA, MHRA’ is a waking suggestion.
21.Rapid pain relief using waking hypnosis for children.
22. The neon sign deepener.
23. There IS evil waking hypnosis.
24. Freaky voodoo sex doll: that naughty man molested my Barbie!
25. Why people turn to ‘alternative therapies.’
26. Street hypnosis exposed: beginner's level!
27. The phobia removal super suggestion.
28. ‘Emoto-nosis: how intense emotions hypnotise you.
29. Creating cliffhangers and nested loops.30. Mythical structure matches therapeutic structure.
31. Hypnotically soulless: how to spot a psychopath!
32. Psychopathic hypnotic seduction.
33. The definition of waking hypnosis is?
34. Personalising N.A.C - the point to the self, association trigger.
35. Instant hypnosis: the ‘hypno-pill.’
36. In what environments is spontaneous waking hypnosis most likely?
37. Singing away our mood.
38. What factors elicit waking trance?
39. Seduction trances: seductive hypnosis exposed!
40. How to speak process/trance language.
41. How to describe something vaguely to induce relaxation.
42. Phobic metaphorical removal.
43. How to condition a woman to orgasm on command without formal hypnosis.
44. Whatever grabs your attention is potentially hypnotic.
45. Waking ‘non-verbal’ hypnosis.
46. Why is a hypnosis teacher the teacher and you the student?
47. Old time hypnotic powers revisited - improving ‘traditional hypnosis’:- modern pocket watch variation and analysis.
48. The ‘I-you’ shift.
49. How to do modern prop hypnosis: again.
50. How to avoid therapist burnout with inappropriate humour.
51. The apposition of opposites principle.
52. Mass waking hypnosis extraordinaire: The Santa/Father Christmas  onspiracy!
53. The psycholinguistics of sexual ambiguity for flirting, sales and ‘power.’
54. Advanced idea seeding.
55. Nested images.
56. Creating zombies: your waking hypnosis script.
57. Bizarre MPD insight.
58. Sales gimmick 1: FAST hypnosis.
59. Instant hand stick to test for high suggestibility and somnambulism.
60. Alice in wonderland 8 level symbology deepener.
61. My very own NLP pattern: the clown with a fish that helped a doctor!
62. Waking hypnosis: coin staring, suggestibility tests etc.63. What colour is the sky today? Sending people on mini-trance loops.
64. Hypnotising bulls: bullfighting.
65. What is willpower? And how to have it!
66. How to achieve goals without hypnosis.
67. The Rogue Hypnotist's swish pattern.
68. How to remove an internal critic and what to put in its place.
69. Doing traditional hypnosis in the imagination: once more for luck.
70. The Rogue Hypnotist's powerful self-esteem boost script.
71. We didn't start the fire! The weird history of hypnosis part deux!
72. The pleasure button.
73. I'm forever blowing bubbles: the ‘Bubble Module’ for inductions.
74. The 100% success rate pain management script!
75. Why the ‘work ethic’ k-ills people and the neglected importance of the natural human life cycle: why living it makes you healthy.
76. Why herbal remedies can be dangerous.
77. Electrocuting us sane: totally mad ideas about electricity and good mental health???
78. A Mad Hatter's world: ‘Oh we're all quite mad around here.’
79. Skinner's baby box.
80. How to do self-hypnosis so it actually works!
81. State dependent learning to induce trance.
82. Why ‘meditation’ can be dangerous.
83. The man who thought he was only a conscious mind.
84. How to communicate with a stubborn part.
85. Why you should thank your subconscious now and again.
86. How to ask your subconscious questions.
86. How to ‘cure ’ mild unwanted feeling states/problems with a piece of string with something on the end.
87. A helpful deepener: hypnotic blackboards.
88. Trauma trance: how to stop surgical bleeding and other strange tricks with hypnosis.
89. How to make an woman's entire body orgasmic.
90. How to create the hypnotic mood.
91. What is hypnotic intent?
92. How to create therapeutic embeds.
93. How to avoid being hypnotised.
94. The tremblingly alive mind: why brainwashing ‘con’versions’ occur.95. How to do the ‘hypnotic stare’ properly.
96. How cults capture minds.
97. How to make someone hypnotically deaf.
98. Hypno-party-tricks: how to make someone forget their own name and other pointless nonsense.
99. Analyse this!
100. Epilogue: the creepy future of ‘hypnosis’: electronic thought installation!

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