Saturday 4 July 2020

Collins English For Exam Practice Tests for IELTS 2


Practice Tests for IELTS 2 Introduction?

Practice Tests for IELTS 2 will prepare you for the IELTS test whether you are taking the test for the first time or reappearing in IELTS. Practice Tests for IELTS 2 has been designed for students with band score 5-5.5 who are trying to get band score 6 or more. 

Practice Tests for IELTS 2 book, with its answer key and model answers, has been written so that can be used for self study. Practice Tests for IELTS 2 contains a portion of the IELTS preparation classes.

Content of Practice Tests for IELTS 2

Practice Tests for IELTS 2 is arranged in three sections. The first section provide an introduction to IELTS test, an overview of the IELTS test, and techniques for achieving higher score in the test. The second section contains 2 General Training tests and 4 complete Academic tests for Writing and Reading. The 3rd section contains small dictionary, full audio script, examples of answer sheets, answer keys for the Listening and Reading contents, and model answers for the Speaking questions and Writing.

Mian Focus of Speaking questions:

  • Tips for success in ielts: essential advice for success in the test
  • Overview of the IELTS test for beginners: a quick reference to IELTS whenever you need to remind yourself of what to expect on exam day
  • Strategies for success in ielts test: advice about how to handle each components in the test.
  • Common errors students make in ielts: some common mistakes that students might make when taking the IELTS test and how to avoid these common errors.
  • Practice tests: 4 comprehensive Academic tests and two General Training tests for Reading and Writing in ielts.
  • Small dictionary for vocabulary:This dictionary provide Examples and definitions of the most important vocabulary from Practice Tests for IELTS 2 vocabulary is taken from Collins COBUILD dictionaries.
  • Audio script: text you will here Listening and Speaking segments.
  • Sample answer sheets of ielts: familiarise you with the answer sheets used in the Reading, Listening, and Writing components of the IELTS test.
  • Answer keys to all questions: the answers for all the questions in the Listening and Reading segments.
  • Model answers to Questions: Sample of  answers for the Writing and Speaking components for helping to get high score in test with ease.
  • CD MP3 files:Contains all of the questions from the Speaking components, Listening passages and the model answers for the Speaking components.
Tips for success Getting higher Score in ielts
  • Register for ielts test early. If you are applying for university,You must check the application last dates. Make sure that you register to take the test well before the deadline to ensure that your scores arrive on time.
  • Find out the minimum band score requirements for the universities you want to apply for, which is provided on the official website of every institute/university.
  • Start to study early. The more you practise, the more you will improve your skills. Give yourself at least one month to complete all of the practice tests in this book. Spend at Least one hour a day studying and don't give up. Remember, by using this book, you are on your way to high scores in the IELTS test!
  • Time yourself when you complete the practice tests.
  • Don't be afraid to make your own notes on the book. For example, writing down the definitions to words you don't know will help you remember them later on.
  • Read or listen to the model answers as many times as you need to.
  • In the Writing component, return to the questions and try to come up with new responses. Keep practising until creating responses within the time Limits becomes easy for you.
The table below shows the approximate CEFR level and the equivalent IELTS Overall Band Score.

This table contains the general descriptors for the band scores 1-9

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